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125 CLASS(125) - Top 40 Qualify

1Noah Bindas28277C 1:41.648
2Ethan Holland16925B 1:42.000
3Ben Humphries30001C 1:43.609
4hayden stevenson23379B 1:44.148
5Ryan Stewart35288C 1:44.250
6Nolan Keckley18746B 1:44.453
7Jacob melton19865B 1:45.445
8Kaiden Carnes38583C 1:45.531
9Owen Adams22023B 1:46.515
10Charlie Owen34141C 1:46.976
11Pete Simpkins32547C 1:46.984
12alec zellner28734C 1:47.539
13seth devers39448C 1:48.320
14julien antunes10053C 1:48.609
15riley owensby35544C 1:49.203
16nolan yarrington33905C 1:49.226
17Vivian Dabert16478C 1:49.453
18Jérémy Chauveau38764C 1:52.421
19Kjae Thompson38384C 1:52.671
20Logan Thompson39361C 1:53.296
21Bailey Lennan42543C 1:53.617
22Austin Iboshi31049C 1:56.234
23Jonny Welborn35931C 2:00.406
24Jack Hurst30494C 2:00.851
25Seth Hignett37563C 2:07.117
26Logan Heagney6521ANo Sessions
27Connor Austin15904CNo Sessions
28Josh Bellinger22061CNo Sessions
29Bodhi Pangle23369CNo Sessions
30Ethan Olsen23759BNo Sessions
31Derek Jones23778CNo Sessions
32Brayden Tharp26349CNo Sessions
33Trevin Thompson28741CNo Sessions
34Nicolas Orlando29418CNo Sessions
35Noah Smerdon29577CNo Sessions
36Mitchell Helmer33143CNo Sessions
37Landon Bartol34215CNo Sessions
38hayden Willis34860CNo Sessions
39Troy Bienert35546CNo Sessions
40Ben Kongmany35560CNo Sessions
41Jake Cawthorn36649CNo Sessions
42Dean Frank37006CNo Sessions
43Brad Rosembarg37110CNo Sessions
44cody COOPER37364CNo Sessions
45JR Reyes37458CNo Sessions
46Bayler Mckellar38678CNo Sessions
47Tyler Bishop45596CNo Sessions

250 CLASS(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Ben Humphries30001C 1:41.046
2Noah Bindas28277C 1:41.648
3Ethan Holland16925B 1:42.000
4alec zellner28734C 1:42.203
5Connor Austin15904C 1:42.859
6Jacob melton19865B 1:43.125
7hayden stevenson23379B 1:43.343
8Tyler Bannister36134C 1:43.656
9Ivan Mirzoev12154C 1:43.937
10Ryan Stewart35288C 1:44.250
11Nolan Keckley18746B 1:44.453
12Kaiden Carnes38583C 1:45.531
13Owen Adams22023B 1:46.515
14Charlie Owen34141C 1:46.976
15Pete Simpkins32547C 1:46.984
16marc perez33967C 1:47.414
17Justin Adams30971C 1:48.281
18Sleepy 2018345C 1:48.851
19Kjae Thompson38384C 1:48.898
20riley owensby35544C 1:49.203
21nolan yarrington33905C 1:49.226
22Dray Smith21854B 1:49.406
23Brock Ballinger21809C 1:49.718
24Seth Hignett37563C 1:49.929
25colby messenger26182C 1:50.304
26Logan Thompson39361C 1:50.695
27tukker mclean33089C 1:52.632
28Luke Peterson39900C 1:53.007
29Colton Yeaman38805C 1:53.062
30Bailey Lennan42543C 1:53.617
31Austin Iboshi31049C 1:53.843
32Austin Carew4862C 1:54.796
33Billy Kwiecinski45719C 1:55.929
34Nicolas Orlando29418C 1:57.718
35Jonny Welborn35931C 2:00.406
36Jack Hurst30494C 2:00.851
37Mitchell Helmer33143C 2:04.835
38Ryan Ewing49241C 2:30.820
39Logan Heagney6521ANo Sessions
40will clark11019CNo Sessions
41Ryan Turner17899BNo Sessions
42Josh Bellinger22061CNo Sessions
43Bodhi Pangle23369CNo Sessions
44Ethan Olsen23759BNo Sessions
45Derek Jones23778CNo Sessions
46Brayden Tharp26349CNo Sessions
47Samuel Bragg26490CNo Sessions
48Trevin Thompson28741CNo Sessions
49Noah Smerdon29577CNo Sessions
50Christian Jonse29867CNo Sessions
51Landon Bartol34215CNo Sessions
52hayden Willis34860CNo Sessions
53Troy Bienert35546CNo Sessions
54Ben Kongmany35560CNo Sessions
55Jake Cawthorn36649CNo Sessions
56Dean Frank37006CNo Sessions
57Brad Rosembarg37110CNo Sessions
58Kaden Koepke37339CNo Sessions
59JR Reyes37458CNo Sessions

450 CLASS(250T/450) - Top 40 Qualify

1Noah Bindas28277C 1:38.679
2Ethan Olsen23759B 1:42.046
3Keegan Riley34834C 1:42.484
4Luke Barnes35659C 1:43.601
5Justin Thomas35148C 1:47.929
6Nicolas Orlando29418C 1:53.843
7Logan Heagney6521ANo Sessions
8will clark11019CNo Sessions
9Nolan Keckley18746BNo Sessions
10Jacob melton19865BNo Sessions
11Dray Smith21854BNo Sessions
12Owen Adams22023BNo Sessions
13Josh Bellinger22061CNo Sessions
14Brayden Tharp26349CNo Sessions
15Justen Cate28104CNo Sessions
16Trevin Thompson28741CNo Sessions
17Noah Smerdon29577CNo Sessions
18Justin Adams30971CNo Sessions
19tukker mclean33089CNo Sessions
20Ben Kongmany35560CNo Sessions
21Jake Cawthorn36649CNo Sessions
22Brad Rosembarg37110CNo Sessions
23JR Reyes37458CNo Sessions
24Kaiden Carnes38583CNo Sessions
25Logan Thompson39361CNo Sessions
26Bailey Lennan42543CNo Sessions
27Ryan Ewing49241CNo Sessions

125 CLASS Results

1Ben Humphries3000150
2Ethan Holland1692540
3Jacob melton1986540
4hayden stevenson2337935
5Charlie Owen3414132
6Nicolas Orlando2941827
7Logan Thompson3936126
8Kjae Thompson3838425
9Austin Iboshi3104924
10Bailey Lennan4254323
11Ryan Stewart3528820

250 CLASS Results

1Ben Humphries3000150
2Jacob melton1986542
3hayden stevenson2337938
4Ethan Holland1692533
5Kjae Thompson3838432
6colby messenger2618231
7Nicolas Orlando2941829
8Austin Carew486228
9Justin Adams3097127
10Charlie Owen3414111
11Christian Jonse2986710
12Logan Thompson393619

450 CLASS Results

1hayden stevenson2337945
2colby messenger2618245
3Justin Thomas3514844
4Nicolas Orlando2941836

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