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250 Open(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Rogan McIntosh28509C 0:59.601
2Seth Garrett18588A 1:00.046
3Chris Post22504C 1:00.531
4Jacob melton19865B 1:01.750
5Nick Tomasunas8501C 1:01.765
6Tyler Smith45789C 1:01.984
7Lennart Schmidt13475C 1:02.757
8Dakota Washburn23340C 1:02.835
9Carter Halpain30376C 1:03.078
10Hayden Stevenson23379B 1:03.367
11JoJo Dashosh17892C 1:03.609
12Luca Marsalisi16572C 1:03.984
13jackson vick39217C 1:04.859
14Noah Smerdon29577C 1:04.867
15kody tomich32379C 1:05.648
16Krystian Hilaman25795C 1:06.085
17Bryce lizarraga48865C 1:06.242
18Lucas Heafner31460C 1:07.132
19myles gilmore26361C 1:07.328
20Christopher Harris39167C 1:07.945
21Vincent Murphy36523C 1:08.007
22Bodhi Pangle23369C 1:08.664
23Jace Williams36485C 1:08.703
24wilson fleming3939C 1:10.078
25Andrew Dodd13369C 1:10.437
26Brady Olson42296C 1:10.742
27tallon smith38677C 1:10.828
28Dash McMillin21967C 1:10.937
29Shawn Lucero36711C 1:11.132
30Brent S31256C 1:11.250
31Matt McGriff31540C 1:13.507
32Ben Kanitz38078C 1:14.781
33Ethan Commodore23829C 1:16.921
34Cody Walker27833C 1:18.554
35Nicklas Langstrup27130C 1:19.125
36John Matthews39312C 1:24.796
37Dylan Roper49054C 1:28.179
38Dylan Rodriguez36176C 1:29.125
39Alec Horn19554CNo Sessions
40bronson mcclure21013CNo Sessions
41Derek Jones23778CNo Sessions
42dakota revis27258CNo Sessions
43Nicolas Orlando29418CNo Sessions
44steezy schimdt33465CNo Sessions
45Nathan Collard33717CNo Sessions
46Jacob Johnson34695CNo Sessions
47Myles Elliott34970CNo Sessions
48riley owensby35544CNo Sessions
49Alex Jorgensen35623CNo Sessions
50Finn Markland35775CNo Sessions
51Dean Frank37006CNo Sessions
52Brad Rosembarg37110CNo Sessions
53Gavin Moon37176CNo Sessions
54seth devers39448CNo Sessions
55Kalin Gunnell39882CNo Sessions

450 Open(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Rogan McIntosh28509C 0:59.601
2Seth Garrett18588A 1:00.046
3Chris Post22504C 1:00.531
4Noah Smerdon29577C 1:01.242
5Jacob melton19865B 1:01.750
6Nick Tomasunas8501C 1:01.765
7Tyler Smith45789C 1:01.984
8Dakota Washburn23340C 1:02.140
9Hayden Stevenson23379B 1:02.437
10Dash McMillin21967C 1:02.492
11Lennart Schmidt13475C 1:02.757
12Carter Halpain30376C 1:03.078
13JoJo Dashosh17892C 1:03.609
14Luca Marsalisi16572C 1:03.984
15Jeboris Willbrant28657C 1:04.031
16jackson vick39217C 1:04.859
17kody tomich32379C 1:05.648
18Alex Jorgensen35623C 1:06.046
19Bryce lizarraga48865C 1:06.242
20myles gilmore26361C 1:06.625
21wilson fleming3939C 1:06.664
22Christopher Harris39167C 1:07.945
23Vincent Murphy36523C 1:08.007
24Jace Williams36485C 1:08.703
25Nicklas Langstrup27130C 1:10.234
26Andrew Dodd13369C 1:10.437
27Brady Olson42296C 1:10.742
28Shawn Lucero36711C 1:11.132
29Matt McGriff31540C 1:13.507
30Ethan Commodore23829C 1:16.921
31Cody Walker27833C 1:18.554
32John Matthews39312C 1:24.796
33Dylan Rodriguez36176C 1:29.125
34Simon Johansen13808CNo Sessions
35Richard Lorran15997CNo Sessions
36Alec Horn19554CNo Sessions
37bronson mcclure21013CNo Sessions
38dakota revis27258CNo Sessions
39Jacob Johnson34695CNo Sessions
40Shaun Hambrook34901CNo Sessions
41Brad Rosembarg37110CNo Sessions
42Gavin Moon37176CNo Sessions

250 Open Results

1Chris Post2250425
2Tyler Smith4578922
3Jacob melton1986520
4Nick Tomasunas850118
5Noah Smerdon2957716
6Hayden Stevenson2337915
7Dakota Washburn2334014
8myles gilmore2636113
9Luca Marsalisi1657212
10Bryce lizarraga4886511
11Nicklas Langstrup2713010
12Dylan Rodriguez361769
13Andrew Dodd133698
14John Matthews393127
15Jace Williams364856
16jackson vick392175
17Matt McGriff315404
18Christopher Harris391673
19Nathan Collard337172
20JoJo Dashosh178921
21Bodhi Pangle233691
22Krystian Hilaman257951

450 Open Results

1Nick Tomasunas850125
2Chris Post2250422
3Dakota Washburn2334020
4Jacob melton1986518
5Tyler Smith4578916
6Noah Smerdon2957715
7Hayden Stevenson2337914
8Luca Marsalisi1657213
9Bryce lizarraga4886512
10Nicklas Langstrup2713011
11Andrew Dodd1336910
12myles gilmore263619
13Dylan Rodriguez361768

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