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125 All Star(125) - Top 40 Qualify

1Payson Johnson39236A 2:28.554
2Brett Powers2642A 2:29.859
3Samuel Lancellotti27783C 2:31.992
4Josh Bellinger22061C 2:32.492
5Josh Gilmore10981B 2:32.992
6Will Clark42833C 2:36.031
7Neil Fitzpatrick10123C 2:37.351
8Timmy Briscoe19001B 2:37.414
9alec zellner28734C 2:38.164
10layne wofford32983C 2:39.273
11Bayler Mckellar38678C 2:39.656
12Justin Adams18984C 2:40.429
13Corbin Weed6876B 2:41.375
14Brenden King37213C 2:41.757
15Smidly Jar26750C 2:42.343
16Evan Welle19854B 2:42.789
17Colton Goeckeritz1846C 2:44.445
18Noah Smerdon29577C 2:45.265
19Bodhi Pangle23369C 2:48.718
20Ashton Rakofsky24566B 2:49.703
21Brad Rosembarg37110C 2:49.773
22Chuckie Nigrin32021C 2:52.093
23gunnar ortiz45543C 2:52.828
24Ryder Pietro19408C 2:53.039
25Owen Adams22023B 2:53.953
26Devin cook38519C 2:55.367
27Seth Garrett18588A 2:58.609
28Calen Paleologos32544C 3:05.367
29Kyler Hawkey8661A 3:14.875
30joey bradstreet26321C 3:18.039
31Austen Bennett22655C 3:18.921
32Zachary Adams18905B 3:25.531
33Christopher McPherson31857C 14:35.914
34Mathew Grist3792CNo Sessions
35Jordan Potts14753CNo Sessions
36Grant Eckardt18819CNo Sessions
37Nick Niles20656CNo Sessions
38Junior Benevides20912BNo Sessions
39Zach Rexroad 21562CNo Sessions
40SVGE179 | VENOM23213BNo Sessions
41Jeremy Kinson23233CNo Sessions
42Derek Jones23778CNo Sessions
43Brandon Quigley23972BNo Sessions
44sam butler26920CNo Sessions
45Cody Walker27833CNo Sessions
46SAM Jefferies28169CNo Sessions
47christopher rodriguez31653CNo Sessions
48jonathan hernandez33887CNo Sessions
49Keegan Riley34834CNo Sessions
50Shaun Hambrook34901CNo Sessions
51taj moore35738CNo Sessions
52Mitchell Hammond35834CNo Sessions
53mattia vincenti38027CNo Sessions
54seth devers39448CNo Sessions
55chase m39918CNo Sessions
56carson west42576CNo Sessions

250 open(250f/250T) - Top 40 Qualify

1Payson Johnson39236A 2:22.437
2Brett Powers2642A 2:27.210
3Josh Gilmore10981B 2:27.812
4Neil Fitzpatrick10123C 2:28.960
5Josh Bellinger22061C 2:29.546
6Daniel Irvine7108C 2:30.679
7Will Clark42833C 2:34.296
8Timmy Briscoe19001B 2:35.179
9Derek Jones23778C 2:38.570
10Brock Ballinger21809C 2:39.289
11Ashton Rakofsky24566B 2:39.867
12Christopher McPherson31857C 2:42.500
13Ethan Commodore23829C 2:46.164
14Nicolas Orlando29418C 2:46.617
15Jarno Steegmans19627C 2:46.867
16Devin cook38519C 2:48.007
17Brenden King37213C 2:50.781
18Ryder Pietro19408C 2:50.992
19nathan berge3376C 2:58.218
20Brad Rosembarg37110C 2:59.031
21Kyler Hawkey8661A 2:59.101
22Joel Freiberg42603C 3:00.132
23gunnar ortiz45543C 3:01.304
24Bodhi Pangle23369C 3:27.460
25Grant Eckardt18819C 3:40.062
26Donovan Paladino18345CNo Sessions
27Seth Garrett18588ANo Sessions
28Zachary Adams18905BNo Sessions
29Evan Welle19854BNo Sessions
30Nick Niles20656CNo Sessions
31Zach Rexroad 21562CNo Sessions
32Owen Adams22023BNo Sessions
33Jeremy Kinson23233CNo Sessions
34Brandon Quigley23972BNo Sessions
35joey bradstreet26321CNo Sessions
36Smidly Jar26750CNo Sessions
37sam butler26920CNo Sessions
38Cody Walker27833CNo Sessions
39SAM Jefferies28169CNo Sessions
40alec zellner28734CNo Sessions
41Noah Smerdon29577CNo Sessions
42Noah McLaughlin30022CNo Sessions
43Lucas Heafner31460CNo Sessions
44christopher rodriguez31653CNo Sessions
45Tristan Moss31756CNo Sessions
46Chuckie Nigrin32021CNo Sessions
47Calen Paleologos32544CNo Sessions
48layne wofford32983CNo Sessions
49jonathan hernandez33887CNo Sessions
50Domanic Kendrick34892CNo Sessions
51Shaun Hambrook34901CNo Sessions
52Corey Brennan35731CNo Sessions
53taj moore35738CNo Sessions
54Mitchell Hammond35834CNo Sessions
55mattia vincenti38027CNo Sessions
56Bayler Mckellar38678CNo Sessions
57Bertram Hansen39172CNo Sessions
58chase m39918CNo Sessions
59carson west42576CNo Sessions

open (Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Austin LaBo22236C 2:30.351
2Daniel Irvine7108C 2:30.679
3Brett Powers2642A 2:30.843
4Payson Johnson39236A 2:31.328
5Samuel Lancellotti27783C 2:31.992
6Josh Bellinger22061C 2:32.492
7Neil Fitzpatrick10123C 2:37.351
8Brandon Buck3714C 2:39.531
9Justin Adams18984C 2:40.429
10Corbin Weed6876B 2:41.375
11Ethan Commodore23829C 2:46.164
12Nicolas Orlando29418C 2:46.617
13Jarno Steegmans19627C 2:46.867
14Deegan Bannister21181C 2:49.570
15Devin cook38519C 2:55.367
16Brad Rosembarg37110C 2:59.031
17jacob simcox4475C 3:00.859
18Austen Bennett22655C 3:18.921
19Colton Goeckeritz1846CNo Sessions
20Kyler Hawkey8661ANo Sessions
21Josh Gilmore10981BNo Sessions
22Donovan Paladino18345CNo Sessions
23Seth Garrett18588ANo Sessions
24Grant Eckardt18819CNo Sessions
25Timmy Briscoe19001BNo Sessions
26Ryder Pietro19408CNo Sessions
27Evan Welle19854BNo Sessions
28Zach Rexroad 21562CNo Sessions
29SVGE179 | VENOM23213BNo Sessions
30Jeremy Kinson23233CNo Sessions
31Derek Jones23778CNo Sessions
32Brandon Quigley23972BNo Sessions
33Ashton Rakofsky24566BNo Sessions
34joey bradstreet26321CNo Sessions
35sam butler26920CNo Sessions
36Cody Walker27833CNo Sessions
37SAM Jefferies28169CNo Sessions
38alec zellner28734CNo Sessions
39Noah Smerdon29577CNo Sessions
40Noah McLaughlin30022CNo Sessions
41Lucas Heafner31460CNo Sessions
42Tristan Moss31756CNo Sessions
43Christopher McPherson31857CNo Sessions
44Chuckie Nigrin32021CNo Sessions
45Calen Paleologos32544CNo Sessions
46layne wofford32983CNo Sessions
47jonathan hernandez33887CNo Sessions
48Keegan Riley34834CNo Sessions
49Domanic Kendrick34892CNo Sessions
50Shaun Hambrook34901CNo Sessions
51taj moore35738CNo Sessions
52Mitchell Hammond35834CNo Sessions
53Brenden King37213CNo Sessions
54Bayler Mckellar38678CNo Sessions
55chase m39918CNo Sessions
56carson west42576CNo Sessions
57Will Clark42833CNo Sessions
58gunnar ortiz45543CNo Sessions
59Jack Mark49207CNo Sessions

125 All Star Results

1Brett Powers264250
2Timmy Briscoe1900136
3Josh Gilmore1098130
4Ryder Pietro1940830
5Ashton Rakofsky2456626
6Devin cook3851923
7Payson Johnson3923622
8gunnar ortiz4554320
9Junior Benevides2091218
10Will Clark4283318
11Brenden King3721315
12Samuel Lancellotti2778314
13Corbin Weed687612
14Bayler Mckellar3867811
15Evan Welle1985410
16Colton Goeckeritz18469
17Brad Rosembarg371107
18layne wofford329836
19Kyler Hawkey86614
20Calen Paleologos325442
21joey bradstreet263211
22Christopher McPherson318571
23Chuckie Nigrin320211
24Justin Adams189840

250 open Results

1Brett Powers264245
2Josh Gilmore1098145
3Ryder Pietro1940835
4Devin cook3851928
5gunnar ortiz4554328
6Payson Johnson3923622
7Ashton Rakofsky2456618
8Christopher McPherson3185716
9Will Clark4283315
10Kyler Hawkey866114
11nathan berge337611
12Evan Welle198549
13Timmy Briscoe190018
14Calen Paleologos325447
15Bayler Mckellar386786
16Justin Adams189845
17Chuckie Nigrin320214
18Brad Rosembarg371103

open Results

1Brett Powers264247
2Ryder Pietro1940837
3Josh Gilmore1098125
4Ashton Rakofsky2456620
5Timmy Briscoe1900118
6Colton Goeckeritz184616
7Devin cook3851914
8Kyler Hawkey866113
9Evan Welle1985412
10Justin Adams1898411
11Payson Johnson3923610
12Corbin Weed68769
13gunnar ortiz455438
14Samuel Lancellotti277837

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