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OPEN(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Tanner Rogers7877A 1:29.609
2Ryan Pinkerton36809C 1:31.554
3Tyler Scheels23780C 1:32.460
4Seth Shirley31547C 1:32.632
5Rogan McIntosh28509C 1:33.031
6Noah McLaughlin30022C 1:33.500
7Neil Fitzpatrick10123C 1:34.398
8Trevin Thompson28741C 1:35.328
9Shaun Hambrook34901C 1:36.632
10Dylan Smtih25938C 1:36.882
11Carter Halpain30376C 1:37.679
12Nick Niles20656C 1:37.976
13Christopher McPherson31857C 1:37.984
14Matthew LeBlanc34474C 1:38.359
15Keegan Riley34834C 1:38.414
16Brent Heintzelman683A 1:39.031
17Troy Bienert35546C 1:39.992
18luke cameron17554B 1:40.117
19Hayden Grimes24806B 1:40.734
20Nate van Tatenhove25469C 1:41.218
21Andrew Maroney7315C 1:41.375
22caiden gross39599C 1:43.187
23Timmy Briscoe19001B 1:43.273
24Marcondess Feitosa4175C 1:44.476
25Will Clark42833C 1:45.367
26Joey Arico34999A 1:45.742
27Wesley Carbaugh25253C 1:47.335
28JoJo Dashosh17892C 1:47.406
29Chris Post22504C 1:48.109
30Gregory Evans33007B 1:48.398
31carson west42576C 1:49.226
32Tristan Moss31756C 1:49.812
33Ryan Scheppers36524C 1:50.679
34Alef Marques2718C 1:51.328
35Dylan Roper49054C 1:52.765
36Caleb Bates22064C 1:54.343
37Breno Loss27754C 1:56.937
38Gustavo Garcia40163C 1:57.648
39Carter Greer21267C 1:58.609
40Blake Bishop46685C 1:59.210
41Leandro Murray27755C 1:59.859
42Pablo Goncalves26306C 2:01.671
43Lucas Arriagada38842C 2:07.867
44Donald Carawan29178C 2:09.914
45Kauan Formiguinha28259C 2:10.218
46Bodhi Pangle23369C 2:16.343
47Brandon ma16133C 2:16.539
48sawyer fallis39149C 2:47.875
49fernando andrade3449CNo Sessions
50wilson fleming3939CNo Sessions
51Tanner Thorsen16669CNo Sessions
52Seth Garrett18588ANo Sessions
53Grant Eckardt18819CNo Sessions
54Demetrius Crown19230CNo Sessions
55prebilo hesmex rodrigue z21275CNo Sessions
56Geovane Santos24047BNo Sessions
57Skylar Belcher25145CNo Sessions
58Erin Rockafellow25349CNo Sessions
59carlos Rivera26284CNo Sessions
60jeffrey bruns26911CNo Sessions
61Chuckie Nigrin32021CNo Sessions
62Khamar Glover34168CNo Sessions
63Jacob Johnson34695CNo Sessions
64Michael DeRico34919CNo Sessions
65Vincent Murphy36523CNo Sessions
66ryder bednar38437CNo Sessions
67Christopher Harris39167CNo Sessions
68michael mosiman39918CNo Sessions
69Kellen Sampson45884CNo Sessions
70Gryffinn King49040CNo Sessions

OPEN Results

1Noah McLaughlin3002245
2Neil Fitzpatrick1012344
3Tyler Scheels2378041
4Rogan McIntosh2850933
5Seth Shirley3154729
6Chris Post2250427
7Erin Rockafellow2534927
8Carter Halpain3037623
9Brent Heintzelman68322
10Lucas Arriagada3884219
11Christopher McPherson3185718
12Marcondess Feitosa417516
13caiden gross3959916
14Tanner Thorsen1666914
15Dylan Smtih2593814
16Trevin Thompson2874111
17carson west425769
18Leandro Murray277558
19Vincent Murphy365237
20Caleb Bates220645
21Gregory Evans330075
22Matthew LeBlanc344744
23Dylan Roper490543
24JoJo Dashosh178922
25luke cameron175541
26Wesley Carbaugh252531
27Breno Loss277541
28Tristan Moss317561
29MXSLobby Administration00
30Alef Marques27180
31Andrew Maroney73150
32Tanner Rogers78770
33Brandon ma161330
34Timmy Briscoe190010
35Carter Greer212670
36Pablo Goncalves263060
37Donald Carawan291780
38Michael DeRico349190
39Joey Arico349990
40Ryan Pinkerton368090
41ryder bednar384370
42michael mosiman399180
43Gustavo Garcia401630
44Will Clark428330
45adam machia432340
46Gryffinn King490400
47Braden Benner495890

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