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125 Open(125) - Top 40 Qualify

1Alex Carlo3950ANo Sessions
2Fred Heather4686CNo Sessions
3Race bonds7254BNo Sessions
4Connor Robertson9656CNo Sessions
5Stefano Tavella10008BNo Sessions
6Damon Tavella10037BNo Sessions
7Eneas Tavella10863BNo Sessions
8Alexander lagerkvist11392CNo Sessions
9Ethan Olsen11638CNo Sessions
10paladino christoffersen12235ANo Sessions
11lucas alpaugh12382CNo Sessions
12Max Prokhorov12603BNo Sessions
13justin robinson13035CNo Sessions
14barkevious mingo14794ANo Sessions
15William Seim15379BNo Sessions
16Tommy Zimmerman15696BNo Sessions
17Tanner Thorsen16669CNo Sessions
18Kevin Ferzacca17299ANo Sessions
19Rowdy Houston17764CNo Sessions
20spencer brooking18109CNo Sessions
21Elliot Phillips18161CNo Sessions
22Braden Carter18235ANo Sessions
23Andrew Varvel18265CNo Sessions
24matthew dowse18593CNo Sessions

250 Open(250f/250T) - Top 40 Qualify

1Zoa Cross10610A 2:19.937
2Travis Schreuder11252C 3:15.156
3Antonio GarcĂ­a2271CNo Sessions
4Alex Carlo3950ANo Sessions
5Fred Heather4686CNo Sessions
6Hunter Kirkendall6469BNo Sessions
7Stefano Tavella10008BNo Sessions
8Alexander lagerkvist11392CNo Sessions
9Zander Bigwood11486ANo Sessions
10Ethan Olsen11638CNo Sessions
11paladino christoffersen12235ANo Sessions
12lucas alpaugh12382CNo Sessions
13barkevious mingo14794ANo Sessions
14Tyler Groening14814BNo Sessions
15Conner Peavy14821BNo Sessions
16jt dee15235BNo Sessions
17William Seim15379BNo Sessions
18Tommy Zimmerman15696BNo Sessions
19Chase McDonald15804ANo Sessions
20Tanner Thorsen16669CNo Sessions
21Nick Kuenzig16791CNo Sessions
22Andrew Wallace16799CNo Sessions
23Kevin Ferzacca17299ANo Sessions
24Tim Althaus17537ANo Sessions
25Rowdy Houston17764CNo Sessions
26spencer brooking18109CNo Sessions
27Elliot Phillips18161CNo Sessions
28Braden Carter18235ANo Sessions
29Andrew Varvel18265CNo Sessions
30Dylan Powell18281CNo Sessions
31matthew dowse18593CNo Sessions
32Martynas Makaras19200CNo Sessions

450 Open(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Brent Heintzelman683ANo Sessions
2Tyler Morin3984ANo Sessions
3Race bonds7254BNo Sessions
4Connor Robertson9656CNo Sessions
5Damon Tavella10037BNo Sessions
6Grant Dawson10828CNo Sessions
7Eneas Tavella10863BNo Sessions
8Max Prokhorov12603BNo Sessions
9Tyler Groening14814BNo Sessions
10Conner Peavy14821BNo Sessions
11clifford robinzine17877BNo Sessions

125 Open Results

1Braden Carter1823550
2Alex Carlo395044
3lucas alpaugh1238240
4Ethan Olsen1163836
5William Seim1537932

250 Open Results

1Braden Carter1823550
2Dylan Powell1828144
3Conner Peavy1482140
4Ethan Olsen1163836
5lucas alpaugh1238232
6Tyler Groening1481430
7Tim Althaus1753728
8Zoa Cross1061026
9William Seim1537924
10Alex Carlo395022
11Travis Schreuder1125220

450 Open Results

1Conner Peavy1482150
2Dylan Powell1828144
3Tyler Groening1481440
4Tim Althaus1753736
5clifford robinzine1787732
6William Seim1537930

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