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Open(Open) - Top 35 Qualify

1Tanner Rogers7877A 1:47.250
2Hunter Root8752A 1:48.718
3Jesse Mullins4898A 1:50.007
4Brady Standley3452A 1:50.062
5colton mitchell6767A 1:55.109
6Samuel Bergeron6315A 1:55.585
7Sean Klein18646A 1:56.523
8Devin Davis4275A 1:56.796
9Zachary Corbett3262C 1:56.804
10Riley Goodfellow 3066A 1:56.867
11harvey mushman14794A 1:57.671
12Zoa Cross10610A 1:58.296
13Patrick Stewart10952A 1:59.093
14Race bonds7254B 1:59.289
15Shelden Litwiller9725B 1:59.296
16Will Whiteley14553C 1:59.343
17Chase Dunivant7418A 1:59.656
18Tyler Lang14539A 2:00.265
19jamal qualamire ‎‎twester chenster barthalamew the 3rd jr #blm12235A 2:00.867
20Connor Lynds17192C 2:01.187
21andrew kawyn7655C 2:02.445
22Hunter Kirkendall6469B 2:03.132
23Alex Carlo3950A 2:05.695
24chris harper11333C 2:09.328
25Ty Loeman14639C 2:09.859
26Chris Watts8679C 2:13.617
27Nick Carvalho12802B 2:16.554
28Tyler Groening14814B 2:16.804
29Gavin Shadle17240C 2:21.828
30AJ Fisher15549C 2:31.453
31Lane Pierce7749C 2:39.039
32William St-Laurent16254A 2:40.968
33Dan Carlson309CNo Sessions
34Tyler Crain547ANo Sessions
35Dominic Saulnier1809ANo Sessions
36Tyler Morin3984ANo Sessions
37Sonny Edmonson7428ANo Sessions
38Eneas Tavella10863BNo Sessions
39Lane Pierce12144CNo Sessions
40Alemao Formentao13918CNo Sessions
41Phil Doyon14561BNo Sessions
42Jake Fisher15550CNo Sessions
43Jake Rose16679ANo Sessions
44Tim Althaus17537ANo Sessions
45Dustin Morningstar19042CNo Sessions

Open Results

1Tanner Rogers787747
2Hunter Root875245
3Jesse Mullins489840
4Brady Standley345238
5Samuel Bergeron631529
6Race bonds725426
7Brock Papi1524426
8Will Whiteley1455324
9Chase Dunivant741820
10Zachary Corbett326219
11colton mitchell676719
12Patrick Stewart1095218
13Jeremi Seabolt906116
14Shelden Litwiller972516
15Sean Klein1864612
16Tyler Crain5478
17Riley Goodfellow 30668
18Phil Doyon145617
19Zoa Cross106106
20Ty Loeman146396
21Devin Davis42755
22Tyler Groening148145
23Nick Carvalho128023
24harvey mushman147942
25andrew kawyn76551
26Lane Pierce77490
27Chris Watts86790
28jamal qualamire ‎‎twester chenster barthalamew the 3rd jr #blm122350

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