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250 Open(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Emmanuel Cepeda10106C 2:13.820
2SAM Jefferies28169C 2:14.210
3Tanner Dean16279C 2:14.687
4Lucas Bruhn40598C 2:17.789
5cade miller31598C 2:18.421
6Dakota Washburn23340C 2:20.343
7kason little40900C 2:20.468
8Will Clark42833C 2:21.437
9Deacon Denno46476C 2:21.531
10Gauge Brown46492C 2:21.570
11Wyatt Carter13203C 2:22.507
12todd miller35157C 2:22.789
13Anthony Campbell44325C 2:23.398
14Rowdy Houston44067C 2:24.296
15Jared Gumeson15121C 2:24.500
16Brady Olson44167C 2:24.546
17Tanner Amarillas39622C 2:24.828
18jacob melgaard42535C 2:24.976
19Jaxzen tully29354C 2:25.289
20Lucas Streznetcky43398C 2:25.320
21Robert Good49261C 2:25.992
22Ben McNevin43354C 2:26.351
23Keane Lehne38718C 2:26.773
24Zachary Cook21287C 2:26.796
25Stoney Hudman38094C 2:27.445
26Corben Slatter34700C 2:27.507
27evan kelm38935C 2:27.882
28Jacob Williamson47313C 2:28.492
29Alex Dodd18282C 2:29.367
30Triston Jewell22715C 2:29.718
31sawyer fallis39149C 2:29.765
32Travis Johnsmeyer47246C 2:29.875
33Austin Frank21416C 2:31.210
34Tres Morland47380C 2:31.718
35Shaun White37122C 2:32.101
36Christopher Harris39167C 2:32.445
37Gavvin moon41130C 2:33.570
38Ryan Norton36800C 2:39.335
39austin fineis41294C 2:41.921
40Nick Rietz40020C 3:02.414
41Krystian Hilaman25795C 3:11.343
42Dalton Scharnagl22700C 3:27.585
43Brandon Huntington3965CNo Sessions
44cody akers15895CNo Sessions
45Demetrius Crown19230CNo Sessions
46Luca Giampaolo19617CNo Sessions
47Jarno Steegmans19627CNo Sessions
48Dash McMillin21967CNo Sessions
49Ashton Rakofsky24566BNo Sessions
50Kauan Formiguinha28259CNo Sessions
51Noah Smerdon29577CNo Sessions
52Filip Larsson29944CNo Sessions
53James Layle32685CNo Sessions
54zach coleman33910CNo Sessions
55Landon Bartol34215CNo Sessions
56Jacob Johnson34695CNo Sessions
57Lucas Aredes36457CNo Sessions
58Jason Noben37081CNo Sessions
59javi madero38545CNo Sessions
60Steven Short38909CNo Sessions
61Gavin Pine39133CNo Sessions
62Brayden Vincent39751CNo Sessions
63Austin Smith39775CNo Sessions
64Ryan Rosen40471CNo Sessions
65carson west42576CNo Sessions
66Coby Gilsdorf43144CNo Sessions
67Jace Williams43203CNo Sessions
68LIam Roberts-Burroughs43594CNo Sessions
69Loomy The Cleaner43992CNo Sessions
70joshua crumet44019CNo Sessions
71Cody Wells44025CNo Sessions
72Ryan Long44896CNo Sessions
73Riccardo Farina45899CNo Sessions
74Chase Lewis46367CNo Sessions
75Justin Plummer46572CNo Sessions
76Brock Farrell47019CNo Sessions
77Clayton G48115CNo Sessions
78Kaleb Koepke48403CNo Sessions
79Walker Nalley49006CNo Sessions
80Dylan Padilla49170CNo Sessions
81Taylor Neuer49555CNo Sessions

125 Open(125) - Top 40 Qualify

1Emmanuel Cepeda10106C 2:15.500
2Tanner Dean16279C 2:18.976
3cade miller31598C 2:21.359
4Gauge Brown46492C 2:21.898
5Dakota Washburn23340C 2:23.046
6Wyatt Carter13203C 2:24.757
7Jacob Williamson47313C 2:28.492
8Ben McNevin43354C 2:29.726
9Austin Frank21416C 2:31.210
10Hudson Miller46982C 2:32.601
11Keane Lehne38718C 2:32.976
12Triston Jewell22715C 2:33.445
13Alex Dodd18282C 2:34.218
14Robert Good49261C 2:36.500
15Stoney Hudman38094C 2:37.648
16jacob melgaard42535C 2:42.250
17Shaun White37122C 2:46.875
18todd miller35157C 3:02.367
19Dalton Scharnagl22700C 3:27.585
20Jared Gumeson15121CNo Sessions
21cody akers15895CNo Sessions
22Demetrius Crown19230CNo Sessions
23Bill Will19552ANo Sessions
24Jarno Steegmans19627CNo Sessions
25Zachary Cook21287CNo Sessions
26Dash McMillin21967CNo Sessions
27Ashton Rakofsky24566BNo Sessions
28Krystian Hilaman25795CNo Sessions
29SAM Jefferies28169CNo Sessions
30Noah Smerdon29577CNo Sessions
31James Layle32685CNo Sessions
32Tristan Raycraft33540CNo Sessions
33zach coleman33910CNo Sessions
34Jacob Johnson34695CNo Sessions
35Ryan Norton36800CNo Sessions
36Jason Noben37081CNo Sessions
37javi madero38545CNo Sessions
38evan kelm38935CNo Sessions
39Gavin Pine39133CNo Sessions
40sawyer fallis39149CNo Sessions
41Christopher Harris39167CNo Sessions
42Brayden Vincent39751CNo Sessions
43Nick Rietz40020CNo Sessions
44Ryan Rosen40471CNo Sessions
45Lucas Bruhn40598CNo Sessions
46Gavvin moon41130CNo Sessions
47austin fineis41294CNo Sessions
48Bennett Guenther42559CNo Sessions
49carson west42576CNo Sessions
50Will Clark42833CNo Sessions
51Coby Gilsdorf43144CNo Sessions
52Lucas Streznetcky43398CNo Sessions
53LIam Roberts-Burroughs43594CNo Sessions
54Loomy The Cleaner43992CNo Sessions
55joshua crumet44019CNo Sessions
56Cody Wells44025CNo Sessions
57Rowdy Houston44067CNo Sessions
58Brady Olson44167CNo Sessions
59Anthony Campbell44325CNo Sessions
60Deacon Denno46476CNo Sessions
61Justin Plummer46572CNo Sessions
62Brock Farrell47019CNo Sessions
63Travis Johnsmeyer47246CNo Sessions
64Tres Morland47380CNo Sessions
65Kaleb Koepke48403CNo Sessions
66Walker Nalley49006CNo Sessions
67Dylan Roper49054CNo Sessions

Open(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1zach coleman33910C 2:10.148
2Ashton Rakofsky24566B 2:12.445
3Emmanuel Cepeda10106C 2:13.820
4Jack Mark49207C 2:14.148
5SAM Jefferies28169C 2:14.210
6Bennett Guenther42559C 2:15.062
7cade miller31598C 2:16.562
8Zachary Cook21287C 2:17.164
9Gauge Brown46492C 2:17.460
10Lucas Bruhn40598C 2:17.789
11Ricardo de Waal27680C 2:19.031
12kason little40900C 2:19.085
13Dakota Washburn23340C 2:20.343
14Hudson Miller46982C 2:21.406
15Will Clark42833C 2:21.437
16Deacon Denno46476C 2:21.531
17Demetrius Crown19230C 2:21.570
18Wyatt Carter13203C 2:22.507
19todd miller35157C 2:22.789
20Matt Bower17678C 2:23.937
21Jared Gumeson15121C 2:24.351
22Brady Olson44167C 2:24.546
23Robert Good49261C 2:25.992
24Keane Lehne38718C 2:26.773
25Stoney Hudman38094C 2:27.445
26Chase Morales21437C 2:28.226
27Brandon Huntington3965C 2:29.140
28Alex Dodd18282C 2:29.367
29Triston Jewell22715C 2:29.718
30Christian Dresser17809C 2:29.804
31Travis Johnsmeyer47246C 2:29.875
32Austin Frank21416C 2:31.210
33Tres Morland47380C 2:31.718
34Shaun White37122C 2:32.101
35Christopher Harris39167C 2:32.445
36Dalton Scharnagl22700C 2:38.578
37Ryan Norton36800C 2:39.335
38austin fineis41294C 2:41.921
39Nick Rietz40020C 3:02.414
40Krystian Hilaman25795C 3:11.343
41Bill Will19552ANo Sessions
42Luca Giampaolo19617CNo Sessions
43Jarno Steegmans19627CNo Sessions
44Dash McMillin21967CNo Sessions
45Colin Libby22427CNo Sessions
46sam butler26920CNo Sessions
47Noah Bindas28277CNo Sessions
48Colten Tocco28320CNo Sessions
49Noah Smerdon29577CNo Sessions
50James Layle32685CNo Sessions
51Tristan Raycraft33540CNo Sessions
52Landon Bartol34215CNo Sessions
53Lucas Aredes36457CNo Sessions
54javi madero38545CNo Sessions
55Gavin Pine39133CNo Sessions
56Austin Smith39775CNo Sessions
57Ryan Rosen40471CNo Sessions
58carson west42576CNo Sessions
59Coby Gilsdorf43144CNo Sessions
60LIam Roberts-Burroughs43594CNo Sessions
61Loomy The Cleaner43992CNo Sessions
62joshua crumet44019CNo Sessions
63Cody Wells44025CNo Sessions
64jonathan alipio46552CNo Sessions
65Brock Farrell47019CNo Sessions
66Kaleb Koepke48403CNo Sessions
67Walker Nalley49006CNo Sessions
68Taylor Neuer49555CNo Sessions

250 Open Results

1Emmanuel Cepeda1010650
2Tanner Dean1627944
3cade miller3159838
4Dakota Washburn2334036
5kason little4090031
6Jared Gumeson1512123
7Robert Good4926123
8todd miller3515721
9Brady Olson4416720
10Gauge Brown4649218
11Justin Alvarado4558815
12Hudson Miller4698214
13Alex Dodd1828213
14Stoney Hudman3809413
15zack Von Bergen4366112
16Ryan Norton368009
17Josh Boaz436599
18Reese Monty250228
19Keane Lehne387188
20Triston Jewell227157
21Tres Morland473807
22Krystian Hilaman257955
23Jaxzen tully293544
24Myles Monty481304
25Shaun White371223
26Demetrius Crown192301
27austin fineis412941
28Jacob Williamson473131

125 Open Results

1Emmanuel Cepeda1010647
2cade miller3159843
3Tanner Dean1627942
4Dakota Washburn2334031
5Jared Gumeson1512126
6Hudson Miller4698226
7Gauge Brown4649223
8Brady Olson4416721
9Alex Dodd1828218
10todd miller3515717
11Dylan Roper4905416
12Keane Lehne3871815
13Krystian Hilaman2579512
14zack Von Bergen4366112
15Tres Morland4738012
16Shaun White3712211
17Robert Good4926111
18Josh Boaz3038310
19Stoney Hudman3809410
20Triston Jewell227159
21Josh Boaz436597
22Jacob Williamson473137
23Reese Monty250226
24Ryan Norton368006
25cooper mullins437704
26Demetrius Crown192301
27Jason Noben370811
28LIam Roberts-Burroughs435941
29Grayson Martin449861
30Tanner Amarillas396220
31austin fineis412940
32Cody Wells440250

Open Results

1Emmanuel Cepeda1010647
2cade miller3159847
3Dakota Washburn2334033
4Gauge Brown4649228
5Hudson Miller4698228
6Matt Bower1767824
7Demetrius Crown1923020
8SAM Jefferies2816920
9todd miller3515720
10Alex Dodd1828219
11kason little4090019
12Ricardo de Waal2768016
13Ryan Norton3680016
14Keane Lehne3871815
15Jared Gumeson1512113
16Brady Olson4416711
17Dylan Roper4905411
18Robert Good4926111
19Triston Jewell2271510
20Tres Morland473809
21Wyatt Carter132038
22Shaun White371227
23Stoney Hudman380947
24Krystian Hilaman257955
25austin fineis412940
26Will Clark428330
27Coby Gilsdorf431440
28LIam Roberts-Burroughs435940
29Cody Wells440250
30Deacon Denno464760

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