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2018 BattleGrounds Winter Series

Races will be held Sundays at 7:00 Pm CST. There will be 3 different classes, with "AM" riders able to sign up for 2 classes (Lites AM - Premier AM), And pros able to sign up for one which will be an "Open Pro" class. This is due to the amount of pros that actually show up. If there is a surprising amount of pros to sign up, I will split the class. Sign ups & qualifying close at 3 PM CST. Don’t Sandbag, Sign up in correct class. I won't even say anything, I will forcespec you.
I will bump you up if I feel you should be racing Open Pro.

Hosted by Cj Ruggero

Total Signups: 1135

Total Results: 185

Total Races: 5

Total Classes: 6

2018 BattleGrounds Winter Series