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Hosted by a FlowTech server subscriber. MXSLobby has no affiliation with this series.

2020 Offseason SX Series

A practice series on the 2020 tracks


We chose our 10 favorite 2020 SX Tracks for this series, if you don't agree, get a better opinion.
You are allowed to sign up for 2 classes, either both pro classes or both am classes.
You cannot sign up for an AM and Pro class, it's one or the other.
If you are caught signing up for an AM and a Pro class, it's one warning then a ban no questions asked. You've been warned.
I reserve the right to bump or ban anybody I want.
Lag will result in a ban if it's too out of control.
You can protest people VIA discord: Sweaty Spaghetti#3072

Hosted by Seth Garrett

Total Signups: 433

Total Results: 0

Total Races: 2

Total Classes: 6

2020 Offseason SX Series