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2022 JS7 MXS Amateur National

PRESENTED BY: JR Reyes & Jeremy Estrella

Hello everyone this will be the official amateur national racing series!

We will be doing all amateur events that occur in real life. If we are unable to host one of them we will inform all of you!

We will have 8 classes total at
each event and you will be able to chose 3 of your
preferred/eligible classes.

The pro classes will have a pro purse at each event with the purse starting at $50. Pros will pay a $2 sign up fee to
race the cash races where those $2 dollars will
add up into the pro purse. We will then combine
that amount and pay out the top 10 per moto finish.
Payouts may vary depending on signups! So the more pros the more money you can collect!

Payout percentages are PER MOTO FINISH. They are as follows:

1st. 22%
2nd. 17%
3rd. 14%
4th. 12%
5th. 10%
6th. 7%
7th. 6%
8th. 5%
9th. 4%
10th. 3%

Hosted by Seth Garrett

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2022 JS7 MXS Amateur National