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2022 Boot's House Summer SX

Race Schedule
All Races Are Held At 9:00 PM EST 6:00 PM PST
Thursday 8/25/22
Thursday 9/01/22
Thursday 9/08/22
Thursday 9/15/22
Thursday 9/22/22

1st Track will drop a Hour and a Half Before the Race
7:30 PM EST 4:30 PM PST


250 Open
2 6+1 Heats
1 5+1 LCQ
1 15+1 Main
Bracket Racing
1st place in heat 1 will face 2nd place in heat 2
2nd place in heat 1 will face 1st place in heat 2
The winners of each race will face off in a 2 Lap Sprint
The winner will get 2 additional Points and Runner up will get 1 Point

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Thanks to Seth Crotty for making the tracks

Hosted by Brandon Nigrin

Total Signups: 476

Total Results: 0

Total Races: 5

Total Classes: 2

2022 Boot's House Summer SX