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2022 RaceCenter Loretta Lynns

This is RaceCenter 2022 Loretta Lynn’s

We will be running Loretta Lynn’s this year and we are aware that there is another Loretta’s happening we are going to be considerate of that and make it to where we do not interfere. Here is our plans for the event we hope to see you all there.

8/28-C classes along with B classes and Supermini-B/C class only

8/28- separate Server A Classes Only along with Schoolboy-A class riders only

8/30-C classes along with B classes and Supermini-B/C class only

8/30-separate Server A Classes Only along with Schoolboy-A class riders only

Top 20 will transfer straight through to the Loretta Lynn’s event we will open a registration as one day after our last regional event if for some reason not all 40 people are to register we will start to take alternates.

September 8th through the 10th we will host The Loretta Lynn Event where we will start racing at 7:30 EST and finish when all racing for the day is finished.

You are Eligible to race a maximum of 2 classes. That does not mean you are eligible to race one B class one A class it must be a class in your category for example if you are a B rider you may only race 2/3 of these 3 classes 250 B Open B Supermini

Tracks will be confirmed later on today be ready for Those to drop
Rules and regulations for the Event:
You must register within 24 hours of registration being available after that we will put you into the alternate bracket where your spot on the gate will not be promised.

You must use a 2 digit number for our event come Loretta Lynn’s you will put in your 3 desired numbers in our registration you will not be promised one of those 3 numbers.

Number plate colors:

White plate: 250 pro sport, Open Pro Sport, Schoolboy, Supermini

Black Plate: 250 C, Open C

Yellow Plates: 250 B Open B

Hosted by James Layle

Total Signups: 47

Total Results: 0

Total Races: 1

Total Classes: 3

2022 RaceCenter Loretta Lynns