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Hosted by a FlowTech server subscriber. MXSLobby has no affiliation with this series.

2022 MPH Stocking Stuffer

-The general rules follow those of most official Mx Simulator races, please just don't be that guy to cause headaches. We put a lot of time into building this series for everyone to come out, have fun, ride clean and win races. Simply put, ignorance will result in suspensions. Again, don't be that guy please. All suspension's will be at our discretion (regardless of your controller "disconnecting" or if someone punted you first).

-That leads us to protests! We promise that if you are treated unfairly by another rider and protest it, we will take care of the situation to the best of our ability. Protests can be submitted right on MXSLobby under the protest tab for the race that it happened (be sure to include all necessary info to review the protest. Protests must be submitted between 24 and 48 hours after the race and will be reviewed before the following race. Again, suspensions will be at our discretion based on the severity of the issue.

-Track will be released 1 hour before the race (approx. 7:30pm EST Friday night)

-Qualifying ends at 8:30pm EST sharp the night of the race! Do not wait until the last session to run a time! No exceptions!

-UID Grab will commence at 8:30pm EST in the race server! (19837) DO NOT BE LATE! We will not add you!

-YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO SIGN UP FOR ONE CLASS. is the 450 Pro Qualifying server is the 250 Pro Qualifying server is the Open AM Qualifying server

Any updates to these rules outlined above will be posted in the MPH discord, be sure to join in order to receive all updates and information.

Night Show Schedule:
-Friday Night!
-8:30pm EST Qualifying closes
-8:30pm EST UID GRAB
-250 Pro Heat 1 (6min + 1 lap)
-250 Pro Heat 2 (6min + 1 lap)
-Open Pro Heat 1 (6min + 1 lap)
-Open Pro Heat 2 (6min + 1 lap)
-Open AM Heat 1 (6min + 1 lap)
-Open AM Heat 2 (6min + 1 lap)
-250 LCQ (5min + 1 lap)
-Open Pro LCQ (5min + 1 lap)
-Open AM LCQ (5min + 1 lap)
- 250 Main Event (15min + 1 lap)
-Open Pro Main Event (20min + 1 lap)
-Open AM Main Event (20min + 1 lap)

Quali Servers:

Race Server:


Hosted by caleb hall

Total Signups: 35

Total Results: 0

Total Races: 1

Total Classes: 3

2022 MPH Stocking Stuffer