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Hosted by a FlowTech server subscriber. MXSLobby has no affiliation with this series.

Tier 1 Designs AMA Series

Welcome everybody to the 2016 Tier 1 Designs AMA Series! Currently there are 12 rounds ending around August. This series goes by Motorcross rules, and we switch between Mx tracks and Sx tracks every week. Currently there are 3 classes which are 250's, 450's and Open. Open applies to everybody unless there are 40 or more people in the server at the time. The rider that wins the series with the most points will get 15 USD. These races will take place every Friday at 6:30 PM CT for Mxslobby, and 2:30 PM CT unless the hoster is unavailable at the time. If there is no race on Friday, it will be postponed to a later date. Thanks for joining the Tier 1 Designs AMA series, and see you at the track! |All events will be streamed and on youtube. The info is in all race event description.

Hosted by Noah Karassy

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Total Classes: 3

Tier 1 Designs AMA Series