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250 open Standings

1Zander Bigwood1148672
2Kieran Evans1327972
3Logan Heagney652151
4Ben Lake971850
5Matt Bower1767840
6Fredrik Langagergaard1247538
7Erik Haugness885534
8Rasmus Balzer1107633
9Mads Balzer1010132
10Martin Lundquist1581127
11Dale Mullins1549625
12Clint Martin 1715425
13Nick Pomeroy2030125
14Jake Thomas2277624
15Mick Skezz117123
16Justin Wood930423
17Guilherme Cabral1449222
18Jarrett Barber2434322
19Dany Thiery2454322
20Riley Hunt2759621
21Gabriel siles823020
22joshua edgington1698218
23Dylan Gatlin1983518
24Ryan Ashman1640316
25Jayson Pace1655016
26Vander Sampaio2774816
27fernando andrade344915
28Rhys Harris1842615
29Adam Robson1665214
30Rico de Laat1989614
31Kent Keyser443113
32Javi Ruiz101112
33Dane Culver243646
34Harvey Isborne53644
35Ashton Rakofsky245662
36Freddy Karlsson125771
37Noah Karassy197911

125 open Standings

1Ashe Deering2215961
2Nick Pomeroy2030153
3Jack Gatland1133751
4Jake Fisher2123047
5Jake Thomas2277646
6Ben Lake971843
7Rico de Laat1989640
8Justin Wood930438
9Martin Lundquist1581134
10Guilherme Cabral1449232
11Riley Hunt2759632
12Dale Mullins1549628
13Trevor Shaffer2291928
14Ashton Rakofsky2456628
15Dylan Gatlin1983526
16Austin Brydges2218724
17Geovane Santos2404722
18Kevin Ferzacca1729920
19lewis smith1824120
20Andrew Massart2327320
21Vander Sampaio2774820
22Sonny Spicer2383114
23Gavin King2424014
24Dani Branderhorst2485214
25Rhys Harris1842610
26Tyler Maillet2279810
27Harvey Isborne53649
28Austin bartlett180817
29clifford robinzine178776
30Brock Taylor179296
31Jack Curtis243863

450 open Standings

1Jake Fisher2123079
2Zander Bigwood1148668
3Logan Heagney652152
4Fredrik Langagergaard1247550
5Roberto Dieguez1847649
6Andrew Massart2327347
7Rhys Harris1842643
8Ashe Deering2215940
9Jordan Edgington62837
10Ethan Howell1526831
11Trey Smith2084828
12Ryan Ashman1640325
13Clint Martin 1715425
14Geovane Santos2404725
15Martin Lundquist1581123
16Adam Robson1665222
17Mikkel Enevoldsen1637320
18Jens Österman736318
19Lewis Evans2336017
20rasmus bemberg859216
21Dani Branderhorst2485216
22Anders Kirial1088615
23Nick Pomeroy2030113
24Triston Judd1854412
25Gary Bingaman2097310
26Harvey Isborne53647
27mads kirial204907
28Kevin Ferzacca172994
29Jake Thomas227763

Novice Standings

1Jake Fisher2123042
2Trevor Shaffer2291940
3Jack Gatland1133736
4Kieran Evans1327934
5Mick Skezz117130
6Jordan Edgington62829
7Dylan Gatlin1983529
8Matt Bower1767825
9Austin Brydges2218725
10Trey Smith2084824
11ben lee613520
12Brock Taylor1792919
13Harvey Isborne536414
14Noah Karassy1979113
15Hayden Grimes2480611
16Gustavo Navega1035210
17Rhys Harris184269
18Tyler Maillet227989
19joshua edgington169828
20Jack Curtis243867
21michael obrien205106
22Sonny Spicer238313
23Ricky Ferrell128371

open novice Standings

1Anders Kirial1088647
2Mick Skezz117140
3Jarrett Barber2434333
4Kieran Evans1327932
5Jack Gatland1133730
6Dylan Gatlin1983527
7lewis smith1824124
8joshua edgington1698221
9Triston Judd1854420
10blake ashley1251618
11oscar manias1820318
12mads kirial2049017
13Roberto Dieguez1847615
14Gary Bingaman2097314
15Gabriel siles823013
16Jordan Edgington62811
17Dany Thiery2454311
18Mikkel Enevoldsen1637310
19nate thrasher2150210
20Rhys Harris184269
21Maikel Pichon168447
22Harvey Isborne53645
23Matt Bower176785
24Dane Culver243645
25Lewis Evans233603
26vladi carrion224241