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250 Open Standings

1Jake Worden24316119
2Joey Nielsen13196104
3Seth Garrett1858888
4Reno Brennan1425675
5Benny Geale113659
6Thomas Stead2403459
7Kevin Gonzalez2318550
8Dominic Saulnier180940
9Brett Powers264240
10Tyler Morin398440
11Riley Hughan2312738
12Jake Juett1108837
13justen stolz2126536
14Kevin Massart769629
15Colt Hansel&Gretel2177928
16Anthony Roe2407427
17Dylan Copeland567525
18Alemao Formentao1391825
19Ethan Holland1692525
20Leandro Murray2775525
21Tyler Scheels2280823
22Connor Nolan2437223
23Rogan McIntosh2850922
24Connor Grogan1049321
25Brandon Nigrin2261220
26Connor Wells2089719
27Blake Wicklund3335118
28Jacob Sedletzeck1781917
29Samuel Lancellotti2778314
30Luca Giampaolo1961713
31Kael Braden2483213
32Mads Haahr1297911
33Sammy Holt244510
34Zachary Lerma44569
35Garrett Stice187669
36Chandler Bloxom258774
37Brandon Crase179342

450 Open Standings

1Brandon Roland261120
2Trey Smith2084889
3fernando andrade344979
4Brian Cantrell520275
5Rush Chapman1479475
6mike malo2812452
7Tim Althaus1753750
8Brian Brinker2641145
9Michail Ming-Woodley847940
10alex cuntingham787838
11Josh Williams1315637
12caleb white432135
13Hunter Deisher37934
14Jacob Gosche1701931
15Kevin Davis242529
16Chris Channing1708829
17Steve Harris2321529
18bocquet jean michel2293126
19Johnny Wilder2205524
20Keehan Rocheford2193223
21Fred Heather468621
22Kyle Howard2141520
23Colby egeland2390120
24Todd Wadsworth2146619
25Aleksander Silva1041417
26Carter Hutcherson532315
27Muzart Muz2969813
28Quentin Culot1612610
29Jaxson Whetstone119599
30Leandro Murray277558
31sam simmons220375
32logan boye197374
33Garrett Smith37132