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125 CLASS Standings

1Kael Braden2483299
2Walker White2119890
3David Westrope3017655
4luke cameron1755454
5Dylan Gatlin1983550
6Reid Robison2276844
7evan murdock2206341
8Ethan Gerst2556941
9Cole Robertson1015940
10Alex Helms1891536
11Tanner Thorsen1666934
12Damon Justus3005128
13Jordan Carlton3088728
14bocquet jean michel2293125
15Kevin Shingledecker3115924
16Alemao Formentao1391822
17Seth Garrett1858820
18fernando andrade344918
19Hunter Fullwood1706716
20Leandro Murray2775515
21Chandler Bloxom2587714
22Josh Boaz2887514
23Justin Carney2908614
24Gustavo Lincon1567613
25jackson rogister2522513
26taylor miller2560812
27Holland Losey2651611
28Grant Eckardt1881910
29John Murray200579
30Christian Jonse298678
31Jake Kazarian256537
32parker allen149486

250 CLASS Standings

1Wayne Harris2605770
2Christian Jonse2986752
3Kael Braden2483251
4Cole Robertson1015942
5Sam Wellington2685139
6Ethan Gerst2556931
7luke cameron1755429
8Alemao Formentao1391825
9Khamar Glover1670825
10Dylan Gatlin1983522
11Evan Welle1985422
12Walker White2119820
13Leandro Murray2775520
14Seth Garrett1858818
15Alex Helms1891518
16Tanner Thorsen1666916
17Nate Mullinnix2528216
18fernando andrade344914
19Austen Bennett2265514
20Gustavo Lincon1567613
21jackson rogister2522513
22Brent Hunt3310813
23Chandler Bloxom2587712
24Malakai DeMoines2765012
25Justin Carney2908612
26Hunter Fullwood1706711
27David Westrope3017610
28Jordan Carlton3088710
29Mason Simmons189049
30Colt Hansel&Gretel217798
31Damon Justus300518
32Chris Clarke335167
33Mick Marske307456
34Jake Kazarian256535
35Tyrell Foster307594

450 CLASS Standings

1Walker White2119891
2Daniel Larsson2528167
3Reid Robison2276845
4luke cameron1755444
5Sabrina Ritzler66143
6Dylan Gatlin1983542
7parker allen1494834
8Tanner Thorsen1666934
9JJ Dempsey1196429
10Josh Clark2494926
11Evan Welle1985425
12Alemao Formentao1391822
13Ethan Gerst2556916
14Benny Geale113615
15fernando andrade344915
16Leandro Murray2775514
17Chris Cornish1575912
18bocquet jean michel2293111
19Seth Garrett1858810

OPEN CLASS Standings

1Kael Braden24832102
2Daniel Larsson2528172
3Wayne Harris2605767
4luke cameron1755447
5David Westrope3017647
6Walker White2119836
7Christian Jonse2986735
8Cole Robertson1015933
9evan murdock2206323
10Sabrina Ritzler66118
11Ethan Gerst2556916
12Travis Dare2113314
13taylor miller2560814
14Sam Wellington2685113
15Josh Boaz2887511
16parker allen149489
17Holland Losey265168