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MX2 Standings

1Clint Martin 1715489
2Walter Gebhardt1223587
3Dale Mullins1549683
4Brandon Holmes2959861
5Frank Jackson1258150
6Jeremy Denny1336647
7Kevin Gonzalez2318540
8Shawn Smith2529739
9Jack Gatland1133738
10Thomas Stead2403434
11Riley Hughan2312730
12Tyler Silvia2583430
13Craig Richards484826
14Thomas Wilcox494326
15Luke Sullivan2244725
16Dylan Bartle847424
17Jonathan Alexander2928723
18Jack Curtis2438622
19billy kunitz1805718
20sam stephen2300913
21Wayne Harris2605713
22Brad Hewitt1809811
23jesse matthews1135110
24jason Helm92499
25kodi saunderson329326
26Aaron Hachi38895
27Damon Wuyts211085
28Neal Wells51994
29Max Chwalik244484
30taylor miller256084
31Blake Wicklund333514
32Sam Higgs209433
33kevin jenkins 170622
34lionel spaeth265782
35Ryan T218061
36Agostino Barbera302881
38Braiden Ehle170030
39Seth Garrett185880
40John Murray200570
41Trent Adams202740
42Tyler Loomis249390
43Brian Brinker264110
44Hamish Douglas291920
45Koa Scott334080

MX1 Standings

1Jesse Mullins489891
2Colby egeland2390190
3Atom Holm943787
4Jeremy Cohenour696367
5Austin Ecklund2326764
6Jake West673953
7Tim Althaus1753744
8Logan Heagney652142
9Leroy Drum1584242
10Corentin Julian223336
11Brady Standley345229
12Jack Haley148626
13Devin Davis427526
14Logan May2303824
15Josh Collins2406720
16Reece Martin1494319
17Jay Turner1346518
18Ryan T2180617
19jack perry1830612
20Bronson Leiataua2319611
21Josh Clark2494910
22Kaihlib Tipene98069
23Chase Morales214379
24Nash Cooke250029
25David Westrope301769
26JJ Dempsey119648
27Craig Richards48485
28Kyle Howard214153
29Kieran Hildebrand108082