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Open Amateur Standings

1Brandon Nigrin22612111
2Evan Welle19854101
3Nathan Guy12523100
4Benny Geale113676
5Oskar Chwalik2708356
6Daniel Paz2556054
7Seth Shirley3154745
8John Hileman3140344
9Trevor Shaffer2291942
10Lewis Williams705841
11Alex Helms1891541
12Tanner Thorsen1666936
13Henry Polderman2215532
14Neil Fitzpatrick1012325
15josh briggs1918425
16logan boye1973724
17Tristan Moss3175624
18high boy721223
19Ty Smith1118022
20Blake Wicklund3335122
21Antony Maso2775020
23Jake Bedford2813319
24Rhys Harris3327416
25ryan hudson2830015
26bocquet jean michel2293114
27Joseph Wagner1375013
28Nate van Tatenhove2546913
29Dylan Smtih2593813
30Kyle Martin1149212
31Evan Singletary2266712
32Alec King2819312
33Steve Harris2321511
34Charles Boswell1651910
35Ben Moore3142910
36Tyler Loomis249399
37Ryan Kelly297899
38Justin Adams309719
39Trevor Spencer312219
40Bodhi Pangle233698
41Aironas Bukauskas13897
42Kyle Howard214157
43Dray Smith218547
44Lucas Becker300397
45Kendall Armanie273686
46JR Reyes312096
47John Murray200574
48Brian Brinker264112
49Dylan Long304401
50ryan bailey315521

Open Pro Standings

1Colby egeland23901117
2Walter Gebhardt12235116
3Rush Chapman1479485
4Zach Prokop407275
5Atom Holm943774
6Brady White1016371
7Chase Blakely1041045
8Carter Hutcherson532344
9Braden Carter1823538
10Ashe Deering2215936
11Julien Beaumer2251336
12Reid Young253529
13Kyler Hawkey866123
14Kevin Gonzalez2318518
15trevor burns3202917
16Ty Smith1118016
17Riley Hughan2312716
18Craig Richards484815
19Dalton Plessinger1479615
20Isaiah Dickerson2326214
21Austin Ecklund2326714
22Steven Drew3237414
23Leandro Murray2775513
24Robert Wilson831312
25Andrew Peakman918111
26Gavin Smith1025011
27Dominic Tibberino465210
28Michail Ming-Woodley3301910
29Rhys Harris3327410
30Seth Garrett185889
31Jett Wisdom328899
32Bodhi Pangle233698