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250 Standings

1Riley Hughan2312750
2tyran tomich3286644
3LIAM Atkinson2541938
4kodi saunderson3293236
5Dale Mullins1549630
6venter151 venter1865030
8Jack Stacey2724726
9Lochlan Berg2897126

450 Standings

1Riley Hughan2312747
2Austin Ecklund2326743
3kodi saunderson3293242
4tyran tomich3286638
5Dale Mullins1549629
7LIAM Atkinson2541928
8venter151 venter1865027
9Lochlan Berg2897125
10Jack Stacey2724724

MX1 Standings

1tyran tomich3286650
2kodi saunderson3293244
3Riley Hughan2312738
4LIAM Atkinson2541938
5Sean Smith1912032
6Ryan T2180629
7george knight3155526
8Jack Stacey2724721
9SAM Jefferies2816921
10Lochlan Berg2897121
11Matt Greeley3316521
12Sam Blundell2864715
13Chris Little649111
14Tyler Loomis2493910
15kody tomich323798
16John Murray200576

MX2 Standings

1Riley Hughan2312745
2tyran tomich3286644
3Daniel Irvine710839
4Ryan T2180636
5LIAM Atkinson2541935
6kodi saunderson3293232
7Tyler Loomis2493927
8Matt Greeley3316527
9Jake Madgwick3003523
10SAM Jefferies2816922
11george knight3155522
12Lochlan Berg2897118
13kody tomich3237915
14Jack Stacey2724713
15Alexander Lagerkvist315387
16Tyler Walent297316
17Tim Scholtes209774