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250 Standings

1Jett Holyhead3029366
2LIAM Atkinson2541957
3Dylan Long3044054
4kodi saunderson3293254
5george knight3155553
6Muzart Muz2969850
7Trent Sheppard2335244
8Logan May2303837
9Dale Mullins1549636
10sam stephen2300936
11tyran tomich3286635
12Alex Griffiths3667632
13Jake Cawthorn3664930
14Riley Hughan2312729
15zach coleman3391029
16Tim Vredegoor2115725
17bocquet jean michel2293125
18lachie winchester3391122
19Ivan Mirzoev1215421
20Seth Garrett1858820
21Kevin Gonzalez2318516
22Logan Heagney652114
23Clint Martin 1715414
24Harry Gardner2779314
25Freddy Karlsson1257713
26Lachlan Johnson3431310
27Luke Sullivan224478
28Jackson Gaiero321378
29jack garfoot276307
30TJ Harrison338637
31brodie jenner305206
32Brody Barton348256
33Aaron MacDonald303294
34Darius Peterson348512
35Zac Palm173091
36Zachary Cook212871
37Ashton Rakofsky245661
38taylor miller256081
39Hunter Ash316781
40Neil Fitzpatrick101230
41Timmy Briscoe190010
42Trent Adams202740
43Shannon Steer320820

450 Standings

1Logan May2303886
2kodi saunderson3293280
3Dylan Long3044075
4zach coleman3391074
5george knight3155561
6Jett Holyhead3029346
7LIAM Atkinson2541934
8sam stephen2300930
9tyran tomich3286630
10Lochlan Berg2897129
11lachie winchester3391127
12Jake Cawthorn3664926
13Jackson Gaiero3213724
14Harry Gardner2779322
15Jake West673921
16Thomas Alexander1557020
17Riley Hughan2312718
18TJ Harrison3386317
19bocquet jean michel2293116
20Kevin Gonzalez2318515
21Lachlan Johnson3431315
22Logan Heagney652114
23Jack Stacey2724710
24Brody Barton3482510
25jack garfoot276309
26Ashton Rakofsky245668
27brodie jenner305207
28Ollie Mackie206326
29Darius Peterson348514
30Dale Mullins154963
31Finn Collins120492
32Timmy Briscoe190010
33Tim Vredegoor211570
34taylor miller256080