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125 Standings

1Elliot Persson3800344
2Johnny Podonyi525325
3John Hileman3140325
4Ethan Holland1692520
5Zac Palm1730920
6Dray Smith2185418
7Tucker Chitwood3015118
8hayden stevenson2337916
9hollywood wascom3152116
10Bryan Hedge1294615
11Tyler More3189815
12Garrett Gilbertson1191114
13Filip Larsson2994414
14Cory Aldridge3591213
15Jace Williams4320313
16bocquet jean michel2293112
17Noah Smerdon2957712
18Sonny Spicer2383111
19Dane Bollenbach4983411
20hayden Willis3486010
21Quenten Hallam3590510
22Trey Padilla251039
23Bennett Guenther425599
24Vivian Dabert164788
25kees mortimer216128
26Eli Block231007
27race coble371507
28chase odom53696
29Emil saxager373626
30Nicklas Langstrup271305
31Joey Arico349995
32Damon Tavella100374

250 Standings

1Elliot Persson3800358
2hayden stevenson2337947
3Aironas Bukauskas138940
4jake spease3037131
5Johnny Podonyi525325
6John Hileman3140325
7Tyler More3189822
8spencer brooking1810921
9Filip Larsson2994420
10Joey Arico3499918
11Jacob Kingsfield3975418
12victor Norlander1107516
13Ethan Holland1692516
14Zac Palm1730916
15Eli Block2310015
16bocquet jean michel2293114
17Sterling Lofthouse3573414
18Landon Johnson2817013
19hollywood wascom3152113
20Ryder Bergemeier3635813
21Sonny Spicer2383112
22Jeboris Willbrant2865712
24Rasmus Wikström2420211
25christopher rodriguez3165311
26Nathan Collard3371710
27Cory Aldridge3591210
28Dane Bollenbach4983410
29Topher Turley385549
30Jonmarc Sorensen432889
31Ryan Romain149878
32Paulius Vaitiekėnas321078
33race coble371508
34Trey Padilla251037
35Magnus Gregersen373307
36chris corcoran374147
37Dray Smith218546
38greed jay292376
39Garrett Gilbertson119115
40Quenten Hallam359055
41Tanner Amarillas396225
42Matteo Brusi269544
43Tucker Chitwood301514
44Linus Håkansson401943
45Bennett Guenther425593
46kees Mortimer157842
47Leonardo Pisi371671
49Jace Williams432031
50Ryder Plouffe275740

450 Standings

1victor Norlander1107525
2Elliot Persson3800322
3hayden stevenson2337920
4Matteo Brusi2695418
6Damon Tavella1003715
7Dane Bollenbach4983414
8Ryder Plouffe2757413
9Jace Williams4320312
10Jacob Kingsfield3975411
11Jack Clancy3018110
13Leonardo Pisi371678
14Linus Håkansson401947
15jonathan hernandez338876
16rob claassen190325
17taj moore357384