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250 Standings

1Carter Hutcherson532343
2Logan Leitzel1966138
3Tyler Groening1481434
4Alex Eriksson1820434
5Benjamin Lester1774831
6Matheus Stliffer362130
7Josh Williams1315625
8Logan Heagney652123
9Jessie Calaway1154522
10Luca Marsalisi1657222
11Timmy Briscoe1900122
12Nick Carvalho1280221
13Brody Miller2363621
14Joel Melo1575818
15anton Karlsson2072615

450 Standings

1Micaias Ferreira1795447
2Josh Williams1315638
3Matias Janice1793237
4Tyler Groening1481436
5Hunter Smith1699232
6Benjamin Lester1774832
7Logan Heagney652126
8Luiz Iago1637020
9Jessie Calaway1154516
10jack perry1830613
11Jacob Hunger1228112
12Brodie Taylor2365812

Open Class Standings

1Josh Williams1315650
2Benjamin Lester1774842
3Logan Leitzel1966138
4Matias Janice1793233
5Timmy Briscoe1900133
6Logan Heagney652131
7Joel Melo1575826
8Micaias Ferreira1795426
9Jessie Calaway1154524
10Nick Carvalho1280221
11Geovane Santos2404721
12Devon Butz2405019
13jack perry1830612
14Finn Collins120499
15Giancarlo Harrison184848
16Jacob Hunger122816