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250 Open Standings

1colton mitchell6767109
2Chase Blakely1041078
3Dylan Copeland567572
4Devin Ryan228371
5Matt Burkeen1058967
6Jack Zarse1085460
7Matias Janice1793259
8Tanner Rogers787753
9Jeremi Seabolt906144
10Bryce Whealon1183841
11Daniel Mills2139
12Rush Chapman1479437
13mbb st1866836
14Sean Klein1864635
15Zoa Cross1061034
16Walter Gebhardt1223532
17Connor Lynds1719230
18Jordan Moxey1828530
19Chase Dunivant741828
20Edward Mora1174228
21steven azarkiewicz372725
22Holden Cote562925
23Jake Rose1667923
24Ben Toye1187422
25Brock Papi1524422
26Connor Holyak965517
27Jeremy Shipley68116
28Jessie Calaway1154516
29Dade Honeywell93115
30Jeff Cooper1687314
31William St-Laurent1625413
32Thomas Silleck1286011
33Andrew Wood586910
34Chase Desselle699410
35Jake West67399
36David Wright151319
37Alex Carlo39508
38Kevin Gonzalez231858
39Colby egeland239018
40Tyler Schmidt16027
41Logan Heagney65217
42Tyler Louis100347
43Tyler Nichols120716
44Robert Wilson83135
45caleb hall100475
46Trevor Doiron105975
47Josh Williams131565
48carsyn forcum170025
49Devin Davis42754
50Carson Tickel27003
51Craig Leake56693
52broc pearson75082
53hayden stevenson233792
54blake curry23461
55Timmy Briscoe190011
56Dylan Bolinger240111

450 Open Standings

1Jeremy Shipley681128
2colton mitchell6767108
3Chase Blakely1041077
4Jeremy Smith252867
5Matt Burkeen1058967
6Luke Heberlein905559
7Ben Toye1187455
8Devin Davis427553
9Matias Janice1793253
10mbb st1866842
11Bryan Haskell50539
12Devin Ryan228336
13Kevin Ferzacca1729933
14steven azarkiewicz372732
15Ty Smith1118024
16Bryce Whealon1183824
17Walter Gebhardt1223524
18Tyler Frye559723
19Jeremi Seabolt906122
20Jessie Calaway1154521
21Blake O'Brien1792121
22Jake Rose1667920
23Nick Porter413819
24Reid Young253518
25James Armstrong459118
26Edward Mora1174218
27André Santos820416
28Trevor Doiron1059716
29Jack Zarse1085415
30Travis Hoffman556014
31Dylan Copeland567514
32Andrew Wood586914
33Tyler Schmidt160213
34Chase Dunivant741813
35Connor Lynds1719213
36Peter Leik311811
37William Seim1537910
38blake curry23469
39Hunter Root87529
40Thomas Silleck128608
41Chris Channing170888
42Tommy Dallaire195207
43James Schuler84225
44caleb white43214
45Jake West67394
46Brock Papi152444
47Jordan Moxey182854
49Tanner Rogers78773
50Rush Chapman147943
51Pedro Venancio100132
52Daniel Mills211
53Knob Gobbler25141
54broc pearson75081
55alex cuntingham78781