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Open(Open) - Top 35 Qualify

1Clay Roberts18875C 1:59.242
2Chris Schmieder321B 1:59.726
3Alex Heckman18576A 1:59.945
4Phil Doyon14561B 2:00.585
5Braden Carter18235A 2:01.031
6Justin Harper11963C 2:01.328
7Aaron Tripoli12239C 2:01.718
8stephen Quick2930C 2:01.726
9Grant Slater14586C 2:02.453
10Johnnie McIntyre17547C 2:02.601
11Chris Santino2083B 2:02.875
12Ethan Parks17880A 2:03.117
13Ty Smith11180A 2:03.648
14Grant Dawson10828C 2:03.781
15Jeremy Atkinson5381B 2:03.843
16Dakota Money8543C 2:03.898
17Benny Geale1136C 2:03.968
18Kristoffer Wenerklang7250C 2:04.132
19Ryan Turner17899B 2:04.187
20Ricky Williams14444B 2:04.242
21Max Prokhorov12603B 2:04.890
22James McKie4448C 2:05.343
23Ryan McNicoll10959C 2:05.492
24Gregory van Hoeve6574A 2:05.804
25Ryan Clark1236B 2:06.195
26ed kozak8532C 2:06.414
27Jordan Moxey18285A 2:06.414
28jp emond1744B 2:06.671
29Jake Fisher15550C 2:07.062
30Dima Pavluchenkov4970C 2:07.125
31Jordyn Burrow11945B 2:07.601
32Logan Seese14241C 2:07.796
33Ricardo Cerenic13292C 2:07.851
34George Hodkinson6222B 2:08.015
35Alexander lagerkvist11392C 2:08.265
36Aaron Bonneau17548A 2:08.460
37Chris Channing17088C 2:08.515
38Christoffer Bergman8029C 2:08.562
39Roman Rositani18967C 2:08.718
40Dwayne Cusano18759C 2:08.835
41blake curry2346A 2:08.937
42Josh Hernandez7046C 2:09.023
43jacob long14526C 2:09.382
44Ryan Colvin10383C 2:09.484
45zack mock17060C 2:09.640
46Taylor Davis3022C 2:10.242
47jonny moreira10950C 2:11.210
48Unclaimed Account6842C 2:11.492
49Brandon Houldsworth4698C 2:11.953
50Jeffrey Johnson5906C 2:12.664
51chris harper11333C 2:12.750
52Lloyd Towne11658C 2:12.906
53Cale simmey18668A 2:13.085
54Kieran Hildebrand10808C 2:14.109
55Josh Donaruma18747C 2:15.281
56Zach Ebert18434C 2:15.414
57Nicolas Rozas19128B 2:15.921
58jacob sterritt18688C 2:17.054
59Jason Benisch68C 2:17.265
60Jarrett Frye14243B 2:18.085
61Blaine Haub16953C 2:18.718
62Wes Teague16531C 2:19.742
63Joaquin Morales19127C 2:20.015
64Cain Hall12296C 2:20.476
65Tim Althaus17537A 2:20.984
66Jack Diduch14349C 2:22.523
67Justin Adams18984C 2:22.851
68Angelo Cribari17564C 2:23.507
69matthew dowse18593C 2:23.726
70kaden eversole14353C 2:24.000
71Braden Baumer11135C 2:28.390
72Phil Abney19342C 2:29.875
73Jes Colman307C 2:32.734
74Matthew Sanders18770C 2:34.859
75Anthony Conti9101C 2:48.023
76Ricky Styles5938CNo Sessions
77Logan Heagney6521ANo Sessions
78caleb hall10047ANo Sessions
79Eneas Tavella10863BNo Sessions
80Jacob Hunger12281BNo Sessions
81Blake Starnes12863BNo Sessions
82Chris Jason13159CNo Sessions
83tanner Abeyta14545CNo Sessions
84Beau Delobelle16338CNo Sessions
85Christian Burdine16733BNo Sessions
86Josh Bellinger18758CNo Sessions
87Ethan Hester30715CNo Sessions

Open Results

1Clay Roberts1887547
2Chris Schmieder32138
3Ty Smith1118033
4Justin Harper1196333
5Braden Carter1823533
6Grant Slater1458630
7Gregory van Hoeve657427
8Ethan Parks1788025
9Alex Heckman1857625
10Jeremy Atkinson538118
11ed kozak853218
12stephen Quick293016
13Dima Pavluchenkov497015
14Benny Geale113614
15jp emond174414
16Chris Santino208312
17James McKie444812
18Ryan Clark123610
19Kristoffer Wenerklang72509
20George Hodkinson62228
21Grant Dawson108286
22Taylor Davis30221
23jonny moreira109501
24Nicolas Rozas191281
25Jeffrey Johnson59060
26Ryan Colvin103830
27Aaron Tripoli122390
28Ricardo Cerenic132920
29Jake Fisher155500
30Aaron Bonneau175480
31Angelo Cribari175640
32Ryan Turner178990
33Josh Donaruma187470
34Dwayne Cusano187590
35Matthew Sanders187700
36Joaquin Morales191270
37Phil Abney193420

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