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Open(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Jakob Hubbard23971A 1:28.382
2Braden Carter18235A 1:30.218
3Rogan McIntosh28509C 1:30.734
4Seth Garrett18588A 1:31.718
5JR Reyes37458C 1:36.484
6Luke Fauser46003C 1:36.812
7Brett Powers2642A 1:38.015
8Emmanuel Cepeda10106C 1:38.117
9tyler more44882C 1:38.781
10Sonny Spicer23831C 1:38.968
11Nathan McLaughlin31541C 1:39.218
12Tyler Nichols12071A 1:40.203
13Nicolas Marchini35445C 1:40.375
14Trevin Thompson28741C 1:40.648
15Troy Bienert35546C 1:41.187
16Gauge Brown46492C 1:41.960
17Jace Williams43203C 1:42.015
18Collin Allen24272C 1:45.750
19Cody Walker27833C 1:46.031
20Noah McLaughlin30022C 1:46.414
21hollywood wascom31521C 1:48.765
22maximus vohland47539C 1:50.335
23Branden Walther16931C 1:51.031
24Finnegan Markland44326C 1:53.921
25Miguel de Waal19848C 2:01.289
26Ryan Norton36800C 2:07.171
27Kyler Smith40191C 2:08.500
28Kristian Nyman49839C 2:10.554
29Dash McMillin21967C 2:10.835
30jordan miller36618C 2:11.914
31joshua crumet44019C 2:17.648
32Chance Setser37021C 2:34.179
33max shane45606C 2:42.476
34Brent Heintzelman683ANo Sessions
35Jared Gumeson15121CNo Sessions
36Jax Lindsay17953CNo Sessions
37Tyler Mcguire20231CNo Sessions
38Brandon Town27722CNo Sessions
39Jeboris Willbrant28657CNo Sessions
40Jackson Roger29485CNo Sessions
41Noah Smerdon29577CNo Sessions
42Carter Halpain30376CNo Sessions
43Jett Wisdom32889CNo Sessions
44tukker mclean33089CNo Sessions
45Da'quintin Houston36799CNo Sessions
46Ben Dover39552CNo Sessions
47kason little40900CNo Sessions
48Lucas Streznetcky43398CNo Sessions
49ethan mcmorris44601CNo Sessions
50Josh Leopold45289CNo Sessions
51hayden davey45865CNo Sessions
52Travis Johnsmeyer47246CNo Sessions
53Bryce lizarraga48865CNo Sessions
54Jack Mark49207CNo Sessions
55Robert Good49261CNo Sessions

Open Results

1Rogan McIntosh2850947
2Jakob Hubbard2397145
3Collin Allen2427238
4Sonny Spicer2383129
5hollywood wascom3152128
6Coby Gilsdorf4314428
7JR Reyes3745827
8Finnegan Markland4432627
9Noah McLaughlin3002220
10Branden Walther1693119
11Luke Fauser4600318
12max shane4560617
13Carter Halpain3037616
14Gauge Brown4649214
15Nathan McLaughlin3154112
16jordan miller3661812
17Ryan Norton3680012
18Kyler Smith4019110
19Trevin Thompson287416
20Emmanuel Cepeda101062
21Cody Walker278331
22Jett Holyhead302931
23MXSLobby Administration00
24Jett Wisdom328890
25Kristian Nyman498390

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