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250 OPEN(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Dash McMillin21967C 1:09.984
2Ethan Parks17880A 1:10.093
3Jonmarc Sorensen43288C 1:11.632
4Johannes Breindal32312C 1:11.695
5Jackson Roger29485C 1:11.906
6Carter Halpain30376C 1:12.257
7Brody Barton34825C 1:12.312
8Tucker Zimmerman40856C 1:12.343
9Anthony Campbell44325C 1:13.031
10Chris Petrie35266C 1:13.242
11Jacob Johnson34695C 1:13.273
12Brady Olson44167C 1:13.468
13myles gilmore26361C 1:13.562
14Arthur Miranda44934C 1:14.148
15Gauge Brown46492C 1:14.335
16Jack Clancy30181C 1:14.656
17Dylan Revis16277C 1:14.804
18Josh Howard30333C 1:14.828
19Dylan Roper49054C 1:15.453
20Jared Gumeson15121C 1:16.625
21carlos Rivera26284C 1:17.500
22kason little40900C 1:18.203
23SAM Jefferies28169C 1:18.875
24Steven Short38909C 1:19.078
25caleb waslick32227C 1:22.570
26matt jones44023C 1:23.609
27Kyle Orbit30893C 1:24.656
28joshua crumet44019C 1:29.406
29Cody Wells44025C 1:30.281
30eddy brown37337C 1:31.835
31brycen dejonge48107C 1:35.156
32Miguel de Waal19848C 1:36.234
33matt caddick39425C 1:41.132
34Jace Williams43203C 1:42.187
35james griffin44606C 2:00.078
36Benny Geale1136CNo Sessions
37chase odom5369CNo Sessions
38Lucas Vinicius11715CNo Sessions
39Tanner Thorsen16669CNo Sessions
40Grant Eckardt18819CNo Sessions
41Demetrius Crown19230CNo Sessions
42Nick Niles20656CNo Sessions
43Ashton Rakofsky24566BNo Sessions
44dakota revis27258CNo Sessions
45Brandon Town27722CNo Sessions
46Noah Smerdon29577CNo Sessions
47Filip Larsson29944CNo Sessions
48Noah McLaughlin30022CNo Sessions
49Jack Hurst30494CNo Sessions
50laquan williams31521CNo Sessions
51seth carr33662CNo Sessions
52Zane Dorrell34467CNo Sessions
53Paddy Barson36289CNo Sessions
54Race Coble37150CNo Sessions
55ayrton hibberd39147CNo Sessions
56caiden gross39599CNo Sessions
57austin fineis41294CNo Sessions
58Dylan Yates41885CNo Sessions
59Coby Gilsdorf43144CNo Sessions
60cooper mullins43770CNo Sessions
61Loomy The Cleaner43992CNo Sessions
62ethan mcmorris44601CNo Sessions
63Chase Lewis46367CNo Sessions
64Deacon Denno46476CNo Sessions
65CHRISTIAN JONSE48115CNo Sessions
66Kees Mortimer48317CNo Sessions
67bryce netherton48527CNo Sessions
68Nick Park49145CNo Sessions
69Blake Larsen49172CNo Sessions
70Robert Good49261CNo Sessions

450 OPEN(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Dash McMillin21967C 1:09.984
2Noah Smerdon29577C 1:10.023
3Gustavo Navega10352C 1:10.757
4Miguel de Waal19848C 1:11.320
5Jackson Roger29485C 1:11.906
6Tucker Zimmerman40856C 1:12.226
7Brody Barton34825C 1:12.312
8Anthony Campbell44325C 1:13.031
9Chris Petrie35266C 1:13.242
10Jacob Johnson34695C 1:13.273
11Brady Olson44167C 1:13.468
12myles gilmore26361C 1:13.562
13James Bemrose17850C 1:14.101
14Gauge Brown46492C 1:14.335
15Jack Clancy30181C 1:14.656
16Josh Howard30333C 1:14.828
17Ashton Rakofsky24566B 1:15.226
18Brandon Town27722C 1:15.390
19dakota revis27258C 1:15.734
20Ryan Romain14987C 1:15.937
21matt caddick39425C 1:16.585
22kason little40900C 1:18.203
23SAM Jefferies28169C 1:18.875
24Fletcher Kilpatrick40355C 1:24.062
25Kyle Orbit30893C 1:24.656
26joshua crumet44019C 1:29.406
27Cody Wells44025C 1:30.281
28caiden gross39599C 1:32.070
29Dylan Yates41885C 1:34.203
30Jace Williams43203C 1:42.187
31james griffin44606C 2:00.078
32chase odom5369CNo Sessions
33Brandon Cocroft14002BNo Sessions
34Tanner Thorsen16669CNo Sessions
35mutt cameron18331CNo Sessions
36Demetrius Crown19230CNo Sessions
37Nick Niles20656CNo Sessions
38Filip Larsson29944CNo Sessions
39laquan williams31521CNo Sessions
40seth carr33662CNo Sessions
41Zane Dorrell34467CNo Sessions
42Troy Bienert35546CNo Sessions
43Race Coble37150CNo Sessions
44ayrton hibberd39147CNo Sessions
45austin fineis41294CNo Sessions
46cooper mullins43770CNo Sessions
47Loomy The Cleaner43992CNo Sessions
48Deacon Denno46476CNo Sessions
49bryce netherton48527CNo Sessions
50Walker Nalley49006CNo Sessions
51Robert Good49261CNo Sessions

250 OPEN Results


450 OPEN Results


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