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Open(Open) - Top 48 Qualify

1Bryce Whealon11838A 2:20.859
2Seth Garrett18588A 2:21.882
3Reno Brennan14256B 2:22.023
4Brett Powers2642A 2:22.343
5Evan Holte43345C 2:23.078
6jonathan hernandez33887C 2:23.390
7Josh Gilmore10981B 2:23.804
8Samuel Lancellotti27783C 2:24.070
9Trestin Beets33825C 2:24.070
10laquan williams31521C 2:24.343
11Jake Spease30371C 2:24.929
12Emmanuel Cepeda10106C 2:25.445
13jackson vick39217C 2:25.953
14Joey Arico34999A 2:26.070
15Taylor Neuer49555C 2:26.320
16Ashton Rakofsky24566B 2:27.039
17Dylan Cavaciuti28299C 2:28.070
18Rogan McIntosh28509C 2:29.062
19Kyler Smith40191C 2:29.585
20Race Coble37150C 2:29.757
21Nathan Guy12523C 2:29.968
22axel carels20582C 2:30.898
23Tryston pullin33568C 2:31.773
24Cole Puckett39189C 2:32.500
25Brandon Eade49659C 2:32.968
26hayden cling26433C 2:33.726
27Caden Speck17074C 2:34.742
28Johannes Breindal32312C 2:34.820
29jacob melgaard42535C 2:34.984
30Christian Hentila25975C 2:35.523
31Brennon Harrison29561C 2:36.273
32Ryan Flemming27902C 2:36.585
33Tanner Dean16279C 2:36.804
34LOGAN MORTBERG37578C 2:37.257
35seth petersen19993C 2:37.265
36Matt Bower17678C 2:37.585
37Matthew Ralphs38627C 2:38.359
38Dylan Roper49054C 2:39.109
39Brandon Huntington3965C 2:41.546
40Christian Dresser17809C 2:41.609
41evan kelm38935C 2:41.781
42Tobias Schitz27286C 2:41.828
43Tyler Bannister36134C 2:43.898
44Zach Goforth24095C 2:43.945
45John Matthews39312C 2:44.531
46Wyatt Hasemeier 39087C 2:46.125
47Marcel Hatherley39478C 2:47.054
48carsyn forcum17002C 2:47.250
49Kristian Nyman49839C 2:54.468
50Travis Johnsmeyer47246C 2:56.101
51Stoney Hudman38094C 2:57.875
52Gavin Leachman32394C 2:57.984
53chace lawton43584C 2:58.179
54Emil saxager37362C 3:03.812
55hayden Willis34860C 3:05.953
56Ben Kongmany35560C 3:06.218
57Clayton G48115C 3:19.828
58Brandon Town27722C 3:21.453
59Austin Frank21416C 3:30.296
60Hudson Miller46982C 3:36.148
61chase odom5369CNo Sessions
62Lennart Schmidt13475CNo Sessions
63Braden Carter18235ANo Sessions
64Gerald Hurkderger18709BNo Sessions
65Grant Eckardt18819CNo Sessions
66Hunter Plomb18901CNo Sessions
67Dylan Mecalis19126CNo Sessions
68michael boles19334CNo Sessions
69Noah Karassy19791BNo Sessions
70Jared Brooks20117CNo Sessions
71Dash McMillin21967CNo Sessions
72Caleb Bates22064CNo Sessions
73Colin Libby22427CNo Sessions
74Caleb Anderson22787CNo Sessions
75Pablo Goncalves26306CNo Sessions
76Dawson Sleeper27846CNo Sessions
77kyel lins29914CNo Sessions
78Josh Howard30333CNo Sessions
79Harvey Ward31309CNo Sessions
80Jett Wisdom32889CNo Sessions
81tukker mclean33089CNo Sessions
82Jacob Johnson34695CNo Sessions
83Paddy Barson36289CNo Sessions
84Chance Setser37021CNo Sessions
85Jesse Hinde37932CNo Sessions
86Steven Short38909CNo Sessions
87Christopher Harris39167CNo Sessions
88caiden gross39599CNo Sessions
89Jacob Kingsfield39754CNo Sessions
90austin fineis41294CNo Sessions
91Faith Williams42013CNo Sessions
92Jace Williams43203CNo Sessions
93Lucas Streznetcky43398CNo Sessions
94joshua crumet44019CNo Sessions
95tyler more44882CNo Sessions
96ben scott45119CNo Sessions
97Justin Alvarado45588CNo Sessions
98max shane45606CNo Sessions
99Deacon Denno46476CNo Sessions
100Kees Mortimer48317CNo Sessions
101Carey Owings49195CNo Sessions

Open Results

1Trestin Beets3382525
2Brett Powers264222
3Evan Holte4334520
4Emmanuel Cepeda1010618
5jonathan hernandez3388716
6Cole Puckett3918915
7Joey Arico3499914
8Tryston pullin3356813
9Taylor Neuer4955512
10Kyler Smith4019111
11Johannes Breindal3231210
12Gavin Leachman323949
13Caden Speck170748
14Bryce Whealon118387
15Matt Bower176786
16Samuel Lancellotti277835
17Matthew Ralphs386274
18Reno Brennan142563
19Dylan Cavaciuti282992
20Christian Dresser178091
21axel carels205821
22Wyatt Hasemeier 390871
23MXSLobby Administration00
24carsyn forcum170020
25Zach Goforth240950
26hayden cling264330
27Tobias Schitz272860
28Tyler Bannister361340
29Jesse Hinde379320
30jackson vick392170
31austin camden427620
32ben scott451190

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