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Lites (125/250) - Top 20 Qualify

1Cody Schat5726A 2:07.726
2Alex Carlo3950A 2:08.937
3Michael Mullican8499C 2:09.343
4Joaquin Morales19127C 2:12.070
5Dalton Layne8949C 2:12.375
6Carter Hutcherson5323C 2:12.789
7Dima Pavluchenkov4970C 2:15.375
8Tim Althaus17537A 2:16.562
9Josh Donaruma18747C 2:18.203
10Tyler Groening14814B 2:18.289
11Tommy Zimmerman15696B 2:21.695
12Jake Fisher15550C 2:23.882
13Josh Barr12268C 2:31.984
14Ricardo Cerenic13292C 2:32.554
15Andrew Wallace16799C 2:37.914
16kol lawrence18893C 2:38.109
17Jack Mowry15662C 2:39.250
18Chris Post16778C 2:52.726
19Jett Wisdom18931B 2:53.445
20Eneas Tavella10863BNo Sessions
21craig strausbaugh12917CNo Sessions
22William Seim15379BNo Sessions
23AJ Fisher15549CNo Sessions
24Koby Concienne16443CNo Sessions
25Rowdy Houston17764CNo Sessions
26Ryan Turner17899BNo Sessions
27Justin Adams18984CNo Sessions

Big Bikes (250T/450) - Top 20 Qualify

1Cameron McDonald8114B 2:02.882
2Ty Smith11180A 2:08.210
3Daryen Crawford16257A 2:09.937
4Tyler Groening14814B 2:14.843
5Joaquin Morales19127C 2:17.875
6Weston Weets10532C 2:18.835
7Alex Carlo3950A 2:19.406
8Tommy Zimmerman15696B 2:25.203
9Tim Althaus17537A 2:26.648
10craig strausbaugh12917C 2:28.328
11Kennedy Wilson17506C 2:32.929
12Andrew Varvel18265C 2:54.820
13Andrew Wallace16799C 3:13.898
14Eneas Tavella10863BNo Sessions
15William Seim15379BNo Sessions
16Jake Fisher15550CNo Sessions
17Jack Mowry15662CNo Sessions
18Rowdy Houston17764CNo Sessions
19Ryan Turner17899BNo Sessions
20Jett Wisdom18931BNo Sessions
21Justin Adams18984CNo Sessions

Lites Results

1Alex Carlo395025
2Joaquin Morales1912722
3Tommy Zimmerman1569620
4Carter Hutcherson532318
5Tyler Groening1481416
6Andrew Wallace1679915
7Josh Donaruma1874714
8Jack Mowry1566213
9Jake Fisher1555012
10kol lawrence1889311
11Jett Wisdom1893110

Big Bikes Results

1Daryen Crawford1625725
2Ty Smith1118022
3Weston Weets1053220
4Tyler Groening1481418
5Joaquin Morales1912716
6Tommy Zimmerman1569615
7Josh Boaz1269114
8Alex Carlo395013
9Andrew Wallace1679912
10Josh Donaruma1874711
11Andrew Varvel1826510

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