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250 PRO SPORT(125/250) - Top 24 Qualify

1John Hileman31403C 0:25.812
2Harvey Isborne5364C 0:26.414
3Christopher Harris39167C 0:26.562
4Brandon Cocroft14002B 0:26.984
5Damion Lawyer33936C 0:27.031
6alec zellner28734C 0:27.078
7Zachary Cook21287C 0:27.101
8Ethan Lenox38790C 0:27.781
9Corben Slatter34700C 0:27.960
10Morgan Crager45821C 0:28.218
11Hunter Hutchison30300C 0:28.429
12Lucas Streznetcky43398C 0:28.437
13joshua crumet44019C 0:28.546
14Noah Smerdon29577CNo Sessions
15Drayton Edwards 30682CNo Sessions
16jaron nugent34042CNo Sessions
17LUKE GEIS36719CNo Sessions
18Ayden confer38672CNo Sessions
19Colton Adams49677CNo Sessions

250 B(125/250) - Top 24 Qualify

1Tucker Zimmerman40856C 0:26.843
2Wesley Martin28683C 0:26.992
3Tayler Belle7094C 0:27.007
4Gauge Brown46492C 0:27.078
5Jamie Kinna49771C 0:27.289
6Justin Thomas35148C 0:27.312
7Garrett Pond12133C 0:27.343
8Billy Kwiecinski45719C 0:27.351
9Brady Olson44167C 0:27.421
10ben rona48882C 0:27.742
11Caleb Bates22064C 0:27.773
12Hudson Miller46982C 0:27.773
13Jake West6739A 0:27.796
14kason little40900C 0:27.835
15David Chialastri43802C 0:27.890
16Corben Slatter34700C 0:27.960
17Bryan Hedge12946C 0:28.000
18Jarrod Reed57273C 0:28.085
19Coby Gilsdorf43144C 0:28.101
20Jack Baldwin25384C 0:28.125
21Billy Blundell28647A 0:28.195
23Chuckie Nigrin32021C 0:28.296
24Lewis Harris34056C 0:28.335
25Johannes Breindal32312C 0:28.343
26Greyson Bennett46483C 0:28.351
27Hunter Hutchison30300C 0:28.429
28Lucas Streznetcky43398C 0:28.437
29Dylan Roper49054C 0:28.539
30Steven Short38909C 0:28.562
31Marc-Hugo Lavoie40253C 0:28.640
32Jack Wilson26670C 0:28.789
33Tom luberda43788C 0:28.890
34Fletcher Kilpatrick40355C 0:28.953
35Kieran Hildebrand10808C 0:28.984
36beans NOODLY38094C 0:29.062
37Race bonds7254B 0:29.210
38Cody Wells44025C 0:29.296
39Dakoda Farrugia44356C 0:29.343
40Kai Morgan37105C 0:29.359
41vinny mastrangelo34548C 0:30.085
42matt caddick39425C 0:30.203
43BRODY CHYMA21710C 0:30.250
44Brycen Dejonge48107C 0:31.257
45Jacob f frey43596C 0:31.671
46Peyton Prouty35936C 0:31.757
47Brayden Vincent39751C 0:32.296
48Riley Devaney45845C 0:32.968
49james griffin44606C 0:33.046
50will best31286C 0:37.031
51Ruger Brown9417CNo Sessions
52Demetrius Crown19230CNo Sessions
53Drayton Edwards 30682CNo Sessions
54jackson vick39217CNo Sessions
55Bryce McLaud45487CNo Sessions
56hayden davey45865CNo Sessions
57Travis Johnsmeyer47246CNo Sessions

SUPERMINI(125) - Top 24 Qualify

1Tayler Belle7094C 0:27.007
2Harvey Isborne5364C 0:27.289
3John Hileman31403C 0:27.367
4Brady Olson44167C 0:27.421
5Tucker Zimmerman40856C 0:27.546
6Billy Kwiecinski45719C 0:27.703
7Garrett Pond12133C 0:27.789
8Gauge Brown46492C 0:27.898
9Morgan Crager45821C 0:28.218
10alec zellner28734C 0:28.226
11Johannes Breindal32312C 0:28.343
12Wesley Martin28683C 0:28.539
13Jamie Kinna49771C 0:28.695
14Hudson Miller46982C 0:28.804
15kason little40900C 0:29.039
16ben rona48882C 0:29.062
18Jack Baldwin25384C 0:29.359
19Cody Wells44025C 0:29.390
20Billy Blundell28647A 0:29.687
21Race bonds7254B 0:29.718
22Fletcher Kilpatrick40355C 0:29.742
23Jack Wilson26670C 0:29.828
24vinny mastrangelo34548C 0:30.085
25matt caddick39425C 0:30.203
26BRODY CHYMA21710C 0:30.539
27beans NOODLY38094C 0:31.523
28Peyton Prouty35936C 0:31.757
29Brycen Dejonge48107C 0:32.484
30joshua crumet44019C 0:32.570
31Jake West6739ANo Sessions
32Bryan Hedge12946CNo Sessions
33Demetrius Crown19230CNo Sessions
34Noah Smerdon29577CNo Sessions
35Chuckie Nigrin32021CNo Sessions
36Damion Lawyer33936CNo Sessions
37LUKE GEIS36719CNo Sessions
38Kai Morgan37105CNo Sessions
39Christopher Harris39167CNo Sessions
40jackson vick39217CNo Sessions
41Travis Johnsmeyer47246CNo Sessions
42Dylan Roper49054CNo Sessions

DO NOT SIGN UP(50) - Top 24 Qualify


250 PRO SPORT Results

1Ethan Lenox3879025
2Drayton Edwards4408222
3Hunter Hutchison3030020
4Fyfe Ness3434818
5Lucas Streznetcky4339816
6Morgan Crager4582115
7Harvey Isborne536414

250 B Results

1Coby Gilsdorf4314425
2Tucker Zimmerman4085622
3Garrett Pond1213320
4Wesley Martin2868318
5Billy Kwiecinski4571916
6Brady Olson4416715
7Billy Blundell2864714
8ben rona4888213
9Gauge Brown4649212
10Lucas Streznetcky4339811
11kason little4090010
12Jack Baldwin253849
13Tayler Belle70948
14Cody Wells440257


1Tucker Zimmerman4085625
2Garrett Pond1213322
3Tayler Belle709420
4Brady Olson4416718
5Fyfe Ness3434816
6Cody Wells4402515
8Wesley Martin2868313
9Coby Gilsdorf4314412
10Billy Blundell2864711
11Jack Wilson2667010



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