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250 (125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Brayden Tharp26349C 1:09.710
2Evan Holte43345C 1:11.320
3Austin Brydges39269C 1:11.796
4eduardo simoes2048A 1:11.945
5Marcondess Feitosa4175C 1:12.132
6Benjamin Miljkovic18517C 1:13.390
7Dylan Burns25031C 1:13.460
8Chase Lewis46367C 1:13.507
9Ashton Rakofsky24566B 1:13.546
10Alex Doyle47329C 1:14.007
11Timmy Briscoe19001B 1:14.304
12Tucker Zimmerman40856C 1:14.437
13Harrison Gafford37181C 1:14.796
14Jonmarc Sorensen43288C 1:15.125
15Kees Mortimer48317C 1:15.132
16hayden Willis34860C 1:15.828
17Carey Owings49195C 1:15.882
18Ryan Romain14987C 1:15.890
19wyatt thurman40950C 1:16.015
20Cole Roberts38350C 1:16.101
21Theo Ferm25529C 1:16.156
22Chase Andersen36586C 1:16.250
23Dylan Roper49054C 1:16.265
24darnell thigpen27940C 1:16.539
25Leon Hülsken49453C 1:16.703
26Brock Ballinger21809C 1:16.835
27Bryce McLaud45487C 1:17.148
28Christopher Harris39167C 1:17.226
29Isaiah Evans48576C 1:17.632
30Andrew Maroney7315C 1:17.640
31carsyn forcum17002C 1:17.820
32Ruger Brown9417C 1:17.859
33Jack Ellis27374C 1:18.226
34Cody Walker27833C 1:18.390
35Christian Hentila25975C 1:18.664
36Pedro Barboza57264C 1:18.789
37Geovane Santos24047B 1:18.937
38Ryan Persinger10243C 1:18.992
39Jarno Steegmans19627C 1:19.632
40Brodie Taylor23658C 1:20.015
41Colby Ostbye30950C 1:20.453
42Lucas Aredes36457C 1:20.703
43Kauan Formiguinha28259C 1:20.812
44charlie gailey47559C 1:23.468
45joshua crumet44019C 1:23.710
46Lance Gerard33208C 1:23.890
47Sam Higgs20943C 1:24.710
48benedikt romankiewitz35607C 1:24.804
49BRODY CHYMA21710C 1:26.015
50Blake Larsen49172C 1:27.515
51Brandon Huntington3965C 1:28.351
52kody tomich32379C 1:29.531
53Ben Korn31603C 1:30.812
54Chris Young43417C 1:31.632
55Grant Eckardt18819C 1:31.890
56Leandro Murray27755C 1:32.617
57Gauge Fuller37921C 1:33.773
58Jake Keep24400C 1:33.796
59Spencer Burley30200C 1:34.992
60Dylan Messina46015C 1:35.226
61Lucas Streznetcky43398C 1:35.414
62Domanic Kendrick34892C 1:38.609
63Ashton Arruda35200C 1:39.515
64Dylan White40202C 1:42.765
65Kristian Nyman49839C 1:52.906
66Jaxson Bailey49731C 1:57.656
67Brett Powers2642ANo Sessions
68fernando andrade3449CNo Sessions
69Brett McLaud5340CNo Sessions
70Alex Dodd18282CNo Sessions
71Seth Garrett18588ANo Sessions
72noah viney22039CNo Sessions
73Kyle Heald25795CNo Sessions
74dakota revis27258CNo Sessions
75Ryder Plouffe27574CNo Sessions
76Larry Fortin28746CNo Sessions
77laquan williams31521CNo Sessions
78Ben Korn31606CNo Sessions
79michael gurda32977CNo Sessions
80jonathan hernandez33887CNo Sessions
81Jacob Johnson34695CNo Sessions
82Ryan Stewart35288CNo Sessions
83Tye Hooker35781CNo Sessions
84Ryan Norton36800CNo Sessions
85Gabe Schmidt37152CNo Sessions
86Michael Wyatt37185CNo Sessions
87Luke Smith38037CNo Sessions
88beans NOODLY38094CNo Sessions
89Konner Hayes42008CNo Sessions
90colton hartobey43278CNo Sessions
91chace lawton43584CNo Sessions
92Cody Wells44025CNo Sessions
93jaimy meykens44551CNo Sessions
94ethan mcmorris44601CNo Sessions
95Joseph Bravo44769CNo Sessions
96max shane45606CNo Sessions
97hayden davey45865CNo Sessions
98Curt Wilkins47245CNo Sessions
99Jack Mark49207CNo Sessions
100Jonah Bequette49374CNo Sessions

450 (Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Brayden Tharp26349C 1:09.710
2victor lazo36641C 1:10.640
3teddy leman20406C 1:10.765
4Evan Holte43345C 1:11.320
5Austin Brydges39269C 1:11.796
6eduardo simoes2048A 1:11.945
7Marcondess Feitosa4175C 1:12.132
8Gianni Bromante34769C 1:13.140
9Benjamin Miljkovic18517C 1:13.390
10Dylan Burns25031C 1:13.460
11Chase Lewis46367C 1:13.507
12Ashton Rakofsky24566B 1:13.546
13Paul Vieira Da Silva34867C 1:13.914
14Timmy Briscoe19001B 1:14.304
15Tucker Zimmerman40856C 1:14.437
16Harrison Gafford37181C 1:14.796
17Isaac Moyle25836C 1:15.031
18freakin steez33556C 1:15.054
19Carey Owings49195C 1:15.882
20Ryan Romain14987C 1:15.890
21wyatt thurman40950C 1:16.015
22Cole Roberts38350C 1:16.101
23Chase Andersen36586C 1:16.250
24Dylan Roper49054C 1:16.265
25ashton jordan49891C 1:16.289
26Quentin Debono39141C 1:16.320
27cody houghton30210C 1:16.632
28Leon Hülsken49453C 1:16.703
29Brock Ballinger21809C 1:16.835
30Bryce McLaud45487C 1:17.148
31Christopher Harris39167C 1:17.226
32Isaiah Evans48576C 1:17.632
33carsyn forcum17002C 1:17.820
34Ruger Brown9417C 1:17.859
35Gustavo Garcia40163C 1:17.968
36Cody Walker27833C 1:18.390
37Christian Hentila25975C 1:18.664
38Bryce Davis39538C 1:18.750
39Pedro Barboza57264C 1:18.789
40Geovane Santos24047B 1:18.937
41Ryan Persinger10243C 1:18.992
42cody akers15895C 1:19.328
43Jarno Steegmans19627C 1:19.632
44Brodie Taylor23658C 1:20.015
45Kauan Formiguinha28259C 1:20.812
46Gabriel Desbiens30225C 1:21.335
47Kyler Smith40191C 1:21.476
48Tyson Parliament20904C 1:21.531
49Austin Hoff48774C 1:21.789
50riley allen43159C 1:23.218
51charlie gailey47559C 1:23.468
52joshua crumet44019C 1:23.710
53benedikt romankiewitz35607C 1:24.804
54Luca Seelen46450C 1:25.585
55BRODY CHYMA21710C 1:26.015
56Troy Jones26724C 1:26.882
57Blake Larsen49172C 1:27.515
58Brandon Huntington3965C 1:28.351
59kody tomich32379C 1:29.531
60Leandro Murray27755C 1:32.617
61Domanic Kendrick34892C 1:38.609
62Ashton Arruda35200C 1:39.515
63Dylan White40202C 1:42.765
64Kristian Nyman49839C 1:52.906
65Jaxson Bailey49731C 1:57.656
66Jacob Glenn1396CNo Sessions
67fernando andrade3449CNo Sessions
68Brett McLaud5340CNo Sessions
69Robert Galloway5395CNo Sessions
70Alex Dodd18282CNo Sessions
71Seth Garrett18588ANo Sessions
72noah viney22039CNo Sessions
73Kyle Heald25795CNo Sessions
74dakota revis27258CNo Sessions
75Larry Fortin28746CNo Sessions
76laquan williams31521CNo Sessions
77michael gurda32977CNo Sessions
78tukker mclean33089CNo Sessions
79jonathan hernandez33887CNo Sessions
80Jacob Johnson34695CNo Sessions
81Ryan Stewart35288CNo Sessions
82Tye Hooker35781CNo Sessions
83Ryan Norton36800CNo Sessions
84Gabe Schmidt37152CNo Sessions
85Julian Savala37473CNo Sessions
86Luke Smith38037CNo Sessions
87beans NOODLY38094CNo Sessions
88Konner Hayes42008CNo Sessions
89Timothy Williams42024CNo Sessions
90colton hartobey43278CNo Sessions
91chace lawton43584CNo Sessions
92Cody Wells44025CNo Sessions
93jaimy meykens44551CNo Sessions
94ethan mcmorris44601CNo Sessions
95max shane45606CNo Sessions
96hayden davey45865CNo Sessions
97Curt Wilkins47245CNo Sessions
98Jack Mark49207CNo Sessions

250 Results

1Brayden Tharp2634925
2Austin Brydges3926922
3Timmy Briscoe1900120
4Evan Holte4334518
5eduardo simoes204816
6Marcondess Feitosa417515
7Cole Roberts3835014
8Bryce McLaud4548713
9Chase Lewis4636712
10Spencer Burley3020011
11carsyn forcum1700210
12Ryan Romain149879
13Ruger Brown94178
14Dylan Burns250317
15Jacob Glenn13966
16darnell thigpen279405
17Ashton Rakofsky245664
18hayden Willis348603

450 Results

1Brayden Tharp2634925
2Evan Holte4334522
3Ashton Rakofsky2456620
4Cole Roberts3835018
5Dylan Burns2503116
6Austin Brydges3926915
7Ruger Brown941714
8Ryan Romain1498713
9Chase Lewis4636712
10Bryce McLaud4548711
11freakin steez3355610
12carsyn forcum170029
13Isaac Moyle258368
14Robert Galloway53957
15Timmy Briscoe190016
16Jacob Glenn13965
17Gianni Bromante347694

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