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Open Pro(Open) - Top 44 Qualify

1barkevious mingo14794A 0:58.218
2Benny Landry8379A 0:58.812
3Bryce Whealon11838A 0:59.265
4jakob Laroche9200C 0:59.929
5Chase Dunivant7418A 0:59.937
6paladino christoffersen12235A 1:00.398
7Jessie Calaway11545B 1:00.562
8Jay Jones11066B 1:00.781
9Ryan Spengler8505B 1:00.796
10Alex Heckman18576A 1:01.390
11Elliot Phillips18161C 1:01.882
12Tyler Lang14539A 1:02.046
13Cody Branson15155A 1:02.164
14JJ Dempsey11964C 1:03.250
15Alex Carlo3950ANo Sessions
16Craig Leake5669ANo Sessions

Open Am(Open) - Top 44 Qualify

1Ricky Williams14444B 1:01.625
2Justin Harper11963C 1:02.265
3Ryan Turner17899B 1:02.304
4alex cuntingham7878C 1:03.132
5blake curry2346A 1:03.617
6steven degroat1757C 1:04.023
7Dwayne Cusano18759C 1:04.203
8Billy Pack23133C 1:05.710
9TJ Jarvis13970C 1:06.031
10Jason Felkey18452C 1:06.164
11Christian Dresser17809C 1:07.492
12Joaquin Morales19127C 1:07.890
13shawn kosiarski14052C 1:08.867
14markus znaniecki15544C 1:10.429
15Dustin Morningstar19042C 1:11.039
16Jeremy Green15935A 1:12.117
17Tom Lees Jr.19228C 1:15.007
18Brittan Lees17847C 1:22.640
19Mack Spokes16908C 1:32.195
20tom sidell8206C 1:48.421
21Jason Felkey5562CNo Sessions

Lites Am(125/250) - Top 44 Qualify

1Jack Zarse10854B 1:02.046
2Hunter Kirkendall6469B 1:02.273
3Josh Williams13156B 1:02.414
4Kevin Ferzacca17299A 1:03.789
5Aaron Bonneau17548A 1:04.789
6Ethan Parks17880A 1:05.070
7Kyle Watts4571C 1:05.195
8Joe Irwin8265C 1:05.617
9Dima Pavluchenkov4970C 1:05.851
10hunter friesen14317A 1:06.882
11jayden vacher15742C 1:07.460
12Eric O'Connor18722C 1:08.218
13Gavin Shadle17240C 1:08.265
14Hunter Mead11781C 1:10.257
15Colton Durand12641C 1:11.023
16Holland Losey18437C 1:12.445
17David Nolasco19863B 1:12.484
18Preston Taylor17377C 1:12.539
19Jack Duck9826C 1:13.242
20Josh Bellinger18206B 1:13.648
21Kevin Gonzalez23185B 1:16.960
22Chris Engel9154C 1:17.078
23Shane J18466C 1:18.132
24Patrick Hartle23213B 1:31.515
25Johnny Mayo23155B 1:38.976
26Ryder Pietro19408C 1:41.421
27Thomas Silleck12860ANo Sessions
28tanner Abeyta14545CNo Sessions
29KEES Mortimer18491CNo Sessions

Open Pro Results

1barkevious mingo1479425
2Chase Dunivant741822
3jakob Laroche920020
4Will Whiteley1455318
5Benny Landry837916
6Cody Branson1515515
7Ryan Spengler850514
8Alex Heckman1857613
9JJ Dempsey1196412
10paladino christoffersen1223511
11AJ Norris762610

Open Am Results

1Ricky Williams1444425
2Dwayne Cusano1875922
3Justin Harper1196320
4Billy Pack2313318
5blake curry234616
6Austin Debusk532115
7TJ Jarvis1397014
8steven degroat175713
9jacob long1452612
10Jason Felkey1845211
11shawn kosiarski1405210
12Ryan Turner178999
13markus znaniecki155448
14alex cuntingham78787
15Dustin Morningstar190426
16Jeremy Green159355

Lites Am Results

1Ethan Parks1788025
2Aaron Bonneau1754822
3Hunter Kirkendall646920
4jayden vacher1574218
5Gavin Shadle1724016
6Eric O'Connor1872215
7Joe Irwin826514
8Colton Durand1264113
9Jack Duck982612
10Hunter Mead1178111
11Josh Bellinger1820610
12Preston Taylor173779
13David Nolasco198638
14Kevin Gonzalez231857
15Johnny Mayo231556
16Patrick Hartle232135
17Kevin Ferzacca172994
18Shane J184663
19Chris Engel91542

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