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Open Pro(Open) - Top 16 Qualify

1Jeremy Shipley681C 1:33.609
2Tyler Crain547A 1:35.250
3Jack Haley1486C 1:36.031
4August Sanders2A 1:36.992
5Braden Carter18235A 1:37.984
6Jeff Cooper16873C 1:38.703
7Andrew O'Hagan4891C 1:39.742
8Jack Zarse10854B 1:40.250
9Tyler Groening14814B 1:41.421
10☆WALMAN☆ ‎‎12235A 1:46.382
11Alex Carlo3950A 1:50.992
12kol lawrence18893C 1:55.671
13Seth Garrett18588A 1:58.343
14Holland Losey18437C 2:07.375
15Kevin Gonzalez23185B 2:07.593
16Bryce Foley18416C 2:15.875
17Bill Moynes18613A 2:33.437
18Ryder Pietro19408C 2:35.671
19Gavin Smith10250B 2:41.515
20Tyler Horvath2800ANo Sessions
21Guilherme Lubcke3626CNo Sessions
22Ryan Spengler8505BNo Sessions
23Jay Jones11066BNo Sessions
24JJ Dempsey11964CNo Sessions
25Nick Uzick12424ANo Sessions
26William St-Laurent16254ANo Sessions
27Tanner Thorsen16669CNo Sessions
28Ethan Holland16925BNo Sessions

Open Am(Open) - Top 16 Qualify

1Chase McDonald15804A 1:35.750
2Unclaimed Account12870C 1:37.171
3jake webb12163C 1:37.781
4Maxime Vanderbeek1248C 1:38.929
5Clay Roberts18875C 1:39.445
6Jordyn Burrow11945B 1:39.546
7Josh Hernandez7046C 1:40.781
8David Prevost6819C 1:41.148
9jarad lunsford14651C 1:42.656
10Rowdy Houston17764C 1:42.859
11Théo Cavalli14999C 1:42.953
12Jeremy Gwiozdowski7750C 1:43.109
13Oliver Gjerding13462C 1:43.851
14Austin Brown17653B 1:45.328
15Colton Durand12641C 1:47.070
16Josh Reid10342C 1:48.289
17Carlos Beasley15805C 1:48.593
18Josh Williams13156B 1:48.984
19Chris Little6491B 1:49.437
20Preston Taylor17377C 1:50.421
21Weston Weets10532C 1:50.585
22markus znaniecki15544C 1:51.289
23Doug Bauer15483C 1:52.906
24Fisher Houston23266C 1:57.750
25bryan kelly11386C 1:59.117
26Christian Costalas13186B 2:00.710
27Dale Mullins15496C 2:01.195
28Lloyd Towne11658C 2:05.062
29Sebastian Bang Jensen10812C 2:10.828
30SVGE179 | VENOM23213B 2:13.937
31Anthony Twidle4100A 2:17.007
32Aaron Stackhouse18405C 2:23.968
33Jack Clasen18139A 3:37.890
34Chris Bingham213CNo Sessions
35Kevin Davis2425CNo Sessions
36Logan Heagney6521ANo Sessions
37Thomas Jaz8626CNo Sessions
38Hunter Mead11781CNo Sessions
39jayden vacher15742CNo Sessions
40Gavin Shadle17240CNo Sessions
41Christian Dresser17809CNo Sessions
42Cale simmey18668ANo Sessions
43joe nicol19953CNo Sessions

Open Pro Results

1Jeremy Shipley68125
2Tyler Crain54722
3Jack Haley148620
4August Sanders218
5Tyler Groening1481416
6Jeff Cooper1687315

Open Am Results

1Chase McDonald1580425
2Maxime Vanderbeek124822
3Austin Brown1765320
4jake webb1216318
5Colton Durand1264116
6David Prevost681915
7Josh Boaz1287014

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