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Big Bike Open(250T/450) - Top 36 Qualify

1harvey mushman14794A 1:51.640
2Jordan Foster12855A 1:53.859
3stephen Quick2930C 1:56.281
4Brandon Hedge10326A 1:58.929
5Hunter Kirkendall6469B 2:00.367
6Austin Ecklund23267C 2:00.984
7Chris Little6491B 2:01.765
8Jeremy Green15935A 2:01.843
9Gregory van Hoeve6574A 2:02.359
10Logan Leitzel19661A 2:03.234
11Tyler Groening14814B 2:03.476
12Unclaimed Account15356C 2:04.398
13Jaxson Whetstone11959B 2:05.101
14jack Lea17615B 2:06.460
15Riley Moran10309C 2:06.718
16Kevin Gonzalez23185B 2:06.789
17Dustin Mitchell23905C 2:07.617
18Cj Ruggero4720C 2:08.500
19Ethan Holland16925B 2:08.625
20Weston Weets10532C 2:09.210
21Matthew Parise15873B 2:09.929
22zac towill13363C 2:11.203
23TJ Jarvis13970C 2:11.273
24charlie means10088C 2:11.531
25Dylan Gatlin19835A 2:14.921
26Justin Witteman8709C 2:15.585
27anton forsberg13810C 2:16.070
28Caleb McReynolds19686C 2:19.648
29Eric Burdell23344B 2:20.593
30Lance Ament19853B 2:20.828
31Jake West6739A 2:21.054
32griffin maxwell15180C 2:21.570
33Tedward Sarangerel19029C 2:21.921
34jackson korableff23118C 2:22.328
35David Nolasco19863B 2:22.570
36andrew kawyn7655CNo Sessions
37Cameron McDonald8114BNo Sessions
38Blake Starnes12863BNo Sessions
39Damien Hynd15581CNo Sessions
40Alex Tripp15681BNo Sessions
41Dustin Morningstar19042CNo Sessions
42Kam Goff19283CNo Sessions
43Unclaimed Account21936CNo Sessions

Lites Open(125/250) - Top 36 Qualify

1Tyler Horvath2800A 1:53.945
2Hunter Deisher379A 1:54.656
3Alex Carlo3950A 1:56.625
4Stephane Guido18324A 1:56.953
5Gleb Volkov17565C 1:57.281
6Octavien Pelloin12547C 1:58.039
7Sergey Kurashev13104C 1:58.476
8Ivan RIFFEL17630C 2:02.851
9adrian wilson13890C 2:02.875
10Travis Nicholls11174C 2:03.109
11Andrew Lipsett18459B 2:04.226
12Jack Freese4964C 2:04.273
13Ryan Clark1236B 2:05.273
14Big Floyd14796C 2:06.015
15Dima Pavluchenkov4970C 2:07.078
16Dylan MARSH15225C 2:07.593
17Kody Kupke6405C 2:07.671
18Matias Janice17932A 2:07.828
19Gavin Shadle17240C 2:07.835
20Nick Carvalho12802B 2:08.921
21Unclaimed Account23732C 2:09.007
22Jake Rowan23346C 2:10.187
23Zach Fischer15392C 2:10.578
24Lee Bradley20015C 2:10.757
25Austin Bear10651C 2:11.031
26Ricky Hardman13567C 2:11.390
27Carter Mckissick19926C 2:11.984
28Unclaimed Account4321C 2:12.835
29caleb hall10047A 2:14.007
30Jacob Wilkinson8314B 2:14.617
31Timmy Briscoe19001B 2:19.929
32Steve Harris23215B 2:22.445
33Bryan Hedge16864C 2:22.843
34Tanner Thorsen16669C 2:23.343
35Billy Dukes9830C 2:26.320
36Marc Gonzalez13253C 2:27.421
37Jamie Roe15326C 2:37.742
38jayden vacher15742C 2:40.640
39Damon Windham23067C 2:50.109
40Triston Loeman5131BNo Sessions
41Trevor Doiron10597ANo Sessions
42Ryan McNicoll10959CNo Sessions
43Ethan Olsen11638CNo Sessions
44keith ball14956CNo Sessions
45Tommy Zimmerman15696BNo Sessions
46Andrew Wallace16799CNo Sessions
47Kevin Ferzacca17299ANo Sessions
48Preston Taylor17377CNo Sessions
49Ryan Turner17899BNo Sessions
50Giancarlo Harrison18484BNo Sessions
51Cale simmey18668ANo Sessions
52Logan May23038CNo Sessions

Big Bike Open Results

1Jordan Foster1285545
2Gregory van Hoeve657438
3Brandon Hedge1032636
4Logan Leitzel1966131
5Jeremy Green1593530
6Chris Little649127
7Tyler Groening1481427
8harvey mushman1479425
9Austin Ecklund2326724
10Matthew Parise1587320
11Ethan Holland1692520
12Weston Weets1053215
13Cj Ruggero472012
14charlie means1008812
15jack Lea1761512
16Jaxson Whetstone1195910
17anton forsberg138108
18Dustin Mitchell239058
19Lance Ament198533
20Kevin Gonzalez231852
21Eric Burdell233442
22stephen Quick29300
23David Nolasco198630

Lites Open Results

1Octavien Pelloin1254743
2Stephane Guido1832440
3Alex Carlo395038
4Gleb Volkov1756538
5Sergey Kurashev1310436
6Ivan RIFFEL1763033
7Hunter Deisher37926
8Dylan MARSH1522524
9Gavin Shadle1724023
10Jake Rowan2334623
11Nick Carvalho1280219
12Matias Janice1793215
13Andrew Lipsett1845915
14Ricky Hardman1356713
15Austin Bear1065111
16Bryan Hedge1686410
17Zach Fischer153928
18Tanner Thorsen166698
19caleb hall100477
20Jack Freese49645
21Kody Kupke64055
22Josh Boaz43214
23Carter Mckissick199261
24Steve Harris232151
25Jacob Wilkinson83140
26Marc Gonzalez132530
27adrian wilson138900
28Big Floyd147960
29Jamie Roe153260
30Damon Windham230670
31Josh Boaz237320

  • Name of Protested Rider:
  • UID of Protested Rider:
  • Demo Link:
  • Demo Time:
  • Type:

Protesting Rider: Brandon Roland

Protested Rider: Rush Chapman(14794)

Protest Message: "He was cutting"

Demo Time:1:43

Protesting Rider: Sergey Kurashev

Protested Rider: Nick Carvalho(12802)

Protest Message: " Lappers ruin my race.. "

This will be dealt with accordingly. Suspension of 1 week.

Demo Time:13:13:0