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MX(250T/450) - Top 40 Qualify

1James Armstrong4591A 1:07.632
2Justin Smedley13800C 1:08.828
3Jaxson Whetstone11959B 1:09.937
4Jett Wisdom18931B 1:10.437
5Matthew Parise15873B 1:11.234
6Tyler Groening14814B 1:12.250
7Seth Garrett18588A 1:15.257
8eric kidney8694C 1:17.132
9anton forsberg13810C 1:17.406
10Kevin Eding20486C 1:17.804
11Jay Turner13465A 1:18.609
12Eric Burdell23344B 1:27.609
13alex cuntingham7878C 1:28.679
14Justin Witteman8709C 1:38.742
15Roberto Dieguez18476B 1:52.648
16Joshua Brown7309C 1:53.359
17Anthony Twidle4100ANo Sessions
18Jake Toney8963ANo Sessions
19Austin Rech11004CNo Sessions
20zac towill13363CNo Sessions
21Logan Mcsweeney14189BNo Sessions
22griffin maxwell15180CNo Sessions
23markus znaniecki15544CNo Sessions
24Jeremy Green15935ANo Sessions
25Tom Beilby16978BNo Sessions
26Jacob Gosche17019BNo Sessions
27Ryan Turner17899BNo Sessions
28Alex Dodd18282CNo Sessions
29James Earp18422CNo Sessions
30Giancarlo Harrison18484BNo Sessions
31Tedward Sarangerel19029CNo Sessions
32Joaquin Morales19127CNo Sessions
33Bill Will19552ANo Sessions
34Logan Leitzel19661ANo Sessions
35Lance Ament19853BNo Sessions

Lites(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Tyler Horvath2800A 1:00.179
2Hunter Deisher379A 1:03.718
3Bryan Berg5821A 1:04.476
4jesse flock18629C 1:05.890
5Clint Martin 17154A 1:06.945
6Cody Dawe2385A 1:06.992
7michael mudge14924C 1:07.195
8Jackson craig14355C 1:07.421
9Cameron Perkins14568C 1:07.898
10hunter braun19534C 1:08.085
11skyler Kramer7045C 1:08.570
12Robert Pink17914C 1:09.007
13Steve Harris23215B 1:10.062
14Dale Mullins15496C 1:10.312
15Mack Spokes16908C 1:10.757
16Palmer Neely12516B 1:10.765
17Jay Taylor6153C 1:10.937
18Jacob melton19865B 1:11.453
19Alex Eriksson18204B 1:12.062
20Greg McCann17079C 1:12.445
21charlie means10088C 1:12.835
22Harry White19518C 1:12.968
23Travis Schreuder11252C 1:14.617
24chase odom5369C 1:14.695
25Unclaimed Account15356C 1:15.421
26anton Karlsson20726C 1:16.187
27Grant Harlan23884B 1:16.921
28Brodie Taylor23658C 1:17.148
29Jake Rowan23346C 1:17.750
30Devin Weidler19834C 1:19.867
31Kyle Oftedahl23180C 1:21.460
32Reno Brennan14256B 1:22.539
33Caleb Conner8967C 1:25.890
34Philip Podhyski23237C 1:26.218
35Blaine Stegenga23702B 1:29.992
36trevor TOMKINSON1373C 2:00.734
37Logan Heagney6521ANo Sessions
38Jake Jaynes7128CNo Sessions
39Pedro Venancio10013CNo Sessions
40Gustavo Navega10352CNo Sessions
41paladino christoffersen12235ANo Sessions
42Colton Durand12641CNo Sessions
43Nick Sanbrailo14797CNo Sessions
44William Seim15379BNo Sessions
45Steven Drew15693CNo Sessions
46Chris Whitson15944CNo Sessions
47Luca Marsalisi16572CNo Sessions
48Andrew Lipsett18459BNo Sessions
49Kenyon Moran22339CNo Sessions
50Dakota Washburn22340CNo Sessions
51Hunter McClung23322CNo Sessions
52Trent Sheppard23352BNo Sessions
53Blair Howard23624CNo Sessions

MX Results

1Tyler Groening1481425
2Justin Smedley1380022

Lites Results

1Hunter Deisher37925
2Bryan Berg582122
3Cody Dawe238520
4Robert Pink1791418
5Josh Boaz2373216
6Alex Eriksson1820415
7jesse flock1862914
8Jay Taylor615313
9anton Karlsson2072612
10Philip Podhyski2323711
11Joshua Brown730910
12Greg McCann170799
13Travis Schreuder112528
14Reno Brennan142567

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