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MXD(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Travis Nicholls11174C 1:44.296
2jayden vacher15742C 1:45.867
3Jacob Hunger12281B 1:46.406
4Christoffer Joensson19280C 1:47.007
5Mack Spokes16908C 1:47.484
6Ty Lynch3661B 1:47.851
7Unclaimed Account8479C 1:48.187
8Dima Pavluchenkov4970C 1:48.554
9Seantavius Kitkat17154A 1:49.328
10Bailey Saliaris5971C 1:50.171
11adrian wilson13890C 1:51.375
12Benjamin Lester17748C 1:51.843
13Kieran Hildebrand10808C 1:51.906
14Benny Geale1136C 1:52.609
15jack perry18306C 1:53.109
16Triston Judd18544C 1:53.734
17Blake Herrick8847C 1:53.984
18Damon Ion1814C 1:54.289
19Jacob Wilkinson8314B 1:56.984
20Matthew Marguglio19387C 1:57.382
21Tim Althaus17537A 1:57.992
22Dale Mullins15496C 2:00.148
23Matt Hill13761C 2:00.218
24Logan Leitzel19661A 2:00.601
25Bradley Robinson18834C 2:01.281
26luka sintic9007C 2:03.851
27Joshua Brown7309C 2:03.859
28Jordan Giacomin6822C 2:04.890
29Connor Fitzpatrick17227C 2:11.132
30Leroy Drum15842C 2:23.640
31Thomas Jaz8626CNo Sessions
32Rasmus Eriksson8686CNo Sessions
33Francis DEXET11917CNo Sessions
34Oliver Gjerding13462CNo Sessions
35Logan Seese14241CNo Sessions
36Jeremy Green15935ANo Sessions
37Ryan Turner17899BNo Sessions
38Alex Eriksson18204BNo Sessions
39Timmy Briscoe19001BNo Sessions
40Tedward Sarangerel19029CNo Sessions
41Travis Wells19109CNo Sessions
42Harry White19518CNo Sessions
43Bill Will19552ANo Sessions
44Benny Hallam19826CNo Sessions
45Ian Brauning19909CNo Sessions
46Bronson Leiataua23196CNo Sessions

MX3(125) - Top 40 Qualify

1Travis Nicholls11174C 1:45.125
2Jacob Hunger12281B 1:46.710
3Dima Pavluchenkov4970C 1:51.046
4jayden vacher15742C 1:53.710
5Mack Spokes16908C 1:54.054
6adrian wilson13890C 1:55.843
7Weston Weets10532C 1:56.421
8jack perry18306C 1:58.945
9luka sintic9007C 2:03.851
10Tim Althaus17537A 2:05.726
11Dale Mullins15496C 2:40.812
12Zachary Corbett3262CNo Sessions
13Ty Lynch3661BNo Sessions
14Jack Freese4964CNo Sessions
15Bailey Saliaris5971CNo Sessions
16Joshua Brown7309CNo Sessions
17Thomas Jaz8626CNo Sessions
18Max Prokhorov12603BNo Sessions
19Matt Hill13761CNo Sessions
20Théo Cavalli14999CNo Sessions
21Alex Tripp15681BNo Sessions
22Seantavius Kitkat17154ANo Sessions
23Connor Fitzpatrick17227CNo Sessions
24Benjamin Lester17748CNo Sessions
25Ryan Turner17899BNo Sessions
26Giancarlo Harrison18484BNo Sessions
27rob claassen19032CNo Sessions
28Travis Wells19109CNo Sessions
29Harry White19518CNo Sessions
30Benny Hallam19826CNo Sessions
31Ian Brauning19909CNo Sessions
32Bronson Leiataua23196CNo Sessions

MX2(250f/250T) - Top 40 Qualify

1Finn Collins12049A 1:37.140
2Toby Stocks194A 1:39.906
3Jake West6739A 1:46.125
4Unclaimed Account8479C 1:48.187
5Triston Judd18544C 1:53.734
6James Earp18422C 1:59.656
7Zachary Corbett3262CNo Sessions
8Logan Heagney6521ANo Sessions
9Ben McLeod11716ANo Sessions
10Oliver Gjerding13462CNo Sessions
11Maicky Valet13894CNo Sessions
12Ricky Williams14444BNo Sessions
13Théo Cavalli14999CNo Sessions
14Alex Tripp15681BNo Sessions
15Anaker VALAYER18138CNo Sessions
16Toby Canning18237CNo Sessions
17Alex Dodd18282CNo Sessions
18Giancarlo Harrison18484BNo Sessions
19Trent Sheppard23352BNo Sessions

MX1(250T/450) - Top 40 Qualify

1Finn Collins12049A 1:35.515
2Toby Stocks194A 1:36.031
3Ben McLeod11716A 1:37.703
4Jake West6739A 1:44.632
5Logan Leitzel19661A 1:53.484
6Weston Weets10532C 1:54.382
7James Earp18422C 1:57.304
8Max Johansson4722C 2:01.703
9Cody Schat5726A 2:02.648
10Tyler Morin3984ANo Sessions
11Tyler Frye5597CNo Sessions
12ben lee6135CNo Sessions
13Logan Heagney6521ANo Sessions
14Cameron McDonald8114BNo Sessions
15Aleksander Silva10414CNo Sessions
16Andreas Bergstrøm10895ANo Sessions
17Cole Tutle13653BNo Sessions
18Brandon Cocroft14002BNo Sessions
19Ricky Williams14444BNo Sessions
20Richard Lorran15997CNo Sessions
21Gleb Volkov17565CNo Sessions
22Toby Canning18237CNo Sessions
23Jett Wisdom18931BNo Sessions

MXD Results

1Seantavius Kitkat1715445
2Bailey Saliaris597143
3Ty Lynch366133
4Mack Spokes1690833
5Logan Leitzel1966132
6Jacob Hunger1228129
7James Andrew413227
8Dale Mullins1549627
9Benjamin Lester1774826
10luka sintic900724
11jack perry1830621
12Jordan Giacomin682218
13Tim Althaus1753716
14Joshua Brown730914
15jayden vacher1574214
16Josh Boaz840211
17Triston Judd185448
18Matthew Marguglio193875
19Bronson Leiataua231964
20Travis Nicholls111742
21Leroy Drum158421
22Benny Hallam198261

MX3 Results

1Jacob Hunger1228147
2Bailey Saliaris597141
3Benjamin Lester1774836
4Mack Spokes1690833
5Weston Weets1053227
6Ty Lynch366124
7Joshua Brown730922
8jack perry1830622
9Théo Cavalli1499920
10Tim Althaus1753720
11James Andrew413218
12Dale Mullins1549616
13jayden vacher1574216
14Jack Duck982614
15Logan Leitzel1966112
16luka sintic900710
17Seantavius Kitkat171549
18Bronson Leiataua231968
19Thomas Jaz86265

MX2 Results

1Toby Stocks19447
2Finn Collins1204947
3Théo Cavalli1499938
4Jake West673920
5Ty Lynch366118
6Joshua Brown730916
7Triston Judd1854416
8Bailey Saliaris597115

MX1 Results

1Toby Stocks19447
2Finn Collins1204947
3Jake West673940
4Logan Leitzel1966134
5Gleb Volkov1756533
6Weston Weets1053231
7Ben McLeod1171614

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