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250(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1James Armstrong4591A 1:32.609
2Hunter Deisher379A 1:33.125
3Blake O'Brien17921C 1:36.460
4Chase McDonald15804A 1:36.625
5Kevin Ferzacca17299A 1:36.632
6Pedro Venancio10013C 1:36.664
7Noah Pukansky15243C 1:37.382
8Clay Roberts18875C 1:38.695
9Harry White19518C 1:39.218
10Robert Wilson8313A 1:39.273
11Timmy Briscoe19001B 1:41.046
12Jeremy Green15935A 1:41.335
13kyle Lane8370C 1:41.953
14Dima Pavluchenkov4970C 1:42.718
15Dima Pavluchenkov4970C 1:42.718
16Jay Turner13465A 1:42.867
17Logan Heagney6521A 1:43.101
18Alex Eriksson18204B 1:43.531
19Brodie Taylor23658C 1:44.351
20Big Floyd14796C 1:44.765
21chris harper11333C 1:44.953
22Rasmus Eriksson8686C 1:45.101
23Ethan Olsen23759B 1:45.289
24Ethan Olsen23759B 1:45.289
25Fabio Guido19624C 1:46.273
26William Seim15379B 1:46.281
27colin cahill2517A 1:46.523
28Colton Durand12641C 1:46.812
29Josh Donaruma18747C 1:47.140
30jp emond1744B 1:47.976
31Vladimir Mravec5045C 1:48.007
32Luca Marsalisi16572C 1:48.101
33Greg McCann17079C 1:48.601
34Steve Harris23215B 1:48.718
35Ryan Turner17899B 1:49.617
36Ethan Holland16925B 1:49.656
37Gavin Shadle17240C 1:50.679
38Christian Burdine16733B 1:51.671
39stephen Quick2930C 1:51.734
40jayden vacher15742C 1:51.757
41lucas alpaugh12382C 1:52.070
42fernando andrade3449C 1:52.257
43Charles Gable17611B 1:53.164
44Jacob Hunger12281B 1:53.578
45Jacob Hunger12281B 1:53.578
46Zach Fischer15392C 1:54.109
47hunter braun19534C 1:54.445
48Matthew Parise15873B 1:55.554
49Tyler Groening14814B 1:55.609
50Nick Sanbrailo14797C 1:57.359
51Nathan Kennett23117C 1:58.281
52Unclaimed Account15356C 1:58.648
53anton Karlsson20726C 1:58.648
54Trent Sheppard23352B 1:58.734
55Tim Althaus17537A 2:01.609
56Jake Rowan23346C 2:05.804
57griffin maxwell15180C 2:06.039
58charlie means10088C 2:08.210
59Logan Leitzel19661A 2:09.953
60Martin Karlsson20024C 2:10.375
61Travis Wells19109C 2:10.468
62Matthew Strong20351C 2:15.953
63alex cox18839C 2:16.234
64John Clement1572C 2:17.234
65Bronson Leiataua23196C 2:17.726
66Logan May23038C 2:34.257
67Ronnie Mac3CNo Sessions
68Morgan Migneault4CNo Sessions
69Hayden Windsor5CNo Sessions
70Michael Sellmer7CNo Sessions
71Coby Gilsdorf8CNo Sessions
72Unclaimed Account11CNo Sessions
73Unclaimed Account13CNo Sessions
74Unclaimed Account14CNo Sessions
75Unclaimed Account15CNo Sessions
76Unclaimed Account16CNo Sessions
77Unclaimed Account17CNo Sessions
78Mika Tiaho18CNo Sessions
79Unclaimed Account19CNo Sessions
80Unclaimed Account20CNo Sessions
81Mark Zeidler22CNo Sessions
82Unclaimed Account23CNo Sessions
83Unclaimed Account24CNo Sessions
84Unclaimed Account25CNo Sessions
85Unclaimed Account26CNo Sessions
86Unclaimed Account27CNo Sessions
87Gavin King28CNo Sessions
88Unclaimed Account29CNo Sessions
89Unclaimed Account30CNo Sessions
90Marco Hicks31CNo Sessions
91Unclaimed Account32CNo Sessions
92Quentin Belle33CNo Sessions
93Unclaimed Account34CNo Sessions
94Unclaimed Account35CNo Sessions
95Finessa Hudgens732CNo Sessions
96Ryan Clark1236BNo Sessions
97Cj Ruggero4720CNo Sessions
98Jay Taylor6153CNo Sessions
99Tyler Louis10034BNo Sessions
100Austin Bear10651CNo Sessions
101Alexander lagerkvist11392CNo Sessions
102paladino christoffersen12235ANo Sessions
103Alexandre Ouimet12625BNo Sessions
104zac towill13363CNo Sessions
105adrian wilson13890CNo Sessions
106Jackson craig14355CNo Sessions
107Conner Peavy14821BNo Sessions
108tommy zimmerman15696BNo Sessions
109Jake Rose16679ANo Sessions
110Andrew Wallace16799CNo Sessions
111Blaine Haub16953CNo Sessions
112carsyn forcum17002CNo Sessions
113Rowdy Houston17764CNo Sessions
114Giancarlo Harrison18484BNo Sessions
115Cale simmey18668ANo Sessions
116logan boye19737CNo Sessions
117Lance Ament19853BNo Sessions
118Unclaimed Account19885CNo Sessions
119Johnny Mayo23155BNo Sessions
120patrick hartle23213BNo Sessions
121Evan Holland23329CNo Sessions
122Blair Howard23624CNo Sessions
123Unclaimed Account23732CNo Sessions
124Matt Taylor23820CNo Sessions

450(250T/450) - Top 40 Qualify

1William St-Laurent16254A 1:31.171
2James Armstrong4591A 1:32.609
3Hunter Deisher379A 1:33.125
4Blake O'Brien17921C 1:36.460
5Chase McDonald15804A 1:36.625
6Kevin Ferzacca17299A 1:36.632
7Pedro Venancio10013C 1:36.664
8Noah Pukansky15243C 1:37.382
9Clay Roberts18875C 1:38.695
10Harry White19518C 1:39.218
11Robert Wilson8313A 1:39.273
12Timmy Briscoe19001B 1:41.046
13Jeremy Green15935A 1:41.335
14kyle Lane8370C 1:41.953
15Dima Pavluchenkov4970C 1:42.718
16Dima Pavluchenkov4970C 1:42.718
17Jay Turner13465A 1:42.867
18Logan Heagney6521A 1:43.101
19Alex Eriksson18204B 1:43.531
20Brodie Taylor23658C 1:44.351
21Big Floyd14796C 1:44.765
22chris harper11333C 1:44.953
23Rasmus Eriksson8686C 1:45.101
24Ethan Olsen23759B 1:45.289
25Ethan Olsen23759B 1:45.289
26Fabio Guido19624C 1:46.273
27William Seim15379B 1:46.281
28colin cahill2517A 1:46.523
29Colton Durand12641C 1:46.812
30Josh Donaruma18747C 1:47.140
31jp emond1744B 1:47.976
32Vladimir Mravec5045C 1:48.007
33Luca Marsalisi16572C 1:48.101
34Greg McCann17079C 1:48.601
35Steve Harris23215B 1:48.718
36Ryan Turner17899B 1:49.617
37Ethan Holland16925B 1:49.656
38Gavin Shadle17240C 1:50.679
39Christian Burdine16733B 1:51.671
40stephen Quick2930C 1:51.734
41jayden vacher15742C 1:51.757
42lucas alpaugh12382C 1:52.070
43fernando andrade3449C 1:52.257
44Charles Gable17611B 1:53.164
45Jacob Hunger12281B 1:53.578
46Jacob Hunger12281B 1:53.578
47Zach Fischer15392C 1:54.109
48hunter braun19534C 1:54.445
49Matthew Parise15873B 1:55.554
50Tyler Groening14814B 1:55.609
51Nick Sanbrailo14797C 1:57.359
52Nathan Kennett23117C 1:58.281
53Unclaimed Account15356C 1:58.648
54anton Karlsson20726C 1:58.648
55Trent Sheppard23352B 1:58.734
56Tim Althaus17537A 2:01.609
57Jake Rowan23346C 2:05.804
58griffin maxwell15180C 2:06.039
59charlie means10088C 2:08.210
60Logan Leitzel19661A 2:09.953
61Martin Karlsson20024C 2:10.375
62Travis Wells19109C 2:10.468
63Matthew Strong20351C 2:15.953
64alex cox18839C 2:16.234
65John Clement1572C 2:17.234
66Bronson Leiataua23196C 2:17.726
67Logan May23038C 2:34.257
68Finessa Hudgens732CNo Sessions
69Ryan Clark1236BNo Sessions
70Cj Ruggero4720CNo Sessions
71Jay Taylor6153CNo Sessions
72Tyler Louis10034BNo Sessions
73Austin Bear10651CNo Sessions
74Alexander lagerkvist11392CNo Sessions
75paladino christoffersen12235ANo Sessions
76Alexandre Ouimet12625BNo Sessions
77zac towill13363CNo Sessions
78adrian wilson13890CNo Sessions
79Jackson craig14355CNo Sessions
80Conner Peavy14821BNo Sessions
81tommy zimmerman15696BNo Sessions
82Jake Rose16679ANo Sessions
83Andrew Wallace16799CNo Sessions
84Blaine Haub16953CNo Sessions
85carsyn forcum17002CNo Sessions
86Rowdy Houston17764CNo Sessions
87Giancarlo Harrison18484BNo Sessions
88Cale simmey18668ANo Sessions
89logan boye19737CNo Sessions
90Lance Ament19853BNo Sessions
91Unclaimed Account19885CNo Sessions
92Johnny Mayo23155BNo Sessions
93patrick hartle23213BNo Sessions
94Evan Holland23329CNo Sessions
95Blair Howard23624CNo Sessions
96Unclaimed Account23732CNo Sessions
97Matt Taylor23820CNo Sessions

Open(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Pedro Venancio10013C 1:36.664
2Pedro Venancio10013C 1:36.664
3Noah Karassy19791B 1:37.250
4Noah Karassy19791B 1:37.250
5Noah Pukansky15243C 1:37.382
6Noah Pukansky15243C 1:37.382
7Harry White19518C 1:39.218
8Harry White19518C 1:39.218
9Matias Janice17932A 1:41.640
10Matias Janice17932A 1:41.640
11Preston Taylor17377C 1:41.882
12Preston Taylor17377C 1:41.882
13Dakota French6217C 1:42.460
14Dakota French6217C 1:42.460
15Jay Turner13465A 1:42.867
16Jay Turner13465A 1:42.867
17Moto Agogo18756C 1:45.140
18Moto Agogo18756C 1:45.140
19William Seim15379B 1:46.281
20William Seim15379B 1:46.281
21Brody Miller23636C 1:46.679
22Brody Miller23636C 1:46.679
23Colton Durand12641C 1:46.812
24Colton Durand12641C 1:46.812
25Greg McCann17079C 1:48.601
26Greg McCann17079C 1:48.601
27Ryan Turner17899B 1:49.617
28Ryan Turner17899B 1:49.617
29Kyle Aanonsen7183C 1:54.734
30Kyle Aanonsen7183C 1:54.734
31John Murray20057A 2:14.921
32John Murray20057A 2:14.921
33Dustin Morningstar19042CNo Sessions
34Dustin Morningstar19042CNo Sessions
35Ian Brauning19909CNo Sessions
36Ian Brauning19909CNo Sessions
37Nathan Campbell23027CNo Sessions
38Nathan Campbell23027CNo Sessions

250 Results

1Bryan Berg582125
2Robert Pink1791422
3Pedro Venancio1001320
4Cody Dawe238518
5Austin Ecklund2326716
6Dakota French621715
7Moto Agogo1875614
8Travis Leavitt982613
9Brodie Taylor2365812
10Bill Will1955211

450 Results

1Pedro Venancio1001325
2Cody Dawe238522
3Cole Tutle1365320
4Brodie Taylor2365818
5Noah Karassy1979116

Open Results

1Bryan Berg582125
2Cody Dawe238522
3Robert Pink1791420
4Pedro Venancio1001318
5Noah Karassy1979116
6Travis Leavitt982615
7Ty Lynch366114
8Moto Agogo1875613
9Brodie Taylor2365812
10MXSLobby Administration011

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