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Open(Open) - Top 44 Qualify

1Thomas Silleck12860A 1:05.625
2Logan Mcsweeney14189B 1:05.625
3Edward Mora11742A 1:05.859
4Bryce Whealon11838A 1:05.914
5Unclaimed Account13409C 1:06.093
6Jessie Calaway11545B 1:06.554
7Seth Jones4839B 1:06.609
8Phil Doyon14561B 1:06.617
9Unclaimed Account8573C 1:06.890
10Ty Brakefield13682A 1:07.078
11Jeremy Atkinson5381B 1:07.296
12Ben Toye11874A 1:07.390
13Tyler Sweigard3101B 1:07.406
14Patrick Stewart10952A 1:07.437
15Matthew Model10018B 1:07.468
16justin Petsnick10547B 1:07.500
17Chris Schmieder321B 1:07.687
18garrett schmieder428C 1:07.914
19Kyle Watts4571C 1:07.945
20Ricky Williams14444B 1:08.039
21Octavien Pelloin12547C 1:08.070
22steven azarkiewicz3727A 1:08.210
23William St-Laurent16254A 1:08.250
24jp emond1744B 1:08.320
25Josh Boaz12886B 1:08.546
26Jack Fowler9092A 1:08.570
27David Wright15131A 1:09.031
28Jay Jones11066B 1:09.070
29Ty Smith11180A 1:09.328
30Garrett Stamper15163C 1:09.476
31Kyler Hawkey8661A 1:09.773
32Chase LaVancher4489A 1:09.898
33George Hodkinson6222B 1:10.203
34Brandon Cummings8432C 1:10.312
35Dima Pavluchenkov4970C 1:10.578
36Chris Santino2083B 1:11.156
37Jason Felkey5562C 1:11.187
38Chandler Rogers6066B 1:11.890
39Tony Rubio4455B 1:12.039
40ed kozak8532C 1:12.250
41Neal Wells5199A 1:12.421
42Jake Rose16679A 1:12.539
43Chris Watts8679C 1:12.593
44Aaron Campise12283C 1:13.203
45Jey Crunch1374A 1:13.828
46Colton Steiger5443C 1:15.312
47Brandon Houldsworth4698C 1:15.578
48Sean Ortez6933C 1:16.757
49Winston Wiebe 4788C 1:16.859
50Khamar Glover16708B 1:16.898
51jarad lunsford14651C 1:17.679
52Kevin Davis2425C 1:17.796
53Owen Payne2108C 1:18.273
54Andrew Jennings14689A 1:18.835
55Cody Branson15155A 1:19.859
56Travis Schreuder11252C 1:22.085
57Zach Howell11309C 1:22.468
58Scot DelMastro12020C 1:25.406
59Sergey Kurashev13104C 1:25.750
60Alex Effertz16744C 1:25.984
61AJ Fisher15549C 1:26.132
62Sonny Edmonson7428A 1:26.710
63Jes Colman307C 1:27.367
64William Seim15379B 1:29.335
65Brandon Cocroft14002B 1:33.750
66Taylor Davis3022C 1:34.007
67Jeff Carollo16324C 1:34.796
68Michael van Hees1200CNo Sessions
69Zack Wells9227CNo Sessions
70Shelden Litwiller9725BNo Sessions
71kaden eversole14353CNo Sessions
72Tanner Thorsen16669CNo Sessions

Open Results

1Jack Fowler909225
2Ty Brakefield1368222
3steven azarkiewicz372720
4Logan Mcsweeney1418918
5Phil Doyon1456116
6Edward Mora1174215
7Josh Boaz1288614
8Bryce Whealon1183813
9Jay Jones1106612
10justin Petsnick1054711
11jp emond174410
12Matthew Model100189
13Jeremy Atkinson53818
14Ty Smith111807
15Scot DelMastro120206
16Holden Cote56295
17Thomas Silleck128604
18William St-Laurent162543
19Chandler Rogers60662
20Owen Payne21081
21Brandon Cummings84321
22Kyler Hawkey86611

  • Name of Protested Rider:
  • UID of Protested Rider:
  • Demo Link:
  • Demo Time:
  • Type:

Protesting Rider: Tony Rubio

Protested Rider: Andrew Jennings(14689)

Protest Message: "I was just minding my own business trying to get back up to the top 4 in the LCQ, and coming in to the corner, he clearly speeds up to try to cut me off and then takes me out (and he's a lap down), which leaves me off the bike a couple feet of the track. And it 6:24 he intentionally takes out another rider while being a lap down. The second one has nothing to do with me, but riders like him ruins a series that has so much potential to be great for the AM riders. The demo not saving probably ruined the chance of something being done "

No verdict due to the fact there is no available link for the demo.

Demo Time:5:56