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250(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Tyler Horvath2800A 1:42.742
2Timmy Briscoe19001B 1:48.515
3David Jakobsson13737C 1:49.546
4Logan Toucheque16487C 1:49.617
5Dima Pavluchenkov4970C 1:49.742
6Sam Sorensen5606B 1:50.046
7hunter braun19534C 1:50.093
8Noah Karassy19791B 1:51.312
9Alex Stinson12463C 1:52.375
10Nick Sanbrailo14797C 1:52.468
11Junior Benevides20912B 1:52.531
12Pedro Venancio10013C 1:52.906
13Blaine Haub16953C 1:52.914
14Trent Sheppard23352B 1:52.921
15Steve Harris23215B 1:53.195
16Benny Geale1136C 1:53.312
17Colton Durand12641C 1:54.007
18Jake Rowan23346C 1:54.062
19Ethan Holland16925B 1:54.554
20Joel Melo15758C 1:54.828
21Alan Nevers23129C 1:55.242
22Alex Eriksson18204B 1:55.382
23Tom Lees Jr.19228C 1:55.585
24charlie means10088C 1:56.304
25Steven Drew15693C 1:56.515
26Unclaimed Account4321C 1:56.617
27Dylan Gatlin19835A 1:56.679
28Tanner Thorsen16669C 1:56.812
29anton Karlsson20726C 1:56.914
30Roberto Dieguez18476B 1:57.046
31julien Toucheque16430C 1:57.390
32Jes Colman307C 1:58.226
33Beau Shaver20651C 1:58.429
34Kieran Hildebrand10808C 1:58.585
35Robert Hartrum15613C 1:58.750
36Geovane Santos24047B 1:58.859
37markus znaniecki15544C 1:59.687
38Salvatore Broccolo12452C 2:00.125
39Andrew Dodd13369C 2:00.835
40Johnny Mayo23155B 2:00.929
41Martin Muñoz19223C 2:01.195
42Kyle Oftedahl23180C 2:02.000
43Daniël Van Tetering20295C 2:03.195
44Dillon Jayne8291C 2:03.820
45Hunter McClung23322C 2:05.523
46adrian wilson13890C 2:06.500
47Caden Speck17074C 2:09.468
48rob claassen19032C 2:09.812
49Alexander lagerkvist11392C 2:11.523
50anton forsberg13810C 2:15.039
51Blair Howard23624C 2:35.390
52Ryan Hanson18791C 2:56.507
53Logan Heagney6521ANo Sessions
54broc pearson7508CNo Sessions
55alex cuntingham7878CNo Sessions
56caleb hall10047ANo Sessions
57Blake Starnes12863BNo Sessions
58Christian Costalas13186BNo Sessions
59Jake Rose16679ANo Sessions
60Greg McCann17079CNo Sessions
61Ryan Turner17899BNo Sessions
62Giancarlo Harrison18484BNo Sessions
63Joaquin Morales19127CNo Sessions
64Bill Will19552ANo Sessions
65Pol Vilamitjana19674CNo Sessions
66jackson korableff23118CNo Sessions
67Patrick Hartle23213BNo Sessions
68Brodie Taylor23658CNo Sessions
69Tyler Fogarasi24226CNo Sessions

450(250T/450) - Top 40 Qualify

1Maxime Vanderbeek1248C 1:44.281
2Fredrik Langagergaard12475A 1:44.929
3Logan Leitzel19661A 1:45.632
4Harry White19518C 1:46.343
5Jay Turner13465A 1:47.984
6Jett Wisdom18931B 1:48.367
7Anthony Twidle4100A 1:49.054
8Unclaimed Account23732C 1:49.218
9Martin Karlsson20024C 1:49.546
10Logan Toucheque16487C 1:49.617
11chris harper11333C 1:49.656
12Jacob melton19865B 1:51.234
13Alex Stinson12463C 1:52.375
14Chris Whitson15944C 1:52.710
15Pedro Venancio10013C 1:52.906
16Kam Goff9645C 1:53.218
17Benny Geale1136C 1:53.312
18jacob sterritt18688C 1:56.867
19Roberto Dieguez18476B 1:57.046
20julien Toucheque16430C 1:57.390
21Lance Ament19853B 1:57.976
22Hayden Stevenson23379B 1:58.093
23Salvatore Battaglia17918C 1:58.484
24Frank Argenziano5039C 1:58.726
25zac towill13363C 2:00.554
26cole v18195B 2:06.398
27Ryan Schiesser15747C 2:07.156
28Matt Stewart15228C 2:11.726
29William Seim15379B 2:13.914
30Justin Smedley13800C 2:15.882
31Aleksander Silva10414C 2:20.453
32ben lee6135C 2:21.640
33garrett dicus17810C 2:22.343
34Rasmus Balzer11076C 2:29.882
35Dylan Hale20763C 3:06.765
36Damon Ion1814CNo Sessions
37Logan Heagney6521ANo Sessions
38alex cuntingham7878CNo Sessions
39Connor Robertson9656CNo Sessions
40Casey Sanders 10150CNo Sessions
41Andreas Bergstrøm10895ANo Sessions
42Zander Bigwood11486ANo Sessions
43Blake Starnes12863BNo Sessions
44Hunter Smith16992CNo Sessions
45julian ardire16997CNo Sessions
46Giancarlo Harrison18484BNo Sessions
47Seth Garrett18588ANo Sessions
48Joaquin Morales19127CNo Sessions
49Kam Goff19283CNo Sessions
50Jon Musche19328CNo Sessions
51Pol Vilamitjana19674CNo Sessions
52Patrick Hartle23213BNo Sessions
53Brodie Taylor23658CNo Sessions
54Travis Fogarasi23827CNo Sessions
55Tanner Walker24195CNo Sessions
56Unclaimed Account238277CNo Sessions

Open(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Tyler Horvath2800A 1:42.742
2Maxime Vanderbeek1248C 1:44.281
3Fredrik Langagergaard12475A 1:44.929
4Logan Leitzel19661A 1:45.632
5Harry White19518C 1:46.343
6Jay Turner13465A 1:47.984
7Jett Wisdom18931B 1:48.367
8Timmy Briscoe19001B 1:48.515
9Jake Toney8963A 1:49.437
10Martin Karlsson20024C 1:49.546
11chris harper11333C 1:49.656
12Dima Pavluchenkov4970C 1:49.742
13hunter braun19534C 1:50.093
14Jacob melton19865B 1:51.234
15Noah Karassy19791B 1:51.312
16Junior Benevides20912B 1:52.531
17Trent Sheppard23352B 1:52.921
18Steve Harris23215B 1:53.195
19Damon Windham23067C 1:54.515
20Ethan Holland16925B 1:54.554
21Joel Melo15758C 1:54.828
22Alan Nevers23129C 1:55.242
23charlie means10088C 1:56.304
24Steven Drew15693C 1:56.515
25Unclaimed Account4321C 1:56.617
26Dylan Gatlin19835A 1:56.679
27Tanner Thorsen16669C 1:56.812
28Hayden Stevenson23379B 1:58.093
29Beau Shaver20651C 1:58.429
30Geovane Santos24047B 1:58.859
31Alex Dodd18282C 1:59.359
32Salvatore Broccolo12452C 2:00.125
33Johnny Mayo23155B 2:00.929
34Dillon Jayne8291C 2:03.820
35Hunter McClung23322C 2:05.523
36cole v18195B 2:06.398
37adrian wilson13890C 2:06.500
38Ryan Schiesser15747C 2:07.156
39Matt Stewart15228C 2:11.726
40William Seim15379B 2:13.914
41Justin Smedley13800C 2:15.882
42Aleksander Silva10414C 2:20.453
43Rasmus Balzer11076C 2:29.882
44Dylan Hale20763C 3:06.765
45broc pearson7508CNo Sessions
46Connor Robertson9656CNo Sessions
47Andreas Bergstrøm10895ANo Sessions
48Zander Bigwood11486ANo Sessions
49Christian Costalas13186BNo Sessions
50Jake Rose16679ANo Sessions
51Greg McCann17079CNo Sessions
52Unclaimed Account20042CNo Sessions
53jackson korableff23118CNo Sessions

250 Results

1Tyler Horvath280050
2Logan Toucheque1648744
3Pedro Venancio1001331
4Alex Stinson1246331
5adrian wilson1389031
6Tanner Thorsen1666930
7Roberto Dieguez1847627
8Dima Pavluchenkov497026
9Kieran Hildebrand1080826
10Blaine Haub1695326
11Trent Sheppard2335221
12julien Toucheque1643019
13Benny Geale113615
14Joel Melo1575814
15Geovane Santos2404713
16Tom Lees Jr.1922812
17Beau Shaver2065110
18Alan Nevers231297
19Junior Benevides209126
20Noah Karassy197912
21Hunter McClung233222
22Steven Drew156931

450 Results

1Logan Toucheque1648747
2Maxime Vanderbeek124845
3Josh Boaz2373238
4Pedro Venancio1001334
5julien Toucheque1643033
6Logan Leitzel1966133
7Alex Stinson1246330
8Kam Goff964523
9Benny Geale113620
10Martin Karlsson2002420
11Justin Smedley1380015
12Ryan Schiesser1574715
13Jett Wisdom1893112
14Jay Turner1346511
15Roberto Dieguez1847610
16Harry White195189
17Anthony Twidle41005
18Hayden Stevenson233793
19Giancarlo Harrison184842
20Aleksander Silva104141

Open Results

1Tyler Horvath280047
2Josh Boaz2373247
3Logan Leitzel1966140
4Martin Karlsson2002432
5Trent Sheppard2335231
6Joel Melo1575829
7Grant Harlan2388428
8Hunter McClung2332224
9Beau Shaver2065123
10adrian wilson1389018
11Geovane Santos2404712
12Logan Toucheque164879
13Maxime Vanderbeek12488
14julien Toucheque164307
15Justin Smedley138006

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