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Open(Open) - Top 44 Qualify

1Logan Mcsweeney14189B 1:02.171
2Bryce Whealon11838A 1:02.890
3Benny Landry8379A 1:03.039
4William St-Laurent16254A 1:04.101
5Phil Doyon14561B 1:04.976
6Edward Mora11742A 1:05.664
7David Wright15131A 1:05.703
8Unclaimed Account8573C 1:05.945
9Patrick Stewart10952A 1:05.992
10justin Petsnick10547B 1:06.093
11Kyle Watts4571C 1:06.179
12Ty Brakefield13682A 1:06.765
13Rafael Ferreira7229C 1:07.648
14Jay Jones11066B 1:08.203
15Jeremy Ollivier7357C 1:08.265
16Ty Smith11180A 1:08.585
17Connor Lynds17192C 1:08.585
18Wes Teague16531C 1:09.093
19Dima Pavluchenkov4970C 1:09.242
20Ricky Williams14444B 1:09.625
21Tony Rubio4455B 1:10.179
22jarad lunsford14651C 1:10.921
23Josh Boaz12886B 1:11.562
24alex cuntingham7878C 1:11.578
25Tyler Sweigard3101B 1:11.843
26Jeremy Atkinson5381B 1:11.945
27Tyler Sturlis13418C 1:12.039
28ed kozak8532C 1:12.101
29Zander Bigwood11486A 1:12.476
30Brandon Hedge10326A 1:12.570
31Brandon Cummings8432C 1:13.632
32Travis Schreuder11252C 1:14.226
33Jes Colman307C 1:14.531
34Davis Hughes3305C 1:14.890
35Sean Ortez6933C 1:15.382
36George Hodkinson6222B 1:15.468
37Colton Steiger5443C 1:16.039
38Daniel Mason12611C 1:19.382
39Taylor Davis3022C 1:21.226
40Chris Santino2083B 1:22.398
41Jack Hildebrand15750C 1:22.414
42Brandon Cocroft14002B 1:22.578
43Khamar Glover16708B 1:22.726
44Erik Martin4170B 1:22.843
45Tanner Stack9726C 1:22.843
46Garrett Stamper15163C 1:27.078
47Tanner Thorsen16669C 1:28.304
48Kennedy Wilson17506C 1:28.359
49Chandler Rogers6066B 1:37.921
50Shawn Terrell6236C 2:01.804
51Michael van Hees1200CNo Sessions
52Gabe Corral1212CNo Sessions
53Tom Paterson4458CNo Sessions
54Seth Jones4839BNo Sessions
55Jack Fowler9092ANo Sessions
56Matthew Model10018BNo Sessions
57Zach Howell11309CNo Sessions
58Alexander lagerkvist11392CNo Sessions
59Ben Toye11874ANo Sessions
60Chris Jason13159CNo Sessions
61Aaron Vargas14986CNo Sessions

Open Results

1Logan Mcsweeney1418925
2Tom Paterson445822
3Jeremi Seabolt906120
4Phil Doyon1456118
5Edward Mora1174216
6Ty Brakefield1368215
7Bryce Whealon1183814
8Dima Pavluchenkov497013
9Connor Lynds1719212
10David Wright1513111
11William St-Laurent1625410
12justin Petsnick105479
13Jay Jones110668
14Benny Landry83797
15ed kozak85326
16Wes Teague165315
17Ricky Williams144444
18Tanner Thorsen166693
19Rafael Ferreira72292
20Matthew Model100181
21Josh Boaz128861
22jarad lunsford146511

  • Name of Protested Rider:
  • UID of Protested Rider:
  • Demo Link:
  • Demo Time:
  • Type:

Protesting Rider: David Wright

Protested Rider: Tom Paterson(4458)

Protest Message: "The incident occurred at 9 minutes, and 24 seconds, where you clearly see rider, Tom Paterson punt me in the corner after the finish of round 6 at San Diego. He doesn't even attempt to make the corner, but instead, holds in pinned straight into me. Caused me to lose 2 positions, then after the race he pokes me on teamspeak and says, "How'd you like that punt". Hopefully something gets done about this due to the fact that a Pro rider should not be competing in AM's. Even though he hasn't raced a Pro Supercross round yet, he still has no problem qualifying and getting top 10 in the Pro class. "

Two round ban from the series.

Demo Time:9.24.4