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MXD(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Dale Mullins15496C 1:35.984
2Kieran Hildebrand10808C 1:38.234
3Mack Spokes16908C 1:38.851
4Logan Heagney6521A 1:39.195
5Steve Harris23215B 1:41.226
6jayden vacher15742C 1:42.445
7Bradley Robinson18834C 1:45.203
8Damon Ion1814C 1:45.570
9Tim Althaus17537A 1:45.625
10jack perry18306C 1:46.132
11Cody Dawe2385A 1:46.453
12Dima Pavluchenkov4970C 1:46.835
13Jordan Debruyne7673C 1:46.984
14Thomas Jaz8626C 1:49.937
15Triston Judd18544C 1:50.789
16Shane McDonald18775C 1:53.203
17Matthew Marguglio19387C 1:58.593
18Daniel Johnson2452C 1:58.789
19Jeremy Lapalme14752C 1:59.117
20Alexis Michaud7340B 2:00.148
21Julien Bardet19945C 2:01.007
22Troy Cochrane20685C 2:02.250
23Matthew Strong20351C 2:06.890
24chris dasilva11556C 2:09.171
25Raphael Lemieux 20673C 2:17.101
26Reggie Dunlop4118CNo Sessions
27Bryor Tolman5507CNo Sessions
28Stephen Cameron10658CNo Sessions
29bryan kelly11386CNo Sessions
30James Beston14951CNo Sessions
31Christian Burdine16733BNo Sessions
32Stuart Cross18658CNo Sessions
33Tedward Sarangerel19029CNo Sessions
34Logan Leitzel19661ANo Sessions
35Jack Bird20689CNo Sessions
36Connor Wells20897BNo Sessions

MX2(250f/250T) - Top 40 Qualify

1Finn Collins12049A 1:33.460
2Cody Schat5726A 1:33.664
3Craig Leake5669A 1:33.921
4Jordan Moxey18285A 1:35.046
5Clint Martin 17154A 1:35.117
6Toby Stocks194A 1:35.437
7Dale Mullins15496C 1:35.984
8Jake West6739A 1:38.523
9Logan Heagney6521A 1:39.195
10Steve Harris23215B 1:41.226
11jack perry18306C 1:46.132
12Dima Pavluchenkov4970C 1:46.835
13Triston Judd18544C 1:50.789
14Jeremy Lapalme14752C 1:59.117
15Alexis Michaud7340B 2:00.148
16Julien Bardet19945C 2:01.007
17chris dasilva11556C 2:09.171
18Raphael Lemieux 20673C 2:17.101
19Corentin Julian2233ANo Sessions
20broc pearson7508CNo Sessions
21Jacob Wilkinson8314BNo Sessions
22Jeremi Seabolt9061ANo Sessions
23Nick Carvalho12802BNo Sessions
24zac towill13363CNo Sessions
25jt dee15235BNo Sessions
26Justin Whitcombe17016CNo Sessions
27Jack Bird20689CNo Sessions
28Connor Wells20897BNo Sessions

MX1(250T/450) - Top 40 Qualify

1Finn Collins12049A 1:33.460
2Cody Schat5726A 1:33.664
3Zachary Corbett3262C 1:33.671
4Craig Leake5669A 1:33.921
5Toby Stocks194A 1:35.437
6Kieran Hildebrand10808C 1:38.234
7Jake West6739A 1:38.523
8Cameron McDonald8114B 1:39.000
9Weston Weets10532C 1:46.593
10Corentin Julian2233ANo Sessions
11Reggie Dunlop4118CNo Sessions
12broc pearson7508CNo Sessions
13Jeremi Seabolt9061ANo Sessions
14zac towill13363CNo Sessions
15jt dee15235BNo Sessions
16Justin Whitcombe17016CNo Sessions
17corey dodds19431CNo Sessions
18Logan Leitzel19661ANo Sessions

MXD Results

1Jacob Hunger1228147
2Kieran Hildebrand1080842
3Dale Mullins1549641
4Steve Harris2321535
5Mack Spokes1690832
6Logan Leitzel1966132
7Logan Heagney652131
8Shane McDonald1877525
9jack perry1830624
10Matthew Marguglio1938722
11Tim Althaus1753711

MX2 Results

1Cody Schat572650
2Finn Collins1204944
3Steve Harris2321538
4Jake West673934
5Logan Heagney652130
6Justin Whitcombe1701630
7jack perry1830627
8Dale Mullins1549625
9broc pearson750822
10Jordan Moxey1828520
11Corentin Julian223312

MX1 Results

1Cody Schat572650
2Kieran Hildebrand1080838
3Finn Collins1204937
4Jake West673936
5Logan Leitzel1966134
6Corentin Julian223333
7Jordan Moxey1828531
8Justin Whitcombe1701624
9broc pearson750813
10Weston Weets1053212
11Toby Stocks19411

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