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Arenacross(125/250) - Top 32 Qualify

1Byron Downen1503A 0:21.468
2cody penwell6443A 0:21.656
3August Sanders2A 0:21.734
4Matt Burkeen10589A 0:21.835
5Clay Alfrey13020A 0:21.890
6André Santos8204A 0:21.929
7Nick Uzick12424A 0:21.992
8Ty Smith11180A 0:22.039
9Carson Tickel2700C 0:22.171
10Unclaimed Account13409C 0:22.171
11Jeremi Seabolt9061A 0:22.226
12Conner Peavy14821B 0:22.273
13Ben McLeod11716A 0:22.320
14Ty Brakefield13682A 0:22.320
15Benny Landry8379A 0:22.382
16David Wright15131A 0:22.453
17Chase Desselle6994B 0:22.531
18Chase Dunivant7418A 0:22.554
19Diogo Pereira8351C 0:22.625
20Chris Jason13159C 0:22.695
21Robert Wilson8313A 0:22.742
22Connor Robertson9656C 0:22.867
23Jason Felkey5562C 0:22.984
24Tony Rubio4455B 0:23.015
25Cody Branson15155A 0:23.015
26Tyler Louis10034B 0:23.054
27Jannik Müller13160C 0:23.078
28Aaron Vargas14986C 0:23.085
29hugo basaula12054C 0:23.140
30Damon Smith9362C 0:23.234
31Daniel Bellamy10534C 0:23.328
32Brayden Rabalais11879C 0:23.484
33Nick Carvalho12802B 0:23.515
34William St-Laurent16254A 0:23.570
35Chase LaVancher4489A 0:23.671
36Gregory van Hoeve6574A 0:23.875
37Tyler Crocker17651B 0:24.039
38Tommy Zimmerman15696B 0:24.304
39Neal Wells5199A 0:24.460
40Michael Geraci16811B 0:24.601
41jt dee15235B 0:25.140
42Jake McCracken17731C 0:25.273
43craig strausbaugh12917C 0:25.554
44Travis Schreuder11252C 0:25.953
45Clayton barklow4919CNo Sessions
46Dylan Copeland5675BNo Sessions
47Grant Dawson10828CNo Sessions
48Unclaimed Account14533CNo Sessions
49Ben Seaburg15153ANo Sessions
50William Seim15379BNo Sessions

Test(Open) - Top 32 Qualify

1Josh Williams13156BNo Sessions

Arenacross Results

1Chase Dunivant741825
2Byron Downen150322
3Clay Alfrey1302020
4Tyler Louis1003418
5Chase Desselle699416
6David Wright1513115
7Josh Boaz1340914
8hugo basaula1205413
9August Sanders212
10Carson Tickel270011
11Robert Wilson831310
12Gregory van Hoeve65749
13Conner Peavy148218
14Matt Burkeen105897
15Diogo Pereira83516
16Ben McLeod117165

Test Results


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