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Open(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Tanner Rogers7877A 0:52.578
2Connor Lynds17192C 0:52.625
3Chandler Rogers6066B 0:52.734
4Ryan Wynn12982C 0:52.992
5Conner Peavy14821B 0:53.250
6Edward Mora11742A 0:53.593
7Rush Chapman14794A 0:53.781
8David Wright15131A 0:54.023
9Jimmy Freestyle4167C 0:54.734
10jarad lunsford14651C 0:55.398
11Tyler Louis10034B 0:55.617
12jt dee15235B 0:55.750
13Jeremy Atkinson5381B 0:55.960
14Dalton Plessinger14796C 0:56.062
15Zoa Cross10610A 0:56.117
16William St-Laurent16254A 0:56.429
17Dima Pavluchenkov4970C 0:56.851
18Chase Dunivant7418A 0:57.046
19Chris Watts8679C 0:57.304
20Ty Smith11180A 0:57.585
21Zander Bigwood11486A 0:57.726
22Walter Gebhardt12235A 0:57.859
23alex cuntingham7878C 0:57.906
24Phil Doyon14561B 0:57.976
25Jeremy Gwiozdowski7750C 0:58.085
26Chase McDonald15804A 0:58.250
27Garrett Stamper15163C 0:58.359
28Jay Jones11066B 0:58.562
29Jamie Kinna9656C 0:58.601
30Nick Carvalho12802B 0:58.695
31Andrew Jennings14689A 0:58.992
32Chris Jason13159C 0:59.031
33Logan Heagney6521A 0:59.210
34Todd Weiss16150C 0:59.226
35Tony Rubio4455B 0:59.343
36Chris Channing17088C 1:00.132
37craig strausbaugh12917C 1:00.984
38Ethan Olsen11638C 1:02.289
39Mike Smith15870C 1:02.445
40Travis Schreuder11252C 1:03.320
41Devin Ryan2283C 1:04.195
42Hunter Mead11781C 1:04.710
43jack Lea17615B 1:05.546
44Kennedy Wilson17506C 1:07.234
45Andrew Wallace16799C 1:08.890
46Tanner Thorsen16669C 1:09.914
47Foster Saunders15431B 1:11.242
48Alexander lagerkvist11392C 1:13.125
49tommy zimmerman15696B 1:14.484
50Luke Scheffler17724C 1:27.328
51Gavin Shadle17240C 1:36.632
52Adam Barnett4322CNo Sessions
53Brandon Houldsworth4698CNo Sessions
54Gregory van Hoeve6574ANo Sessions
55Ronald Bangerl9585CNo Sessions
56lucas alpaugh12382CNo Sessions
57byrd green14928CNo Sessions
58parker allen14948BNo Sessions

Open Results

1Tanner Rogers787725
2Rush Chapman1479422
3Connor Lynds1719220
4Jay Jones1106618
5Dalton Plessinger1479616
6Edward Mora1174215
7Jeremy Atkinson538114
8jt dee1523513
9David Wright1513112
10Phil Doyon1456111
11Chase Dunivant741810
12Garrett Stamper151639
13Jeremy Gwiozdowski77508
14Ty Smith111807
15Andrew Jennings146896
16Chris Jason131595
17Zoa Cross106104
18Devin Ryan22833
19Jessie Calaway115452
20Chris Watts86791
21Tyler Louis100341
22Todd Weiss161501

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Protesting Rider: Jessie Calaway

Protested Rider: Chandler Rogers(6066)

Protest Message: "I was holding my line and he cut inside more than needed and punted me."

He did come in hot on Rider #56 Jessie Calaway. Chandler Rogers will be DQ for this Race, and Suspended from Round 12 at Detroit.

Demo Time:1-3 seconds