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Arenacross-Lites(250f/250T) - Top 40 Qualify

1Chris Schmieder321B 0:21.820
2George Hodkinson6222B 0:22.125
3Chris Santino2083B 0:22.257
4Jeremy Atkinson5381B 0:22.351
5Tyler Lang14539A 0:22.414
6Jacob Carter16485C 0:22.718
7William St-Laurent16254A 0:22.765
8Ricky Williams14444B 0:22.828
9Connor Robertson9656C 0:22.859
10Ty Smith11180A 0:22.953
11Dima Pavluchenkov4970C 0:23.000
12Chase Dunivant7418A 0:23.156
13Brayden Rabalais11879C 0:23.703
14Chris Jason13159C 0:23.703
15Ethan Olsen11638C 0:23.750
16Guilherme Herrero15676C 0:23.757
17Jackson Brown17827C 0:23.882
18Hunter Mead11781C 0:24.164
19Gabriel Pilegi3787C 0:24.335
20John Clement1572C 0:24.750
21Ethan Parks17880A 0:24.867
22jack Lea17615B 0:25.195
23will clark11019C 0:25.320
24Aaron Bonneau17548A 0:26.015
25Grant Dawson10828C 0:26.593
26Foster Saunders15431B 0:27.382
27Luke Scheffler17724C 0:28.976
28lucas alpaugh12382C 0:30.648
29Devin Ryan2283CNo Sessions
30gabriel bartkevitch11090CNo Sessions
31André Marcondes Feitosa11361CNo Sessions
32Nick Carvalho12802BNo Sessions
33Phil Doyon14561BNo Sessions
34Jordan Potts14753CNo Sessions

Supermini(125) - Top 40 Qualify

1Tyler Lang14539A 0:22.414
2Aaron Hachi3889A 0:22.656
3William St-Laurent16254A 0:22.765
4Chase Dunivant7418A 0:23.156
5Brayden Rabalais11879C 0:23.703
6Chris Jason13159C 0:23.703
7Ethan Olsen11638C 0:23.750
8Hunter Mead11781C 0:24.164
9Max Prokhorov12603B 0:24.210
10Ethan Parks17880A 0:24.867
11jack Lea17615B 0:25.195
12josh mcdermott11669C 0:25.640
13Aaron Bonneau17548A 0:26.015
14Grant Dawson10828C 0:26.593
15Foster Saunders15431B 0:27.382
16lucas alpaugh12382C 0:30.648
17Taylor Davis3022C 0:39.414
18Kyle Gonzalez13311CNo Sessions
19Jack Diduch14349CNo Sessions
20Jordan Potts14753CNo Sessions
21jayden vacher15742CNo Sessions
22Mike Smith15870CNo Sessions

Arenacross-Lites Results

1Samuel Bergeron631525
2William St-Laurent1625422
3Chase Dunivant741820
4Ty Smith1118018
5Jeremy Atkinson538116
6George Hodkinson622215
7Tyler Lang1453914
8Jackson Brown1782713
9Jacob Carter1648512
10Taylor Davis302211
11Grant Dawson1082810
12Ethan Parks178809
13will clark110198
14jack Lea176157
15Hunter Mead117816

Supermini Results

1William St-Laurent1625425
2Chase Dunivant741822
3Tyler Lang1453920
4jack Lea1761518
5Hunter Mead1178116
6Taylor Davis302215

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