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MX2(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Clint Martin 17154A 1:31.898
2paladino christoffersen12235A 1:32.000
3Dale Mullins15496C 1:32.796
4Riley Hunt27596C 1:32.953
5Jakob Hellkvist22185C 1:33.398
6Brandon Holmes29598C 1:33.828
7Jacob Hunger12281B 1:33.890
8Frank Jackson12581B 1:34.140
9Shawn Smith25297C 1:34.773
10Riley Hughan23127B 1:35.070
11Jeremy Denny13366C 1:35.718
12Thomas Stead24034B 1:35.914
13Jack Gatland11337C 1:36.062
14Jonathan Alexander29287A 1:36.593
15James Ohashi15603B 1:37.562
16Luke Sullivan22447C 1:38.328
17Jeremy Kinson23233C 1:38.781
18Oskar Chwalik27083C 1:38.882
19Jason Helm9249C 1:39.500
20Alexander lagerkvist11392C 1:40.656
21taylor miller25608C 1:41.203
22kodi saunderson32932B 1:41.718
23Seth Garrett18588A 1:41.851
24sam stephen23009C 1:42.117
25cody hobbs21065C 1:42.179
26Matthew Marguglio19387C 1:44.101
27kevin jenkins 17062C 1:45.500
28Noah McLaughlin30022C 1:46.429
29Koa Scott33408C 1:46.750
30Jayce Baldwin18384C 1:46.765
31Gregory Evans33007B 1:47.515
32jayden iverson27953C 1:47.617
33Hristo Boyadzhiev31240C 1:48.085
34Kaihlib Tipene9806C 1:48.867
35Trey Ellis 25542C 1:51.039
36Neal Wells5199A 1:56.757
37Hayden Rowe21638C 2:04.437
38colton gorby30092C 2:16.796
39Daniel Mills21ANo Sessions
40blake curry2346ANo Sessions
41Dylan Bartle8474CNo Sessions
42Andrew Peakman9181ANo Sessions
43Neil Fitzpatrick10123CNo Sessions
44Ryan Persinger10243CNo Sessions
45jesse matthews11351BNo Sessions
46Ethan Holland16925BNo Sessions
47Garrett Hollenbeck19663CNo Sessions
48John Murray20057ANo Sessions
49Mika LeMasurier20960CNo Sessions
50justen stolz21265ANo Sessions
51Bradley Smith21414CNo Sessions
52Kyle Howard21415CNo Sessions
53Logan May23038CNo Sessions
54Nathan Kennett23117CNo Sessions
55Kevin Gonzalez23185BNo Sessions
56Bodhi Pangle23369CNo Sessions
57David Maspeyre23842CNo Sessions
58lance legstrong24320CNo Sessions
59Jack Curtis24386BNo Sessions
60lance hatchett25284CNo Sessions
61Anton Carlsson25494CNo Sessions
62David Fernandez25766BNo Sessions
63logan wren26712CNo Sessions
64Dawson Sleeper27846CNo Sessions
65Rogan McIntosh28509CNo Sessions
66marley spink29196CNo Sessions
67sven giesbers29781CNo Sessions
68Patrick Klein Baltink29835CNo Sessions
69Alexander Lagerkvist31538BNo Sessions
70Tanel Põdra33458CNo Sessions

MX1(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Austin Ecklund23267C 1:30.187
2Atom Holm9437A 1:31.742
3Jacob Holgersson13841C 1:32.820
4Josh Hamilton8430B 1:33.031
5Leroy Drum15842C 1:33.320
6Brady Standley3452A 1:33.351
7Jeremi Seabolt9061A 1:33.750
8Dago Adamo8202C 1:34.718
9Logan Heagney6521A 1:34.906
10Tim Althaus17537A 1:35.218
11billy kunitz18057A 1:36.273
12Corentin Julian2233A 1:36.507
13Jay Turner13465A 1:37.070
14Braiden Ehle17003B 1:37.632
15Josh Collins24067C 1:37.984
16Gerard Verdu27359C 1:38.226
17bocquet jean michel22931C 1:39.218
18kye orchard26976C 1:40.382
19Ryan T21806C 1:41.031
20Finn Collins12049A 1:42.703
21jack perry18306C 1:43.085
22Gregory van Hoeve6574A 1:48.398
23Tyler Bannister11844C 1:57.609
24Cameron Burns21127C 1:59.796
25Kiah Dumigan26888C 2:09.820
26Jack Haley1486CNo Sessions
27fernando andrade3449CNo Sessions
28Jesse Mullins4898ANo Sessions
29ben lee6135CNo Sessions
30Alexis Leclair6454ANo Sessions
31Jake West6739ANo Sessions
32Jeremy Cohenour6963CNo Sessions
33Josh Donaruma18747CNo Sessions
34Jett Wisdom18931BNo Sessions
35Jakob Nilsson19225CNo Sessions
36Connor Wells20897BNo Sessions
37Chase Morales21437CNo Sessions
38Joseph Pilsner22937CNo Sessions
39Steve Harris23215BNo Sessions
40Braxton Knapp23492CNo Sessions
41Daniel Larsson25281CNo Sessions
42ryan bailey26510CNo Sessions

MX2 Results

1paladino christoffersen1223547
2Clint Martin 1715447
3Frank Jackson1258138
4Dale Mullins1549632
5Craig Richards484831
6Brandon Holmes2959829
7Shawn Smith2529728
8Daniel Mills2126
9Jeremy Denny1336625
10Jonathan Alexander2928722
11Luke Sullivan2244719
12Thomas Stead2403417
13Jason Helm924916
14Jack Gatland1133715
15Garrett Hollenbeck1966315
16kodi saunderson329329
17kevin jenkins 170628
18Trey Ellis 255426
19Tanel Põdra334586
20taylor miller256085
21Koa Scott334083
22Jacob Hunger122811
23Matthew Marguglio193871

MX1 Results

1Austin Ecklund2326745
2Atom Holm943744
3Alexis Leclair645443
4Jeremi Seabolt906132
5Jeremy Cohenour696331
6Leroy Drum1584230
7Josh Hamilton843026
8Tim Althaus1753723
9Jack Haley148622
10Jake West673922
11Finn Collins1204921
12Jay Turner1346518
13Nathan Kennett2311715
14Josh Collins2406715
15Logan Heagney652113
16Braiden Ehle1700312
17Gerard Verdu2735910
18Corentin Julian22339
19Ryan T218069
20Tyler Frye55972
21jack perry183061
22bocquet jean michel229311
23Cameron Burns211270

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