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250 AM(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1tyran tomich32866C 1:50.296
2Trevor Shaffer22919A 1:50.578
3Benny Geale1136C 1:51.359
4Jack Curtis24386B 1:51.437
5Connor Austin15904C 1:51.632
6Zach Fischer15392C 1:51.695
7Thomas McBain30633B 1:51.750
8Wyatt Carter13203C 1:52.593
9Billy Blundell28647A 1:52.906
10John Hileman31403C 1:53.421
11Cole Tutle13653B 1:53.843
12Trevor Spencer31221A 1:54.789
13Chase Morales21437C 1:55.367
14Alec King28193C 1:55.921
15Walker White21198A 1:56.515
16Josh Howard17794C 1:59.843
17Gerald Hurkderger18709B 2:00.867
18Lennart Schmidt13475C 2:01.250
19Jacob Sedletzeck17819B 2:01.562
20Jake Kazarian32017C 2:02.109
21Brandon Sanchez32363C 2:02.179
22JJ Brooks28973B 2:02.882
23Zach Mascarenas31048C 2:06.421
24Leandro Murray27755C 2:08.593
25Martin Muñoz19223C 2:21.585
26Ryan Woods23750C 2:27.101
27jt dee15235BNo Sessions
28Bodhi Pangle23369CNo Sessions
29Blaine Stegenga23702BNo Sessions
30Justin Allison30267CNo Sessions
31Tyler Allen33127CNo Sessions
32Dillon Carlson640581CNo Sessions

450 AM(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Zach Fischer15392C 1:48.617
2Lliam Rowella26987C 1:49.078
3tyran tomich32866C 1:49.078
4Thomas McBain30633B 1:49.937
5Trevor Shaffer22919A 1:50.578
6jt dee15235B 1:51.257
7Benny Geale1136C 1:51.359
8Jack Curtis24386B 1:51.437
9Walker White21198A 1:52.492
10Evan Singletary22667C 1:52.632
11Billy Blundell28647A 1:52.679
12John Hileman31403C 1:53.421
13Trevor Spencer31221A 1:54.789
14michael mudge14924C 1:55.203
15Josh Howard17794C 1:59.843
16Lennart Schmidt13475C 2:01.250
17Jake Kazarian32017C 2:02.109
18Brandon Sanchez32363C 2:02.179
19Kurtis Asaff25638C 2:02.226
20Blaine Stegenga23702B 2:09.320
21ben lee6135CNo Sessions
22Jordyn Burrow11945BNo Sessions
23dylan sevenans22270CNo Sessions
24Bodhi Pangle23369CNo Sessions
25LIAM Atkinson25419CNo Sessions
26Tyler Allen33127CNo Sessions

250 PRO(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Seth Garrett18588A 1:46.585
2Brandon Hedge10326A 1:49.609
3Ben Auldridge27093A 1:55.492
4adrian wilson13890C 2:05.328
5Leandro Murray27755C 2:08.593
6bryan kelly11386C 2:44.179
7Kiwi Applebomb14794ANo Sessions

450 PRO(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Seth Garrett18588A 1:46.585
2Brandon Hedge10326A 1:48.164
3hunter braun19534C 1:48.796
4Anthony Twidle4100A 1:49.414
5Chase Morales21437C 1:49.742
6Ben Auldridge27093A 1:55.492
7bryan kelly11386C 2:44.179
8Kiwi Applebomb14794ANo Sessions
9Jett Wisdom32889CNo Sessions

250 AM Results

1Benny Geale113644
2tyran tomich3286643
3Seth Garrett1858837
4Zach Fischer1539234
5Billy Blundell2864731
6Thomas McBain3063329
7Justin Allison1989925
8Wyatt Carter1320323
9Trevor Shaffer2291920
10Connor Austin1590415
11Walker White2119814
12Lliam Rowella2698713
13Cole Tutle1365312
14Jacob Sedletzeck178198
15Jack Curtis243867
16Blaine Stegenga237026
17Tyler Allen331275

450 AM Results

1tyran tomich3286647
2Thomas McBain3063342
3Zach Fischer1539241
4Billy Blundell2864736
5Lliam Rowella2698734
6Seth Garrett1858827
7Benny Geale113616
8Walker White2119815
9Trevor Shaffer2291913

250 PRO Results

1Seth Garrett1858850
2Brandon Hedge1032642
3Chase Morales2143736
4tyran tomich3286622
5Lliam Rowella2698718
6Billy Blundell2864718
7Erin Rockafellow2534916
8Gerald Hurkderger1870915
9Muzart Muz2969815
10Thomas McBain3063314
11Ben Auldridge2709313
12Frank Best3134812
13Wyatt Carter1320311

450 PRO Results

1Seth Garrett1858850
2Brandon Hedge1032642
3Chase Morales2143742
4Erin Rockafellow2534934
5Lliam Rowella2698734
6Gerald Hurkderger1870915
7Billy Blundell2864715
8Ben Auldridge2709314
9Adam Sobolik2964414
10tyran tomich3286613
11lance hatchett2528412

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Protesting Rider: Lliam Rowella

Protested Rider: Benjamin Auldridge(27093)

Protest Message: "Sooooo...........HE HURT ME MENTALLY he a bitch btw"

wow hes banned for 1 day next time a week

Demo Time:69/69/420