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125 CLASS(125) - Top 40 Qualify

1Christian Reed9202A 1:33.164
2Andrew Peakman9181A 1:34.054
3Evan Welle19854B 1:36.632
4Nick Casella23435A 1:37.539
5Jake Kazarian32017C 1:39.109
6Ethan Holland16925B 1:40.445
7Bodhi Pangle23369C 1:42.484
8Alan Nevers23129C 1:43.671
9Josh Hoover30342C 1:50.031
10Justin Adams Jr30971C 1:51.890
11Kyler Hawkey8661ANo Sessions
12Ryan Persinger10243CNo Sessions
13Brandon Hedge10326ANo Sessions
14Damien Hynd15581CNo Sessions
15Tanner Thorsen16669CNo Sessions
16Seth Garrett18588ANo Sessions
17Alex Helms18915CNo Sessions
18Connor Templin22231CNo Sessions
19Ryan Woods23750CNo Sessions
20Jonathan Alexander29287ANo Sessions
21Colt Hans30353CNo Sessions
22Kaleb Armstrong30410CNo Sessions
23Khamar Glover30895CNo Sessions
24Trevor Spencer31221ANo Sessions
25John Hileman31403CNo Sessions
26Brandon Sanchez32363CNo Sessions

250 CLASS(250f/250T) - Top 40 Qualify

1Christian Reed9202A 1:33.164
2Joseph Pilsner22937C 1:33.242
3Andrew Peakman9181A 1:34.054
4Kyle Martin11492C 1:34.515
5Benny Geale1136C 1:35.445
6kodi saunderson32932B 1:36.718
7Nick Casella23435A 1:37.539
8Leandro Murray27755C 1:37.617
9Matt Greeley33165C 1:38.367
10Aironas bukauskas19160A 1:38.617
11Jake Kazarian32017C 1:39.109
12Ethan Holland16925B 1:40.445
13John Murray20057A 1:41.640
14Bryan Lee28849C 1:42.343
15Bodhi Pangle23369C 1:42.484
16Alan Nevers23129C 1:43.671
17Ben Moore31429C 1:44.148
18Christian Jonse29867C 1:46.867
19Jayshon Porter25010C 1:48.164
20Chase Morales21437C 1:49.000
21keith ball14956C 1:52.632
22eduardo simoes2048ANo Sessions
23fernando andrade3449CNo Sessions
24Joshua Brown7309CNo Sessions
25Andrew Maroney7315CNo Sessions
26Kyler Hawkey8661ANo Sessions
27Ryan Persinger10243CNo Sessions
28Brandon Hedge10326ANo Sessions
29jesse matthews11351BNo Sessions
30Cole Tutle13653BNo Sessions
31Chris Cornish15759CNo Sessions
32Tanner Thorsen16669CNo Sessions
33Seth Garrett18588ANo Sessions
34Josh Donaruma18747CNo Sessions
35Alex Helms18915CNo Sessions
36Sam Higgs20943CNo Sessions
37Zachary Cook21287CNo Sessions
38Ryan Woods23750CNo Sessions
39Seth Beal24636CNo Sessions
40lance hatchett25284CNo Sessions
41Logan Montgomery27330CNo Sessions
42Jonathan Alexander29287ANo Sessions
43Colt Hans30353CNo Sessions
44Kaleb Armstrong30410CNo Sessions
45Thomas McBain30633BNo Sessions
46Khamar Glover30895CNo Sessions
47JR Reyes31209CNo Sessions
48Trevor Spencer31221ANo Sessions
49John Hileman31403CNo Sessions
50Devon Hemenez31808CNo Sessions
51Brandon Sanchez32363CNo Sessions

450 CLASS(250T/450) - Top 40 Qualify

1Joseph Pilsner22937C 1:33.242
2Andrew Peakman9181A 1:34.054
3Benny Geale1136C 1:35.445
4Evan Welle19854B 1:36.632
5kodi saunderson32932B 1:36.718
6victor klinkerch23960C 1:37.109
7Leandro Murray27755C 1:37.617
8Matt Greeley33165C 1:38.367
9Kurtis Asaff25638C 1:38.523
10Michael Dieringer19610C 1:40.382
11Josh Barr12268C 1:41.570
12John Murray20057A 1:41.640
13Ben Moore31429C 1:44.148
14Chase Morales21437C 1:49.000
15Justin Adams Jr30971C 1:51.890
16eric kidney8694C 2:01.492
17eduardo simoes2048ANo Sessions
18fernando andrade3449CNo Sessions
19Gregory van Hoeve6574ANo Sessions
20Andrew Maroney7315CNo Sessions
21Cole Tutle13653BNo Sessions
22Damien Hynd15581CNo Sessions
23Chris Cornish15759CNo Sessions
24Seth Garrett18588ANo Sessions
25Josh Donaruma18747CNo Sessions
26Jeffrey Huff Jr19148CNo Sessions
27Zachary Cook21287CNo Sessions
28Connor Templin22231CNo Sessions
29Seth Beal24636CNo Sessions
30Logan Montgomery27330CNo Sessions
31Colt Hans30353CNo Sessions
32Thomas McBain30633BNo Sessions
33JR Reyes31209CNo Sessions
34Trevor Spencer31221ANo Sessions
35John Hileman31403CNo Sessions
36Felix Andersson31600CNo Sessions

125 CLASS Results

1Christian Reed920245
2Kyler Hawkey866140
3Evan Welle1985439
4Trevor Spencer3122136
5Connor Templin2223131
6Andrew Peakman918122
7John Hileman3140316
8Jake Kazarian3201715
9Justin Adams Jr3097112

250 CLASS Results

1Christian Reed920250
2Kyle Martin1149242
3John Hileman3140335
4Andrew Peakman918131
5Kyler Hawkey866130
6kodi saunderson3293229
7Benny Geale113627
8Trevor Spencer3122126
9Aironas bukauskas1916022
10Andrew Maroney731518
11Christian Jonse2986718
12JR Reyes3120914
13Tanner Thorsen1666913
14Ben Moore3142912
15Leandro Murray277559
16Matt Greeley331658
17fernando andrade34497
18Alex Helms189156
19Chris Cornish157595
20Khamar Glover308953
21eduardo simoes20482
22Colt Hans303531
23Seth Garrett185880

450 CLASS Results

1Kyler Hawkey866142
2Evan Welle1985437
3Benny Geale113634
4kodi saunderson3293232
5Michael Dieringer1961027
6Andrew Peakman918125
7Connor Templin2223125
8Justin Adams Jr3097124
9Josh Barr1226822
10victor klinkerch2396021
11Kyle Martin1149220
12JR Reyes3120920
13Dylan Adams3112617
14Aironas bukauskas1916014
15Ben Moore3142913
16John Hileman3140310
17Matt Greeley331657
18Christian Reed92026
19fernando andrade34495
20Andrew Maroney73154

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