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250 AM(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Trevor Shaffer22919A 1:36.421
2tyran tomich32866C 1:37.906
3Trevor Spencer31221A 1:38.554
4Alex Helms18915C 1:38.664
5Cooper Hunt33108C 1:39.164
6Neil Fitzpatrick10123C 1:40.593
7josh briggs19184C 1:40.757
8John Hileman31403C 1:40.968
9Jack Curtis24386B 1:41.140
10Evan Singletary22667C 1:42.742
11Colt Hans30353C 1:43.085
12Bodhi Pangle23369C 1:43.937
13Tom Lees Jr.19228C 1:45.015
14Breno Loss27754C 1:45.710
15Luke Huhman28230C 1:46.929
16Aironas Bukauskas1389A 1:47.312
17Dean Caudill19230C 1:48.375
18Junior Benevides20912B 1:48.429
19Ryan Woods23750C 1:50.437
20Benny Geale1136C 1:51.359
21Chase Morales21437C 1:51.640
22Zach Fischer15392C 1:51.695
23Josh Hoover30342C 1:52.617
24Elliot wood25059C 1:54.523
25Justin Allison19899C 1:57.000
26Justin Sanders5382C 1:57.500
27Alex Kristoff27135B 1:58.500
28Jayce Rife21625C 2:00.453
29Brandon Sanchez32363C 2:02.179
30JJ Brooks28973B 2:02.882
31george knight31555C 2:03.007
32LIAM Atkinson25419C 2:11.484
33Grant Eckardt18819CNo Sessions
34Nick Casella23435ANo Sessions
35Ashton Rakofsky24566BNo Sessions
36Brandon Hargrave24856CNo Sessions
37phillip rowe30015CNo Sessions
38Joakim Lagerkivst31539CNo Sessions

OPEN AM(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Trevor Shaffer22919A 1:33.734
2tyran tomich32866C 1:37.726
3Trevor Spencer31221A 1:38.554
4Damon Ion1814C 1:39.125
5josh briggs19184C 1:39.414
6Ashton Rakofsky24566B 1:39.437
7John Hileman31403C 1:40.968
8Jack Curtis24386B 1:41.140
9Dean Caudill19230C 1:41.984
10Evan Singletary22667C 1:42.742
11Colt Hans30353C 1:43.085
12Bodhi Pangle23369C 1:43.937
13Jordyn Burrow11945B 1:44.210
14Breno Loss27754C 1:45.710
15Junior Benevides20912B 1:48.429
16Zach Fischer15392C 1:48.617
17george knight31555C 1:48.945
18Ryan Woods23750C 1:50.437
19Benny Geale1136C 1:51.359
20Elliot wood25059C 1:54.523
21bocquet jean michel22931C 1:55.195
22Jayce Rife21625C 2:00.453
23Brandon Sanchez32363C 2:02.179
24LIAM Atkinson25419C 2:11.484
25Dawson Sleeper27846C 2:12.125
26Corbin Weed6876BNo Sessions
27Tristan Venema21285CNo Sessions
28Nick Casella23435ANo Sessions
29victor klinkerch23960CNo Sessions
30Joakim Lagerkivst31539CNo Sessions
31chase Meyer-DeHerrera31815CNo Sessions

250 PRO (125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Seth Garrett18588A 1:32.398
2Alemao Formentao13918C 1:37.023
3Ethan Holland16925B 1:38.390
4Leandro Murray27755C 1:40.500
5trevor burns32029C 1:41.382
6Jonathan Alexander29287A 1:46.789
7Steve Harris23215B 1:50.078
8Lennart Schmidt13475C 2:01.250
9Gavin Smith10250BNo Sessions
10Zach Rexroad 21562CNo Sessions
11Joseph Pilsner22937CNo Sessions
12Ben Auldridge25004ANo Sessions
13Shawn Smith25297CNo Sessions

OPEN PRO(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Seth Garrett18588A 1:32.398
2Anthony Twidle4100A 1:32.531
3Dago Adamo8202C 1:35.718
4Alemao Formentao13918C 1:37.023
5Leandro Murray27755C 1:40.500
6trevor burns32029C 1:41.382
7Dean Caudill19230C 1:41.984
8Jonathan Alexander29287A 1:46.789
9Chase Morales21437C 1:49.742
10Steve Harris23215B 1:50.078
11Zach Rexroad 21562CNo Sessions
12Joseph Pilsner22937CNo Sessions
13Ben Auldridge25004ANo Sessions

2 STROKE OPEN(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Seth Garrett18588A 1:32.398
2Trevor Shaffer22919A 1:33.734
3Ethan Holland16925B 1:38.390
4Trevor Spencer31221A 1:38.554
5Alex Helms18915C 1:38.664
6josh briggs19184C 1:39.414
7John Hileman31403C 1:40.968
8Evan Singletary22667C 1:42.742
9Tom Lees Jr.19228C 1:45.015
10Luke Huhman28230C 1:46.929
11Steve Harris23215B 1:50.078
12Elliot wood25059C 1:54.523
13Jayce Rife21625C 2:00.453
14Brittan Lees24402C 2:01.140
15Ben Auldridge25004ANo Sessions
16chase Meyer-DeHerrera31815CNo Sessions

250 AM Results

1Cooper Hunt3310850
2Trevor Spencer3122144
3Trevor Shaffer2291940
4John Hileman3140336
5Evan Singletary2266732
6Aironas Bukauskas138930
7Alex Helms1891528
8Tom Lees Jr.1922826
9Dean Caudill1923024
10Jayce Rife2162522
11Elliot wood2505920
12Luke Huhman2823018
13Neil Fitzpatrick1012316

OPEN AM Results

1Trevor Spencer3122150
2Cooper Hunt3310844
3John Hileman3140340
4Alex Helms1891536
5Evan Singletary2266732
6Damon Ion181430
7Aironas Bukauskas138928
8Trevor Shaffer2291926
9Elliot wood2505924
10Holland Losey2651622
11josh briggs1918420
12Dean Caudill1923018
13Wyatt Carter1320316
14chase Meyer-DeHerrera3181514
15Jayce Rife2162512
16Junior Benevides2091210

250 PRO Results

1Seth Garrett1858850
2Ben Auldridge2709344
3Wyatt Carter1320340
4Neil Fitzpatrick1012336
5Rogan McIntosh2850932
6Steve Harris2321530
7eduardo simoes204828
8Leandro Murray2775526

OPEN PRO Results

1Seth Garrett1858850
2Trevor Shaffer2291944
3Wyatt Carter1320340
4Rogan McIntosh2850936
5Alex Helms1891532
6Neil Fitzpatrick1012330
7Aironas Bukauskas138928
8Dean Caudill1923026
9Ben Auldridge2709324


1Trevor Spencer3122150
2John Hileman3140344
3Alex Helms1891540
4Rogan McIntosh2850936
5jason stubbs2885132
6Aironas Bukauskas138930
7Neil Fitzpatrick1012328
8Trevor Shaffer2291926
9Seth Garrett1858824
10Mason Daugherty3012922
11Wyatt Carter1320320

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