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Open Amateur(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Tyson Parliament20904C 1:03.500
2Seth Garrett18588A 1:06.695
3Nathan Guy12523C 1:07.429
4seth crotty20073C 1:07.812
5Chad Greene32606B 1:08.390
6Brandon Nigrin22612B 1:08.531
7Noah McLaughlin30022C 1:09.046
8Kegan Ewoldt9017C 1:11.023
9James Layle32685C 1:12.875
10Damon Justus30051C 1:13.781
11Aaron Teets30158C 1:14.445
12tukker mclean33089C 1:14.867
13Kohlton Feagin26425C 1:15.812
14Chuckie Nigrin32021C 1:15.890
15thomas ralston32998C 1:16.062
16Lewis Williams7058C 1:19.414
17Mitchell Helmer33143C 1:35.960
18Tyrell Foster30759C 2:00.226
19Andrew Maroney7315CNo Sessions
20Steve Harris23215BNo Sessions
21Jeff Giffen30089CNo Sessions

Open Pro(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1barkevious mingo14794A 0:59.156
2colton mitchell6767A 1:00.453
3☆WALMAN☆ ‎‎12235A 1:00.460
4Atom Holm9437A 1:02.804
5Colby egeland23901B 1:02.859
6Unclaimed Account32846C 1:02.906
7Kevin Ferzacca17299A 1:03.609
8Frank Jackson12581B 1:04.468
9Brett Falvey8477B 1:04.484
10Brady White10163A 1:05.031
11Trevor Shaffer22919A 1:07.562
12John Hileman31403C 1:10.320
13jontavious snogglebottoms32029CNo Sessions

Open Amateur Results

1Lewis Williams705825
2Tyson Parliament2090422
3Josh Boaz3303020
4Chad Greene3260618
5chase matott2575016
6Seth Garrett1858815
7Brandon Sanchez3236314
8seth crotty2007313
9ty sharp1891412
10Aaron Teets3015811
11Noah McLaughlin3002210
12thomas ralston329989
13tukker mclean330898
14Chuckie Nigrin320217
15Damon Justus300516
16Brandon Nigrin226125
17Kegan Ewoldt90174
18James Layle326853
19Mitchell Helmer331432
20Andrew Maroney73151
21Jeff Giffen300891
22Tyrell Foster307591

Open Pro Results

1Brett Falvey847725
2Atom Holm943722
3colton mitchell676720
4☆WALMAN☆ ‎‎1223518
5barkevious mingo1479416
6Frank Jackson1258115
7Brady White1016314
8Kevin Ferzacca1729913
9bryan kelly1138612
10Colby egeland2390111
11John Hileman3140310
12Trevor Shaffer229199
13jontavious snogglebottoms320298

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