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125(125) - Top 16 Qualify

1Seth Garrett18588A 0:48.851
2Frank Jackson12581B 0:49.281
3Bryce Whealon11838A 0:50.015
4Rogan McIntosh28509C 0:50.109
5Seth Shirley31547C 0:50.492
6LIAM Atkinson25419C 0:52.898
7Sam Blundell28647A 0:53.171
8Brandon Nigrin22612B 0:53.523
9THOMAS MCBAIN30633B 0:53.687
10bocquet jean michel22931C 0:54.140
11Austinn Schafer31777C 0:54.171
12Kael Braden24832C 0:54.453
13Preston Taylor17377C 0:54.515
14Colt Hans30353C 0:54.750
15Dylan Cavaciuti28299C 0:55.070
16Jack Stacey27247C 0:55.281
17Harvey Isborne5364C 0:55.414
18Kyle Martin11492C 0:55.578
19Hayden Scott33241C 0:55.648
20Zach Easter23319A 0:55.968
21Seth Zelinsky21735C 0:56.804
22James Layle32685C 0:59.703
23lance hatchett25284C 0:59.804
24Zac Palm17309C 1:00.882
25kody tomich32379C 1:01.015
26Kegan Ewoldt9017C 1:02.187
27Nathan Guy12523C 1:02.851
28Jax Lindsay17953C 1:20.367
29Kyler Hawkey8661ANo Sessions
30Lennart Schmidt13475CNo Sessions
31Braden Carter18235ANo Sessions
32Giancarlo Harrison18484BNo Sessions
33Evan Welle19854BNo Sessions
34michael obrien20510CNo Sessions
35Walker White21198ANo Sessions
36Claudio Garcia21512BNo Sessions
37Caleb Anderson22787CNo Sessions
38Trevor Shaffer22919ANo Sessions
39Joseph Pilsner22937CNo Sessions
40Riley Hughan23127BNo Sessions
41Erin Rockafellow25349CNo Sessions
42Nate van Tatenhove25469CNo Sessions
43Ethan Gerst25569BNo Sessions
44dakota revis27258CNo Sessions
45john douglas29921CNo Sessions
46jake spease30372CNo Sessions
47John Hileman31403CNo Sessions
48Alexander Lagerkvist31538BNo Sessions
49Rhys Harris33274CNo Sessions

250 (Two Stroke)(250f/250T) - Top 16 Qualify

1Seth Garrett18588A 0:39.468
2LIAM Atkinson25419C 0:49.796
3Riley Hughan23127B 0:49.898
4Brandon Nigrin22612B 0:50.085
5Seth Shirley31547C 0:50.593
6Jax Lindsay17953C 0:50.632
7John Hileman31403C 0:50.742
8bocquet jean michel22931C 0:51.023
9Colt Hans30353C 0:51.515
10Jonathan Alexander29287A 0:51.523
11Nate van Tatenhove25469C 0:51.898
12THOMAS MCBAIN30633B 0:52.093
13William Snow25320C 0:52.117
14Lewis Williams7058C 0:52.289
15Seth Zelinsky21735C 0:52.328
16Brandon Sanchez32363C 0:52.343
17Nathan Guy12523C 0:52.562
18Jack Stacey27247C 0:52.656
19Sebastien Racine30368C 0:52.812
20Kael Braden24832C 0:53.046
21Alexander Lagerkvist31538B 0:53.523
22michael obrien20510C 0:54.062
23Evan Welle19854B 0:54.312
24john douglas29921C 0:54.343
25lance hatchett25284C 0:54.609
26Lennart Schmidt13475C 0:54.640
27Zac Palm17309C 0:55.539
28Hayden Scott33241C 0:55.578
29James Layle32685C 0:56.414
30kody tomich32379C 0:56.617
31Tyler Moses21110B 0:56.984
32Kaleb Armstrong30410C 1:03.406
33Ben Moore31429C 1:04.703
34Kegan Ewoldt9017C 1:13.335
35Sam Blundell28647A 2:11.515
36Kyler Hawkey8661ANo Sessions
37Gustavo Navega10352CNo Sessions
38Kyle Martin11492CNo Sessions
39Preston Taylor17377CNo Sessions
40Braden Carter18235ANo Sessions
41Giancarlo Harrison18484BNo Sessions
42John Murray20057ANo Sessions
43Walker White21198ANo Sessions
44Claudio Garcia21512BNo Sessions
45Caleb Anderson22787CNo Sessions
46Trevor Shaffer22919ANo Sessions
47Joseph Pilsner22937CNo Sessions
48Zach Easter23319ANo Sessions
49Ethan Gerst25569BNo Sessions
50David Fernandez25766BNo Sessions
51Rogan McIntosh28509CNo Sessions
52Noah Smerdon29577CNo Sessions
53jake spease30372CNo Sessions
54Hristo Boyadzhiev31240CNo Sessions
55Adam Smerdon31327CNo Sessions
56george knight31555CNo Sessions
57philip johnny32966CNo Sessions
58Rhys Harris33274CNo Sessions
59Jérémy Babu36565CNo Sessions

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250 (Two Stroke) Results


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